UNCUT 56 on Now!

Posted by Lance Warner on 18 Sep 2019

Please join us for our latest episode of UNCUT with Angus Skaaland presenting highlights from the Southern Heritage Title match! Who will win Fifteen Mnutes of Fame match between Andy Sharp and Elise Ares? Click HERE to find out!

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Posted by Kelly Evans on 11 Sep 2019

The DEFIANCE staff would like to give an official apology to all those dearly loyal ... dare I say FAITHFUL ... DEFonDEMAND subscribers who missed the Southern Heritage Championship Scramble due to the technical difficulties we experienced last night.

Based on our DEFtech analytics, over three-fourths of our subscribers experienced the outage; that we can only assume was caused by Hurricane Dorian's disruption of power throughout the Southeastern Coastal United States.

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Posted by Lance Warner on 10 Sep 2019


Did you miss ASCENSION 2019!? LIVE on DEFonDEMAND!?

You are in luck ... ALL the ACTION is available now onDEMAND!

See what I did there!?

- Angus

Lance, cut this part out. Do not EVER ask me to write you're nonsense post again. I've got better things and women to do! HEYOOOO! See what ... no, WHO I did there!? smh loser.

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Posted by Lance Warner on 28 Aug 2019

Join us live on DEFonDEMAND for another addition of UNCUT! NOW!

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DEFtv 124 Life

Posted by Lance Warner on 21 Aug 2019

LIVE on DEFonDEMAND now! The final show before Ascension! DEFtv124!

Champions collide with challengers in a blockbuster tag team main event! The FIST of DEFIANCE Oscar Burns teams with DEFIANCE Southern Heritage Champion Elise Ares to battle their respective challengers, "The Titan of Industry" Uriel Cortez and "Lord of the Skies" Andy Sharp (Junior Keeling's Note: PRESENTED BY THE FAMILY KEELING)

The three-match series continues between Mikey Unlikely and Scott Stevens, but what condition is Unlikely in heading into this match? DEFIANCE World Tag Team Champion Bo Stevens goes one on one with the legendary Jack Harmen! 

All this and more on our final stop to Ascension!

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DEFtv 123 is LIVE!

Posted by Lance Warner on 6 Aug 2019

DEFtv 123 is LIVE on DEFonDEMAND! The three match series between Mikey Unlikely and Scott Stevens begins TONIGHT! Gage Blackwood has big words to say, and an even bigger, the biggest, BIGGEST HOSSFITE of all time in tonight's main event!  Join us live, or ONDEMAND, on DEFonDEMAND!

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DEFtv 122 is LIVE!

Posted by Lance Warner on 24 Jul 2019

DEFtv 122 is LIVE on DEFonDEMAND! The Louisiana Bulldogs get their shot at the DEFIANCE Tag Team Titles against the Stevens Dynsaty. Uriel Cortez takes on Klein, and Oscar Burns defends his FIST in the main event! Join us live, or ONDEMAND, on DEFonDEMAND!

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