BRAZEN Presents: July 30th and July 31st Double Shot!

Posted by Lance Warner on 31 Jul 2021

BRAZEN brought two days' worth of new content! All titles were on the line! New faces made their debuts and we said goodbye to a few long-standing members of the roster! Check the results after the jump and see all that went down!


1. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Michael Van Warren defeated "Wingman" Titus Campbell (c) @ 11:15 via KO with the Limit Breaker (Kata hajime) to win the Onslaught Title!

2. Leyenda de Ocho and (New) Rain City Ronin (Zack Daymon and "Iceman" Leo Burnett) defeated To The Maxx (Exclusive Eric Wilson and Lovely Lance Mingle) and Cristiano Caballero @ 6:21 with the Actualizer (Springboard quebrada, Ocho pins Mingle)

3. Luke Ali'i defeated FAFNIR @ 7:09 with the Impact Crater (Fireman's carry powerslam) 

4. SPECIAL HOSSFITE TAG TEAM MATCH PLAYA: Team Strong/Bad (Strong AF and "The Big Bad" BRAGG) defeated Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) @ 9:05 with The Burninator (Aided Gorilla Press Powerslam, Strong AF pins Horrigan)

5. Customer Support (Simon Kinsberg and Trevor Manning) defeated The Midcard Experiment (Walter Levy and CAGE) @ 8:15 with feet on the ropes (Simon pins Cage)

6. "Bantam" Ryan Batts and Declan "DEC4L" Alexander defeated Les Enfants Terribles (BRAZEN Champion Killjoy and Kazuhiro Troy) via DQ @ 11:31 when Killjoy used steel chair to attack Batts and Alexander

7. High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Tornado T-Rex Titilayo) defeated Gentlemen's Agreement (Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe) @ 9:31 with Sucks To Be Air Bud (Top Rope Brainbuster/Splash combo, Eddie pins OTM)

8. The Dunson Clan (Paul, Finn, Richie and Todd Dunson) defeated The Southern Bastards (JJ Dixon, MASSIVE Cowboy and Earl Lee Roberts) and MDM4 @ 10:16 with the Golden Opportunity (brass knuckles shot) from Paul to Cowboy

9. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver and High Flyer) defeated The DEFcepticons  (Megan Kron and Septimus Tyne) @ 11:06 with Kicky McGee (Superkick/Gamengiri combo, HF IV pins Tyne); LET retains the titles



1. BRAZEN Star Cup: "One Shot" Jack Halcyon (c) and Jesse Harrison fought to a 15:00 minute draw 0-0 falls. Halcyon remains champion

2. Nathan Cross defeated Cristiano Caballero @ 6:52 with the Crossover (Rolling cutter)

3. Kazuhiro Troy defeated The White Hat @ 5:06 with the Heretic's Fork (Koji clutch)

4. The Safety Patrol (Sgt. Safety, Jeff Belltron and Dick Flanagan) defeated Brutal Attack Force (Solomon Grendel and Petey Garrett) and "Cunning" Curt Cunning @ 9:11 with the Clock Out (Triple Superkick), Sgt. Safety pins Grendel

5. Dan Leo James defeated David Hightower @ 8:42 with a running powerbomb

6. Count Novick defeated Lee Laz @ 4:55 with the Graveyard Smash (top rope senton)

7. The Storybook Kingdom (A. Grimm, Red Wolf and FAFNIR w/Sarah Winterton) defeated Nicky Synz, Kid Black Jack and Ken Rhawtay @ 3:49 with the Grimm Ending (vertical suplex into Uranage suplex, Grimm pins Synz) 

8. “Bantam” Ryan Batts (w/Sonny Silver) defeated Kazuo Akamatsu @ 7:16 with The Batter Up (flying headbutt to the face)

9. The DEFcepticons (Ryan Knox, AL Sparks, Septimus Tyne and Megan Kron) defeated The Atomic Punks (Little Boy and Fat Man) and The Dibbins (Luke and Duke Dibbins) @ 12:25 with Transformation Complete (Double powerbomb, Kron pins Luke Dibbins)

10. BRAZEN Championship: Declan "DEC4L" Alexander defeated Killjoy via DQ @ 12:05 when Killjoy was disqualified for excessive punishment in the corner, ignoring the official's warnings



--Not once, but two nights did LET’s Beast, Killjoy, get disqualified when facing Declan Alexander! First, during a tag match with him and Kazuhiro Troy vs. Alexander and Batts, but also in his BRAZEN Championship defense. The resilient leader of the Deuc4allion would not give up in his quest to go after the title and promised after the show that he would not stop going after Killjoy until he became the BRAZEN Champion and there was nothing he was going to do to make him stay down!

