17 Oct 2017

DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, New Orleans, Louisiana (seats 4,000)


The animated graphics fade in on the Motormouth of Malcontent, Angus Skaaland, seated at the desk on the UNCUT set. His t-shirt is tuxedoed and his malcontent is at an all time high. He has no notes. None in hand and none on the desk. 

However, the desk is not empty. A bottle of Scotch and a highball glass sit within quick reach.

For fucks sake ... GET IT TOGETHER, BOYS!

He pauses, looking off camera. Not for effect or even to collect himself. His violent outburst and slightly more blunt open - shook a crew member or two, causing an off camera distraction. He polishes off whats left in the glass and replinshes it. He swirls the glass and stares off into it's dark amber hue before looking back to the camera.

To quote one of the finest pieces of American cinema ever made ...

He downs the glass once again.


He slams the glass down and reaches for the bottle as the feed is cut. 



The screen opens up and with it, we see the faces of several men responsible for the recent attack on the returning Team HOSS - a powerful collective of young men looking to make names for themselves and add on to the forces of the mighty UTA.

“Brother” Lucius Owens.

Theo Baylor.

The Neighborhoodlum.

Roosevelt Owens.

Felton Bigsby.

Brother Lucius Owens:
Hello, DEFIANCE. I’m Lucius Owens. And last week on DEFtv, my boys decided that the time was right to make an impact… and that impact was made on the faces of Aleczander The Great and Angel Trinidad.

The foursome shared a hearty laugh amongst themselves as Owens continued.

Brother Lucius Owens:
Coming up shortly, you’ll be seeing Theo and The Neighborhoodlum doing the same to BRAZEN’s BADASS. But before we get to that, I’m sure there are those of you out there inquiring about our action and I’d be more than happy to share those thoughts.

Theo Baylor

Big Rosey tries to keep Baylor composed while Owens continues.

Brother Lucius Owens:
I’d probably phrase it a little more eloquently, but Mr. Baylor’s take on things isn’t far from the truth. A couple months ago, we were on the rise. Baylor and my men were dominating the competition week by week until DEFIANCE decided to put a halt on my progress. They deemed us too dangerous and forced us to sit at home while the UTA invaded. Naturally, my take on things as an owner in danger of losing his company would be to put his best soldiers on the front line. Right?

Felton Bigsby:

Owens nodded.

Brother Lucius Owens:
That’s right. They didn’t. We were fed excuse after excuse as to why we weren’t being used. My calls and texts to DEFIANCE officials went ignored… so we took our business elsewhere. Theo here had an in with Mister Unlikely and because of that, an agreement was reached. If we take out the threat known as Team HOSS… ugh… then you’ll be looking at full-fledged members of the United Toughness Alliance!

He smiled.

Brother Lucius Owens:
Some would call us turncoats who bit the hand that fed them… but that hand stopped feeding us long ago, so we turned to another table. I provide for myself and men and once we get rid of these muscle-bound simps, my boys and I going to eat like kings.

Theo growled.

Theo Baylor:
Yeah! We ain’t settling for scraps no more!

Brother Lucius Owens:
We didn’t know it would be Team HOSS we’d be assaulting until they revealed themselves, but those two coming back is another perfect example of what is wrong with DEFIANCE. They’ve been fired TWICE… once because their crooked manager paid off a doctor to fake a drug test to get out of a match. The other was because of Angel Trinidad’s anger issues when he took out Dusty Griffith… and yet they KEEP welcoming them back with open arms just because they pushed merchandise. All the while, men like us are STILL ignored time and time again. Well… it’s not happening to us. Not anymore.

Owens took a moment to calm himself down before continuing.

Brother Lucius Owens:
My boy, Felton, has a match with Trinidad on DEFTV next week and after we show him that he’s no threat to us… I’d like to issue a formal challenge to Team HOSS for Maximum DEFIANCE. You two against two of my men - Theo Baylor and my nephew, Rosey in a tag team match to prove who the REAL dominant force is. We await your answer, gentlemen.

The foursome then walk off camera to attend to their coming match. That match will air next right here on UNCUT!


The scene opens to a very lavish resteraunt. With most people in suit and tie, and the waiters wear tuxedo. This is not the place for riff raff. Well riff raff of the poor variety anyway. The camera travels past a few tables through various parts of their dinner. Finally we hear a pair of voices a little louder than the rest.

