UNCUT 125 Preview

Posted by Lance Warner on 29 Aug 2022

The one-hundred twenty-fifth edition of UNCUT is going to be one of the biggest and best yet, featuring the ACTS Tournament Semi-Final matches! The winners will meet in the ACTS Tournament finals next week on DEFtv 175 from Las Vegas, Nevada!

And also... a 4-Way match that could possibly flip the entire tournament and path to ACTS of DEFIANCE on its head! Click ahead to read the preview for the major matches on this specical edition of UNCUT, LIVE from the Denver Coliseum in Denver, CO! 

Winner Earns a FIST Title Match at DEFtv 175 Night One
"Black Out" Pat Cassidy vs. "The Queen of Sports Entertainment Style" Elise Ares vs. "The Kraken" Henry Keyes vs. "DEFIANCE" Oscar Burns

Pat Cassidy - one-half of the longest-reigning Unified Tag Team champions in DEFIANCE history

Elise Ares - Multiple-time Tag Team Champion and longest-reigning Southern Heritage Champion

Henry Keyes - former two-time Favoured Saints Champion and current Southern Heritage Champion

Oscar Burns - former two-time FIST of DEFIANCE, former WrestleUTA World Champion

Four of the top stars in DEFIANCE today. While they were each eliminated after hard-fought matches in the second round of the ongoing ACTS Tournament, DEFIANCE sought to reward their efforts with a chance to flip the results of the tournament on its head! The winner of this special 4-Way Match moves on to take on Deacon for the FIST of DEFIANCE on DEFtv 175 next week! No rest for the weary, but for one lucky individual, the winner of the ACTS Tournament may not even face Deacon if they have their way. Who moves on to face the current champion, Deacon, in this rare opportunity at the gold on DEFtv?

Unified Tag Team Championships
The Lucky Sevens (c) vs. ???

This news just in earlier today - just a week before The Lucky Sevens Lucky Lottery in Las Vegas, Tom Morrow has declared that The Lucky Sevens will be defending their championships on UNCUT 125! The special draw of this Lucky Lottery will be any team with the exception of Titanes Familia will be drawn! Who will get the chance to compete for the Unified Tag Team Titles? And will it be above board, unlike last week? Probably not, but you'll tune in and find out, won't you?

ACTS Tournament
Semi-Final Match

Dex Joy vs. Rezin

What do you get when the immovable object takes on the irresistable stoner? Dex Joy stated he was kryptonite if you're affiliated with Vae Victis and that has been proven true. After defeating Kerry Kuroyama in the opening round and Henry Keyes in the quarter-finals, Dex finds himself face to face with Rezin! While some are quick to dub him as the "Cinderella story" of the tournament, his victories include the previous ACE of DEFIANCE Malak Garland in a shocking upset followed by defeating Pat Cassidy in the quarter finals to show this might be his time! These two men have traded the Favoured Saints Title back and forth, but this match carries a lot more at stake! Will The Biggest Boy mow his way right to the finals next week in Las Vegas or will Rezin smoke his biggest competition yet?

ACTS Tournament
Semi-Final Match
"The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy vs. Conor Fuse 

And then there was one. After her Vae Victis brethern have been eliminated from the tournament, it is all up to Lindsay Troy to carry the banner of the rising stable to the top. Lindsay Troy, a former FIST of DEFIANCE and multiple-time World Champion across multiple promotions, does battle for the first time ever in a one-on-one match against Conor Fuse! Conor, a former two-time Unified Tag Team Champion and current servant to Malak Garland, looks for this match to finally get to the top as Last Level Fuse!!Having gotten through Corvo Alpha in the opening round and a tournament favorite in his rival, Oscar Burns, Fuse has shown he has what it takes to make it to the top, but Lindsay Troy will not hesitate to do anything it takes to be the one with her hand raised. And we mean ANYTHING. 

See this and other action this Wednesday on UNCUT 125!

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