DEFIANCE ROAD Main Event for Night Two Revealed!

Posted by Lance Warner on 12 Nov 2021

As announced on DEFtv 161, a tense stand-off between Unified Tag Team Champions, The Saturday Night Specials ("Black Out" Pat Cassidy and Brock Newbludd), Los Tres Titanes (Uriel Cortez and Minute) and The Pop Culture Phenoms (Elise Ares and The D) erupted in fisticuffs, but not before all three teams agreed to the titles being put on the line in a three-team ladder match! 

We have just received word that this massive tag team match will be the main event of DEFIANCE Road Night Two in order to provide exposure to a highly-successful tag team division! Click after the jump for more details, as well as a look at THREE recently-signed first-time singles matches in the lead-up to that match! 

The Saturday Night Specials have been fighting champions every step of the way, not only turning back the Lucky Sevens during Acts of DEFIANCE Night One's Main Event, but also veteran tag team (and the original trainers of the Sevens), The House! But for weeks, Los Tres Titanes and PCP, considered two, if not THE best of the division have battled back and forth for the distinction of earning the next shot. Newbludd and Cassidy rectified the issue of LTT and PCP battling to a draw in Two Out of Three Falls by proposing this match and Favoured Saints has taken this one step further to present this match in its entirety. 

Not to mention, over the next three DEFtvs in the lead-up to DEFIANCE Road, three first-time singles matches have been signed betwen all three teams! 

DEFtv 162: One half of the Unified Tag Team Champions Brock Newbludd goes one-on-one with the speedy, crafty and cunning Elise Ares of PCP! While the SNS has has a stranglehold on the titles and Brock is a highly-decorated singles competitor outside of DEFIANCE, Elise Ares holds records as BOTH the longest-reigning Southern Heritage Champion as well as original World Tag Team Championship! On paper, Brock Newbludd could win on size alone, but the Queen of Sports Entertainment Style has plenty of championship experience in both singles, tags and even plenty of main events to show how well-versed a competitor she truly is! A clash of styles indeed!

DEFtv 163: The other half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, "Black Out" Pat Cassidy will also be involved in a size mismatch contest like his partner... but unfortunately, Pat is the one giving up size for his encounter! He takes on the massive Los Tres Titanes figurhead, "The Titan of Industry" Uriel Cortez. Cortez boasts one of the best winning records in DEFIANCE today in both singles and tags, as well as boasting the deadliest chops in the organization, but Pat has plenty of heart and plenty of experience chopping down the competition himself! If 161 was any indicator between the two, the gloves are off!

DEFtv 164: Last and certainly not least, two of THE premier high flyers in DEFIANCE go one-on-one! Los Tres Titanes member Minute, former two-time Unified Tag Team and former Favoured Saints Champion, take on the decorated PCP member, The D! A man with victories over Oscar Burns and Cayle Murray in the recent past as well as World Tag and World Trios title reigns, The D has experience on his side! Both men will take to the skies in the final encounter before DEFIANCE ROAD! 

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