Mikey Unlikely:
SO then I said to her… “do you realize that people only tolerate you because you have enormous knockers!?”

Kendrix: [Laughing]
No you didn’t bruv! Tell me you didn’t say that! Haa

The camera finds the table with our WrestleUTA stars. Mikey and Kendrix sit across the table from one another while two very beautiful women occupy the other two chairs. Kendrix is laughing so hard he has food falling out of his mouth, while Mikey is elaborately retelling the story.  In the spot that usually sits empty between couples is occupied by the DEFIANCE Tag Team Championships.

Mikey Unlikely:
Oh I did! I told it to her FACE! She was pretty mad, but what do you want me to say...some people’s stupid just outweighs their pretty.

JFK doubles over and slams a fist on the table while laughing. The two ladies give each other a sideways look of nervousness before turning back to the men. The waiter shows up.

Bonjoir gentlemen, how is your meal on this terrific sweetest day!?

Listen Yeah, JFK wants you to take this fish and put it back in the dead sea, innit!? It’s crap! Way too fishy for my liking! Secondly, what the hell is a Sweetness day, yea!?

The waiter begins to speak but Mikey cuts him off.

Mikey Unlikely:
It’s like the “Half way to Valentines day... day in America” it’s stupid, just another bullshit excuse to pay more money for a normal dinner, buy stupid chocolates, and cards for these women. Not that we don’t have the money!

Obvs! JFK hasn’t even had a chocolate in like… 5 years! You don’t get to look this good, sitting around all day eating candy!

Mikey looks confused.

Mikey Unlikely:
You do know there is chocolate in the Oreo Frappes, yea?

JFK looks shocked.

Liquid chocolates!? You’re taking the mick, right!? There’s no way…

With a shake of the head, Kendrix gets rid of the insane idea.

Anyway, don’t the birds get enough of the holidays!?

The two women at the table are clearly offended but try to play it off being around big stars.

I mean you have Valentine’s day, where we have to do everything for them, and buy them all this shit, then you have Mother’s Day, where all the women want to be cheered and applauded for being great mums, and raising kids. Well whoopdeedoo! Congrats on having a lay, and popping out a couple of ugly grubbers, that don’t make you special.

The women are now clearly disgusted. JFK looks to them inquisitively.

Take you two for example, you don’t celebrate mother's day do you!?

The girls exchange a glance, and the one sitting next to Mikey speaks up.

Lisa, The Lady At The Table Sitting Next To Mikey:
Well yea, I mean, my son and I celebrate.

Mikey’s eyes go wide. His jaw drops. Slowly the WrestleUTA owner turns his head to look at the girl, and he’s unable to speak.

Mikey Unlikely:
Yo...Y...Y….Youuu….YOU HAVE A CHILD!?

She nods slowly, looking confused. Unlikely stands up and points to the door.

Mikey Unlikely:
WELL I NEVER…. I cannot believe this! I had no idea… You can leave right now!

Lisa, The Lady At The Table Sitting Next To Mikey:
Wait… What!? Just because I have a child, I have to go!?

Mikey Unlikely:
You lied to me and therefore you have disrespected me!

Lisa, The Lady At The Table Sitting Next To Mikey:
LIED!? When!?

Mikey Unlikely:
Those thighs tell the tale of a woman without kids! NOW GO!

The lady leaves in shame, as Mikey cools off and removes his jacket before sitting back down. The pair both glance over to the other lady, looking shocked at what she'd just witnessed, sitting next to JFK.

If there’s one thing I hate, in this world, it’s liars, yeah? You wouldn’t lie to JFK would you Sarah.

Sarah rolls her eyes, annoyed.


Sally?! I’m pretty sure you’re name’s Sarah, sweetheart!

Sally shakes her head, still obvs annoyed.

OMG, I know my own name!

Kendrix looks over at Mikey, shocked at being talked back to before laying his eyes on Sally once more.

That’s so hot! Anyway, JFK’s hungry. What are you having Sara...I mean Sally

Jesse winks over at Mikey, who holds his thumb up back at JFK for getting the girl’s name right. The two take a swig of the very expensive champagne they ordered. Sally peruses the menu carefully and bites her lip in concentration before gaining the waiter's attention.

I’m sorry, do you have any Vegan options?

Upon hearing the request, Mikey’s eyes light up in horror while Kendrix does whatever any sane man would do in the exact same situation and dramatically spits out the champagne he was so close to necking back, out on the table before looking over at Sally in disgust.

