BRAZEN Presents: (belated) 11/17 and 11/18 Double Shot!

Posted by Lance Warner on 22 Dec 2022

It’s that time again for the latest BRAZEN Double Shot! From this past weekend at the GrapsCON at the NOLA Convention Center in none other than New Orleans, wrestling fans came out in droves to support BRAZEN’s Best and Brightest over a two-day affair celebrating all things wrestling and GRAPS with two special shows! The Saturday show with all titles on the line! The second, a special afternoon show with three different contender’s matches, all capped off by a special twenty-person battle royal gifted a BRAZEN Championship match… but not just at any time… 

ON DEF TV 181, the first DEFtv of the new 2023 year! 

Who won out and who won big? 

Find out by checking on the latest results!


1. BRAZEN Star Cup: “Cunning” Curt Cunning (w/Curt Cunning Dos and Hijo del Curt Cunning) defeated Kid Black Jack 2-1 falls to retain the BRAZEN Star Cup @ 15:00 Time limit

--Fall one: Curt Cunning via countout @ 4:26 after Hijo held KBJ’s leg on the outside
--Fall two: KBJ via pinfall @ 10:15 with the Twenty-One (spiral tap)
--Fall three: Curt Cunning via DQ @ 14:05 after ref sees KBJ with trophy as weapon… planted by Cunning Dos

2. The House (Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck) defeated The Curt Cunning Experience (Curt Cunning Dos and Hijo de Curt Cunning) @ 4:45 with Double Belly Buster (running splash/senton combo on Hijo, Huber pins Hijo)

3. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Silver and Gold II (Archer Silver and Kazuhiro Troy) defeated BUSINESS (Emilio Byrd and Hurtlocker Holt) and Los Fratadores (Johnny Dorn and Johnny Guilliano @ 10:45 with Kicky McGee Alpha (gamengiri/penalty kick combo, Kaz pins Byrd)

4. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: FLAMBERGE fought Leon Van Zandt to a double pinfall after a bridging German suplex @ 10:45 - FLAMBERGE retains the title on a double pin. 

5. Monster Mash (Count Novick and The Monster) defeated Mucha Lucha (El Grande Diablo and El Chupacabro) @ 4:55 with a Chokeslam/Graveyard Smash senton combo (Novick pins Floki)

6. “The Young Bull” Tate Newell defeated Brayden W. Levrington @ 7:14 with The Horns (running twisting spear) 

7. “Mellow Yellow” George Othello defeated Reinhardt Hoffman @ 12:15 via ref stoppage with the Yellow Jacket (cross-legged triangle choke)

8. LET (High Flyer IV and Killjoy) defeated High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Titalayo) @ 8:55 with The FreeFall (screwdriver, Killjoy pins Cheno) 

9. BRAZEN Championship: Declan Alexander © defeated “One Shot” Jack Halcyon @ 14:55 with Play of the Game (jumping cutter)


1. New Day Rising (Kyle Reeves and Yoshihara Raiden) defeated OnlyFlips (Kenny Yi and Lee Laz) @ 8:44 with The Lightning Bolt (top rope corkscrew leg drop, Raiden pins Yi)

2. #1 Contenders Match, BRAZEN Star Cup: Nathan Cross defeated Leyenda de Ocho @ 13:06 with the Crossover (rolling cutter)

3. #1 Contenders Match, BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Leon Van Zandt defeated Ryan Knox, “The Fresh Prince of Big Air” Antonio Prince and Gerardo Villalobos @ 11:05 after a brainbuster from Zandt on Prince

4. #1 Contender’s Match, BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: LET (High Flyer IV and Killjoy) defeated The House (Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber) and Monster Mash (Count Novick and The Monster) @ 9:18 with the Moonshot Special (diving moonsault) on Count Novick

5. BRAZEN Championship Rumble: Nick “Lotto” Otto wins the BRAZEN Championship Rumble @ 36:51 by BRAGG last eliminating himself to become the #1 Contender to the BRAZEN Championship! 

PARTICIPANTS: Nick “Lotto” Otto, “One Shot” Jack Halcyon, BRAGG, “Mellow Yellow” George Othello, Kid Black Jack, Paul Dunson, BIGBOSS Batts, Big Kahuna Ali’i, “Young Bull” Tate Newell, “The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne, Kyle Shields, Thurston Hunter, Franco Marchesi, Curtis Alexander Brown, Cul, Torvald The Destroyer, Corey Nunez, Hugo “Lips” Gonzalez, MASSIVE Cowboy, Sun-Twist Skylar


--In only his fourth match in the DEFIANCE/BRAZEN banner, the unlikeliest of unlikely contenders steps forward from the BRAZEN Championship Rumble… NICK “LOTTO” OTTO! The former lottery winner-turned-wrestler had an unlikely assist from “The Big Bad” BRAGG when he apparently used some of those lottery winnings to pay off BRAGG for his assistance throughout the royal. BRAZEN’s most humble man had BRAGG help him and hang on until they were the only two… then BRAGG eliminated himself to allow Otto the victory! Nick Otto promised that as a man from humble beginnings who got a lucky break, he would make BRAZEN proud by wrestling the title away from Declan Alexander on DEFtv 181 on January 11th!

--Three other contenders stepped forward! “Cunning” Curt Cunning cannot keep the young Nathan Cross away and will now have his chance to win his first gold in BRAZEN! A special New Year’s Day BRAZEN show will see Cunning and Cross main event for the coveted Cup! 

--On that same show, LET collides! It will be the current Tag Team Champions, Silver and Gold II (Archer Silver and Kazuhiro Troy) taking on the former Favoured Saints Champion and two-time BRAZEN Tag Team Champion, High Flyer IV and his massive partner, the only two-time BRAZEN Championship holder, Killjoy! 

--And lastly, Leon Van Zandt wrestled FLAMBERGE to the first-ever double pinfall in BRAZEN history in an Onslaught title match! Leon won the Contender’s match and will also have his rematch on New Years Day! 


--Once again, BIGBOSS Batts and Big Kahuna Ali’i have offered their services to “One Shot” Jack Halcyon after a failed bid to regain the BRAZEN Championship from Declan Alexander! The kid who has been hot on both BRAZEN and DEFtv programming retained his title yet again, sending Halcyon into an angry fit. Something was said between BIG Trouble and Halcyon and once more, Halcyon walked away. Batts didn’t seem to mind. 

--BRAGG, perennial BRAZEN Championship contender, was mum as to why he aided Nick “Lotto” Otto in winning the BRAZEN Championship Contenders Rumble. He wasn’t answering questions other than that he, quote. “Owed Nick Otto one.” What that is, nobody knows as of now, but our young reporters wil look to get more info out of him when they can. 

--Sun-Twist Skylar once again impresses! Entering the Rumble at #10, he eliminated a quarter of the twenty men in this battle royal! Upper management is said to be very high on the promising young athlete. 

--Same goes for “Young Bull” Tate Newell! The young powerhouse and former student of powerful wrestling tandem, The Unstoppables (Tyson XL and Vic Graves), Tate Newell has a bright future. 

--Both Curtis Alexander Brown and Franco Marchesi have really impressed in the last several weeks on BRAZEN house shows and may be rumored to be primed for bigger spots! 

--The Monster Mash have been riding a massive wave of popularity on recent BRAZEN shows! Though they did not win the Tag Team Contender’s Match on Night Two, they were said to be very popular among the BRAZEN Faithful! 

Stay tune for further news and updates on all things BRAZEN on!

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