--Not just that, but after the BRAZEN Champion got disqualified and LET tried to flood the ring, they were chased off by not one, but two unlikely allies. One, “Bantam” Ryan Batts as well as… LUKE ALI’I?! Yes, the undefeated Luke Ali’i ran into the ring and helped clean house, including DROPPING Killjoy with the Impact Crater to wild applause from the crowd! Luke Ali’i then finally spoke his three simple words. “You. Me. This.” referring to the BRAZEN Championship he picked up! The match was made official for the next Double Shot! BRAZEN Matchmakers also promised that Declan Alexander would get another fair shake at the title against the winner of that match!

--WE HAVE A NEW ONSLAUGHT CHAMPION! And his name is Michael Van Warren! After coming so close to winning the BRAZEN Star Cup, MvW made good on his promise to hold gold when he defeated the top fan favorite “Wingman” Titus Campbell to win the title via ref stoppage. After the match, he promised his own brand of brutality would be proudly on display for all to see. 

--The BRAZEN Star Cup defense ended in its first-ever draw! No falls were achieved by either “One Shot” Jack Halcyon or Jesse Harrison. After the match, Halcyon and the crowd wanted five more minutes, but Harrison told the fans that was enough, but came up with a counteroffer; a 20 minute Iron Man Match on the next Double Shot. Halcyon accepted. That match will take place in a few weeks time! 

--The BRAZEN Tag Titles were retained once again by LET over the unlikely team of Septimus Tyne and Megan Kron of the DEFcepticons. This feud appears to be far from over, but they will have to wait… after the match, a new trio debuted on Night One, assaulting the DEFcepticons! Led by the return of the self-professed “Evil Red Riding Hood” Sarah Winterton and a trio of masked monsters laying waste to the group, The Storybook Kingdom promised to write new tales of terror for BRAZEN!


--Leyenda de Ocho has been racking up wins and looks to be having his eye on either the BRAZEN Star Cup or the Onslaught Titles. He has been mum on which he’ll be challenging for, but will no doubt be a threat to either championship. 

--In the battle of the SPECIAL HOSSFITE TAG TEAM MATCH PLAYA, it was Team Strong/Bad winning another one, this time over one of BRAZEN’s top teams in Heavy Artillery. Strong AF told interviewers he and “The Big Bad” BRAGG had their eyes on BRAZEN Tag Team Titles and that this win put them in line for a title shot, which few could argue!

--Kazuhiro Troy has been piling up singles wins in his own right, showing the newest member of Les Enfants Terribles can do everything his compatriots can. 

--Dan Leo James, Nathan Cross and the new Count Novick picked up some singles wins as well. Dan Leo James boasts a strong technical background earning the nickname of the Tech Giant. Nathan Cross and his amazing hops (rhyme not intended) have wowed BRAZEN crowds and Count Novick was… interesting… to say the least, but the vampire proved his mettle by pinning Lee Laz and has already garnered a big online following in a short amount of time. 

--Crowds also LOVED the return of the Safety Patrol! Sgt. Safety and The Timeclock Cowboys - Jeff Belltron and Dick Flanagan -- racked up a win! The popular trio was loved by the BRAZEN Faithful and one thinks we’ll definitely be seeing more of them in the future. 

We have also included a special section for farewells after the show!


--As recently revealed on UNCUT 98, "Wingman" Titus Campbell has now been promoted to a full time member of the DEFIANCE roster and has made himself at home as a member of the Gult Coast Connection II! 

--We also bid farewell to long-time member of BRAZEN, Nicky Synz! The frontman for Synister Sledge now looks to make his own name on the roster with his own brand of energy! The death metal singer now looks to see what he can do with all eyes on him. 

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