You’re Vegan?! What the hell is wrong with you?!

I already told you! There’s nothing wrong with being Vegan, meat is murder! All those poor animals being taking advantage of. Animals are our friends!

Kendrix looks over at Mikey, who genuinely has no idea what is going on right now. Mikey shrugs his shoulders back at him, equally unable to fathom what’s going on. Jesse turns back to Sally.

I thought you were joking! You don’t eat meat? We’re in an all you can eat Barbecue restaurant! Why are you even here?! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE, YOU FREAK!

I thought we could have some fun later. I really wanna be one of your groupies.

She flashes a killer smile, however, Jesse stands up, shakes his head and wags his finger at her.


Jesse makes way for Sally to get up and leave. Before she walks away from the table. Jesse halts her.

I have never felt so ashamed. Ugh, this must be what dating Cally is like. You, little lady, are the worst person, EVER. You decide to do this today of all days? IT’S SWEETNESS DAY!

He takes a card out of his jacket pocket and hands it to Sally.

I’m going to enjoy the rest of this sacred holiday with my bestest bruv in the world. Here’s my key card to my hotel room. Wait for me there, I’m gonna need to do some cardio after all this meat I’m gonna consume.

Sally looks at the key card, shrugs her shoulders and walks off. Kendrix sits back down opposite Mikey and holds his thumb behind his shoulder in the direction Sally left.

Can you believe that, chick?!

Mikey rolls his eyes and twirls his index finger by the side of his head.

Mikey Unlikely:
Complete nut job...She’s gonna have so much fun later!

Yeah, she’s gonna love my power-point presentation on why Vegan’s are idiots, OBVS!

Mikey Unlikely:

The two grab their tag titles and clink them together...

Mikey & Kendrix:

...before gathering the Waiter’s attention once more to make their order as the shot fades out.


Welcome to UNCUT for this exclusive match that will pit BRAZEN tag team BADASS - Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome - versus No Justice, No Peace members Theo Baylor and Neighborhoodlum!

You damn turncoats… I wanted you on the roster, I really did. I help get these guys in the door and they threaten to do THIS? Side with the damn Mormons?

They laid out their reasons and while I can’t speak about their experiences with management, it’s wrong that they’d jump ship. BADASS won’t take this lying down and no doubt they’ll put up a fight.

Ugh. Let’s hope.

Darren Quimbey:
The following tag team contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring from Tacoma, Washington… at a combined weight of 469 pounds… the team of “The Wise Ass” Tripp Wise and “The Bad Seed” Davis Bloome… BAD! ASS!

“In One Ear” by Cage the Elephant continues to play in the background as Wise smirks at the camera and his more serious partner gets ready for a big fight to come.

♫ “Black Vikings” by Immortal Technique ♫

The hyper-aggressive hip-hop track plays and Brother Lucius Owens walks out onto the stage. He’s soon joined by Theo Baylor, Felton Bigsby, The Neighborhoodlum, and Roosevelt Owens,. Tonight, Baylor and The Neighborhoodlum are representing the group and are appropriately dressed for action.

Darren Quimbey:
And their opponents… being accompanied to the ring by Felton Bigsby, Roosevelt Owens and Brother Lucius Owens… Theo Baylor and The Neighborhoodlum… NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!

NJNP spread across the stage, with Brother Lucius - suit-clad as always - stood in the middle. Just as they had in past matches, they raise both arms in the air, cross them over, and turn the left hand into a fist, and the right into a peace sign. The fivesome reach the bottom of the ramp. Rosey, Felton and Lucius stay on the outside, but Baylor and ‘Hoodlum run in at once and jump BADASS at the start!


Baylor and The ‘Hoodlum attack at the start! Baylor has his way with Tripp Wise in the corner, sinking elbow after elbow viciously into his face while on the other side of the ring, Davis Bloome fares a little better throwing a volley of elbows into the face of the Hoodlum in the other corner. Baylor goes to whip Wise across the ring and charges in, looking for something big, but when he gets there, nobody’s home! Tripp moves…

Davis moves in and clocks big Baylor with a Corner Elbow Smash! Both members of BADASS turn their attention to The Neighborhoodlum as he gets back up. Tripp whips him into the ropes and when he comes back, Tripp pops him up in the air into a BIG Elbow Strike from Bloome!

Look at BADASS go!

Elbow Smash the traitors!

After they deal with The Neighborhoodlum, Wise and Bloome turn their combined efforts on Baylor. Baylor charges out of the corner at them with a Double Clothesline, but both men move. When he comes back, they double him over with a Double Elbow to the stomach followed by a Running Bulldog from Tripp! That’s followed up with a Jumping Side Kick from Davis Bloome called the Chin Check! Davis goes for the cover!




Baylor with a BIG kickout! Davis continues to pummel him with the Elbow Strikes that have been known as his best asset. When Baylor is stunned, Davis hits the ropes for another big move when Bigsby grabs his leg from the outside tripping up Bloome. He remains on the ground and gives Baylor an open shot by cracking him in the face with a low angled Big Boot!

Tripp tries to save his brother-in-law only for The ‘Hoodlum to strike out of nowhere with a huge Shotgun Dropkick, knocking him through the ropes! With the official distracted by The ‘Hoodlum, Bigsby and Rosey are free to wail on Tripp on the outside!

Check your gorram glasses, Carla! Jeez!

And inside the ring, Davis is STILL trying to fight!

He does continue to put up a fight and the pro-DEF crowd LOVES it!

One for Baylor!

One for ‘Hoodlum!

One for Baylor!

One for ‘Hoodlum!

The Elbow Strikes are flying everywhere and he cocks back for a Roaring Elbow…


The crowd grows quiet once Davis is down. BADASS have tried to put up a valiant fight at the onset, but Baylor wastes no time picking him up. He goes low with a big kick on Davis and then scoops him up for a big Scoop Powerslam on the mat! Tripp tries to get in again, but big Theo BLASTS him with a Big Boot before he can get up, knocking him off the apron.

The attention is now on Davis as he STILL tries to fight, but The Neighborhoodlum is right behind him…


One Curb Stomp later…




Darren Quimbey:
Here are your winners… NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!

Theo and ‘Hoodlum bump knuckles and get back to their feet, celebrating this victory.

Bloome and Wise tried to get the victory and they were rolling for a bit, but the second that No Justice, No Peace turned this around, it was all theirs.

And that’s what kills me, Keebs. These guys are good… but then they had to side with Hollywood McFuckass and the McFuckass Bunch.

The final shot of the match is all four members of NJPW along with Lucius Owens, lording this dominant victory. They await an answer from Team HOSS on their Maximum DEFIANCE challenge, but they know it’s only a matter of time before they hear back from the dominant duo.


Cut to Scott Douglas and Terry Anderson in the Wrestle-Plex parking lot. Scott leans on the trunk of a car next to Terry, who is seated on his ever-present cooler. Scott holds a beer. Terry has two.

Scott takes a sip while checking his watch.

Scott Douglas:
You sure; everyone was meeting for a drink?

Scott sounds casually concerned. Terry polishes off the first can dropping it on the asphalt and cracks the second. Terry couldn’t care less.

Terry Anderson:
... yup.

Scott shifts his weight on the vehicle as Terry works on the second can. A few moments go by in silence. Scott is impatient. Terry is completely content.

Terry breaks the silence with a nonsequitur.

Where’d that bus go?

Scott looks toward Terry for a moment before shaking his head in derision.

Cut to something else.


The words ‘Previously Recorded’ appear in the corner of the screen, as...

♫ “Hellraiser” by Motorhead♫

The slow bellow of the guitar hits and the cheers that filled the arena quickly turn to jeers as they know who is about to walk out. The controversial and despised Texan slowly makes his way out but not onto the stage but at the top of an aisle way on crutches and surrounded by security wearing the ever so obvious #FUCKDEFIANCE t-shirt. Stevens has a disgusted look on his face as he looks out towards the faithful and the colorful language being thrown his way makes him want to puke. Stevens taps one of the guards on the shoulder and he hands him a microphone. Stevens taps on it a few times to make sure it’s on and to quiet the crowd before slowly raising it to his lips.

Is the F-word the only thing you pieces of trash know?

The faithful cheer and continue to let Stevens know what they think of him

That’s what I figured from DEFIANCE Wrestling fans because you aren’t the smartest in the world. You’re too fucking stupid to realize that your company is on the losing end of this war and UTA is going to end up victorious.

The crowd continues to boo and chant “FUCK UTA” and one of the faithful is bold enough to throw a water bottle at the hurt UTA-er causing him to wobble on his crutches but his security steadies him. Stevens whispers something into the head of the Fuck DEFIANCE security and points to the culprit and two of the guards at the front go into the crowd and handle the situation.

You trash are so pathetic that you think water bottles can hurt me? Me?!?!?!!?

Stevens shouts as he points to himself.

I am Scott fucking Stevens or did you sheep forget?

Stevens asks as the faithful boo even louder.

Boo all you want but I have owned every single one of your heroes that I’ve stepped into the ring with so I am the BOSS around here.

The faithful try to drown out the Texan but he continues unphased.

Not one of your heroes can touch any member of UTA much less me. I am the HOSS of UTA because when I say something I fucking do it unlike certain heroes of yours.

Stevens says as the venom of DEFIANCE hate spews from his mouth.

You could say I am the BOSS HOSS of this pathetic organization called DEFIANCE.

Stevens says with a wink as the faithful boo louder at the blasphemous claim.

Continue to boo but facts are facts and I am a man of my word unlike that bottom feeder Oscar Burns.

The crowd cheers loudly as his name is mentioned which causes Stevens to shake his head.

You idiots would cheer for a hypocrite.

The crowd boos and Stevens’ favorite chant of “FUCK YOU STEVENS” is directed towards him.

Truth hurts doesn’t it? The fact is your hero is a hypocrite because he said he was a man of honor. A man of respect and good sportmanship, but he goes and does this!

Stevens shouts as he points to his leg that is heavily taped up and has a large brace that covers everything from the thigh down to the ankle.

Burns tried to end my career!

The cheers intensify and Stevens is beside himself.

Is that what you want?

The crowd chants yes over and over.

You make me sick just like Oscar does. However, your hero showed his true colors when he tried to challenge me to an unofficial match which I would’ve gladly accepted but I was a bit under the weather.

The fans boo the man from Texas.

What do you expect from this bush league of a wrestling promotion putting me in a cheap motel that had faulty AC and mold growing in every corner of the room!?!?!?

Stevens shouts and the crowd isn’t buying it.

Plus, Burns knew I was sick and he wanted to pick his moment because he knew he had a shot at maybe, and that’s a big maybe, at beating me when I’m at fifty percent, and at fifty percent he still couldn’t get the job done!

Stevens shouts as he points to his leg.

The good thing for you is Burns is that you received a reprieve for six weeks because you know just like the rest of the DEFIANCE garbage cannot touch me or the rest of the UTA when it’s face to face. The bad is that you cost yourself a huge payday and new found superstar status that you can tell your children one day that, “I got my ass kicked by the living legend, Scott Stevens, and got paid a fortune for it,” but know that isn’t going to happen. And lastly, the ugly, is that you didn’t get the job done because my injury will heal and when it does I’m going to show you how to properly end a neverwas’ career.

The faithful boo loudly and begin to throw garbage at the Texan but the guards block the trash.

When I’m healed in six weeks, Oscar Burns won’t be a martyr for DEFIANCE he’ll just be another victim in the hit list of Scott Stevens and Wrestle U-T-A!

Stevens says as he lets go of the microphone and watch it hit the concrete before slowly hobbling away.


“Надежда все еще живет здесь.”

Camera opens to a long white banner draped across the back entrance to the DEFIANCE locker room. The final touchings of the red letters are being painted by Reaper Prime who is standing at the top of a long ladder. Reaper Red is standing below, eyes piercing a hard red glow across the back pavement.

There is a small crowd gathered watching the scene and Reaper Prime looks back, almost acknowledging them but again no words are spoken. Most of the fans are inside Wrestle-Plex but word must of spread of Reaper strange antics outside, hence the gathering. DEFsec is also in place watching on, whispers amongst the group asking themselves ‘what the hell is she doing’.


The door to the entrance of the locker room goes flying open and crashes into the ladder, Prime loses her balance for just a second but steadies herself. Reaper Red springs into fighting stance as the owner of WrestleUTA steps through haphazardly. He’s in his usual street clothes, but oddly his tag title is nowhere in sight.

Prime nimbly descends the ladder, placing her hand on Red’s shoulder which causes him to drop his fighting stance. Standing silently next to the ladder with Reaper Red behind her, Prime’s face remains emotionless. She stares at Mikey for a few seconds before extending her arm and pointing it towards the parking lot. Her face unwavering from Mikey’s. At first he’s surprised to see everyone there, he reached into his pocket before showing up, but now removes his hand empty as he greets his peers.

Mikey Unlikely:
Oh wow! What a surprise! Hey Reapers!

Mikey steps back a bit, realizing he’s too close, and readjusts his suit jacket. He then begins.

Mikey Unlikely:
Actually, I’m glad I found you guys out here! I’ve been looking for you for a couple weeks now!

Reaper Red doesn’t even flinch, his bright eyes remained locked on the UTA leader. Reaper Prime doesn’t even acknowledge Mikey beyond the earlier gesture yet.

Mikey Unlikely:
I wanted to talk to the group of you, about joining forces! THAT’S RIGHT! I’m willing to let you and the other….you’s. Fight alongside the likes of David Hightower, Jack Harmen, The Hollywood Bruvs, Chris Ross, and other great names in this business!

There is a silence as Mikey waits for an answer, ever impatiently.

Mikey Unlikely:
I know, it’s hard to fathom, no need to thank me! You’re welcome!

Again no answer comes as Reaper Prime turns her gaze up towards the banner she just finished painting on. Mikey finally is about to crack but suddenly someone else’s head pops out from the locker room door.

Charlie Ace:
Mikey! How Unlikely for us to meet like this!

The Manager to the Stars, Charlie Ace, emerges from the locker room and extends a hand, which Mikey Unlikely cautiously shakes.

Charlie Ace:
I’ve been looking for you all night, Mike. And what a coincidence, you’re out here too!

Charlie turns his attention to Reaper Prime and Reaper Red. The fact he doesn’t use their names doesn’t pass by unnoticed as they look at each other for a moment. Of course Charlie misses this glance and continues on regardless.

Charlie Ace:
Mike, have I got a deal for you. Some people would call this the greatest deal ever, and you know what? I’m one of them. I gotta say, this deal puts any other deal you’ve ever made to shame.

Mikey Unlikey:
Sounds like a pretty good deal to me so far!

Unlikely gets visually excited

Charlie Ace:
Oh you bet! I’m hear to build bridges between DEFIANCE and WrestleUTA, not walls. I don’t build walls, don’t like them. In fact I made sure the apartment I rented had no walls separating the rooms. It’s liberating having a kitchen, lounge and bedroom all in one room.

Mikey Unlikely:
Yeah I know what you… Wait….You mean like a studio apartment?

With a chuckle and a nod, Charlie puts his hand deep inside his pocket and pulls out a stack of small cards.

Charlie Ace:
I sure do! And you know what else would be great? If you could hand these bad boys out to your guys over on the WrestleUTA side of this bridge I’m building. Oh, and uhhhh…

After handing the cards off to Mikey, Ace dips back into his pocket and pulls out a couple more cards which he passes over to Reaper Prime and Red.

Charlie Ace:
You two want a card as well? These things are a dime a dozen, and I’ve got plenty of dimes in my pocket!

Reaper Prime extends her hand out accepting the cards, noticeably a much different reaction than Mikey Unlikely received. She smiles at The Manager to the Stars, before using that same hand with the cards in it to point at the banner hanging above the entrance. Reaper Red just continues to stare on, his eyes blazed with a hot ruby glow.

Before Mikey can question or otherwise protest being handed such a large stack of business cards, Charlie starts to back away from the conversation.

Charlie Ace:
If you guys are thinking about conflicts of interest or anything like that, don’t worry. There won’t be any. Like I said, bridge building, that’s the line of work I’m in. So you hand those out, so long as you aren’t handing them to any losers, you know? I’ve had enough of them.

Charlie points off to the distance as he continues to back away, right back to the locker room door, which swings open to reveal Hoyt Williams stood on the other side.

Charlie Ace:
I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna be so instrumental in resolving this whole DEFIANCE/WrestleUTA thing they’ll put up a statue of me right over there. And the engraving? It’ll read Ace means number one!

With that Charlie disappears back into the building, leaving Mikey and Reaper to resume their conversation. After his exit a loud gasp is heard from the crowd and the camera spins to catch what’s happening. All eyes and faces are turn towards a dark area of the parking lot and as the camera moves to catch what’s there it pulls into vision two sets of glowing eyes, one pair orange, one pair purple.

They approach the camera and their attire is immediately recognizable. Two separate Reapers approach the camera dressed exactly like Reaper Red’s current attire and Reaper Prime’s former. Moving quickly but with no statements they take a stance behind Reaper Prime along with Reaper Red. Mikey looks at the two new arrivals, as well as Prime and Red. He looks behind him and realizes he’s alone. He looks down at the cards that were handed to him by Charlie Ace, and tosses them on the ground. He looks back up nervously.

Mikey Unlikely:….think about what I said! Let me know what you think! You don’t have to be on the losing end of this war…

And with that Mikey quickly walks to the same entrance to the building and disappears through it.


The crowd boos as they see Jon Larver walking backstage. He reaches a door and knocks on the door a few moments.

Boss, the main event is up next...boss?

Crimson responds in a very high pitched but muffled by the door.

{???} Come in.

Larver opens the door, and the room is pitch black, he flips the light switch. Just as he sees Crimson sitting in the corner with a giant teddy bear with one of the eyes hanging by a thread. The WrestleUTA championship sits on the bear's lap. Crimson has his arm around the back of the bear, with a pair of black framed glasses on.

{???} Hi Jonnie.

Jon has no idea what to think of this. It's not the unconventional appearance of a man that has been know to be one of the most violent people in the industry. Who now is sitting with a giant teddy bear.

Um...boss are you ok?

Crimson looks at Jon through his larger black framed glasses.

{???} Crimson? My name is Lucy.

Larver really has no idea what to say.


Crimson stands up and walks over to a table and grabs a bottle shaped into a figure eight filled with blue liquid.

{Lucy} You want a drink Jonnie?

Larver really is taken back by all this.

Um..sure? What exactly is that you have in that bottle?

Crimson giggles a moment creeping Jon out even more.

{Lucy} It's my most favorite drink of all!

He pours the liquid into two small shot glasses. He then reaches over and grabs a mini umbrella for alcoholic drinks and puts a umbrella in each glass. He grabs both glasses and walks over to Larver.

{Lucy} I call it a blue caterpillar.

Jon reluctantly takes the glass and looks at the beverage as Crimson takes a sip of his.

{Lucy} Hmmm so good, aren’t you thirsty Jonnie?

Larver takes a deep breathe and takes a swig of the concoction. To his surprise it doesn’t taste half bad.

Listen..uh Lucy you said your name was?

Crimson smiles with his eyes closed and nods.

We have a six man tag team match next….but uh

Crimson jumps for joy

{Lucy} Oh really you mean I can make five more friends?

Larver sets his drink on the table rubbing the back of his head.

Uh, not exactly you see Cayle Murray, Bronson Box, and Reinhardt Hoffman aren’t exactly friends.

Crimson’s eyes widened.

{Lucy} Are they bad people?

Larver awkwardly answers.

I guess you can say that.

{Lucy} What did I do to them?

Larver says as he grabs the WrestleUTA title from the bear.

Lucy we don’t have time we're up next, can you follow me?

{Lucy} ..Ok.

Crimson follows Jon out of the locker room. The camera is focused on Jon as he leads Crimson who is off camera to the gorilla position. He pulls out a phone putting it to his ear, Crimson hears him mumble to himself.

Man what exactly do I tell Mikey..

The phone rings a few minutes before Crimson slowly takes the phone from Jon’s hand. You can hear Mikey saying hello over and over. Crimson looks at the phone and presses the red phone button. He then looks slowly back at Jon, he no longer has those black framed glasses on anymore.

{MoP} Why exactly are you calling Mikey?

Larver again is taken back as now Crimson’s voice seems to have changed from a high pitch tone to a now more arrogant voice.


Crimson takes the championship from Larver.

{MoP} No, she is no longer here. Your messiah is here, and frankly whatever happened with her I suggest you keep it to yourself.

Crimson gets close to Jon’s ear, and now his voice has a demonic rhythm to it.

{Plague} If I find out you opened your mouth I will take you out of this business permanently!

Crimson pushes into Jon’s shoulder as he walks away. Jon just stands there stunned at what just happened. The camera follows Crimson heading to the gorilla position.

V/O Crimson:
{MoP} She is going to blow our cover. {Weapon} There is nothing wrong with her coming outside for a bit. {Plague} You should of kept her in her room Weapon! {Bloodwell} Gentlemen, there is no need to argue we have a six man to be a part of. Our focus must be on that, not our little Lucy. Agreed? {MoP} Agree. {Weapon} Agree. {Plague}..Hmphf..agree. {Lucy} YES! {All but Lucy} Grrr..

Crimson walks off camera.

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