6 Nov 2017

DEFarena, New Orleans, LA (seats 4000)




The music swells as the graphics swirl all culminating in a syncapated drop. No studio or host this week. We fade directly into the Wrestle-Plex at a wide angle, scanning over the Faithful vying for a second of camera time; hoisting handmade signs and pointing to logos on t-shirts.

Cut to "Downtown" Darren Keebler and Angus Skaaland at the commentation station. 


Welcome to this UNCUT Exclusive match, folks! As always, I’m Darren Keebler and with me is the host of UNCUT and my broadcast partner, Angus Skaaland…

Nah, my show, so I’m taking point, Keebs. I’m Angus Skaaland and with me is the exciting-as-watching-paint-dry partner Darren Keebler. And coming up next, we’ve got… uh… line.

...Oscar Burns. He’s issuing an open challenge to any UTA wrestler before we get to MAXIMUM DEFIANCE where he will take on UTA’s own Scott Stevens.

I knew that. Just testing you, dingleberry. Anyway, Burnsie is going to be all pip, pip cheerio, crikey and sweet as and let’s hope whoever comes through the curtain doesn’t kick his ass. Quimbey… earn your paycheck and announce things.

Darren Quimbey:
The following contest is an open challenge for a singles contest! Introducing first, from Wellington, New Zealand, weighing in at 243 pounds… ”TWISTS AND TURNS” OSCAR BURNS!”

♫ “Edge of Infinity” by Minnesota ♫

The rapid-fire orange and yellow strobe lights mean only one thing - Oscar Burns comes out, a little more focused than he has been. Burns throws off his “Hi. I Like Graps.” t-shirt and hurls it into the crowd before heading to the ring. Wiping his feet on the ring apron, he then leaps over the ropes and lands inside, posing for the crowd. He then asks for a microphone.

Oscar Burns:
Thanks for the fine reception, GCs… but tonight, I’m here for business. I got that dag, Scott Stevens, at MAXIMUM DEFIANCE, but that’s next week. I’m well aware of how this might have gotten me into this mess, but I don’t care… I wanted an open challenge against any UTA fella and tonight I’m gonna get it. I’m not leaving this ring until one of you comes out to get STRETCHED…

He turns to the entrance ramp.

Oscar Burns:
If ANY of you UTA blokes are back there lurking tonight, get out here and let’s fight!

The Technical Spectacle waits for an opponent, whoever that might be…

And soon…

♫ “Half Crazy” by The Barr Brothers ♫

The crowd BOOS the appearance of UTA’s resident… brousins… Luke and Duke Dibbins. Luke especially looks forward to the fight and polishes off a beer as he grins.

Dear lord, their gene pool needs a filter… and maybe some acid.

Well, ask and Burns shall receive. It looks like Luke Dibbins is going to be fighting for the UTA’s honor tonight.

Luke heads right into the ring and last time the Dibbins were seen, Team HOSS put a beating on them. But Oscar Burns was only one guy so the odds were in Luke’s favor, what with Duke still sitting around ringside.

Darren Quimbey:
His opponent, representing the United Toughness Alliance.. from Beaver, West Virigina, accompanied to the ring by Duke Dibbins… weighing in at 230 pounds… LUKE DIBBINS!

The brousins have a laugh and share the exact same beer before Duke takes the last swig and tosses the bottle at ringside. Burns doesn’t look that concerned for the moment, but makes sure to keep one eye on Duke just in case he tries anything. Referee Carla Ferrari calls for the bell…


So Burns takes on one half of the Dibbins Brousins, Luke. He’s gotta keep his eye on Duke on the outside, though.

No, he doesn’t. Long as they ain’t related, they have no interest in Burns.

Burns stands toe to toe with Luke, only to get a quick slap across the face for his troubles! Burns goes reeling for a moment while Luke walks over.

Luke Dibbins:
You saw’d dat! I dun showed dat fruity Kee-wee up!

Luke and Duke high-fived one another while Burns takes a moment to collect himself. When Duke turns around, Burns quickly snaps behind him with a waistlock and before he even knows what’s going on, gets taken down by the leg and gets a nasty STOMP right down on his back!

Shouldn’t have done that! You know his goody-good personality gets on my nerves, but Burns can grapple-fuck with the best of them!

And he picks Duke up by his overalls… Bridging German!




Luke kicks out, but Burns continues to flip him over quickly and STOMPS down on the back several more times, no doubt trying to soften Dibbins up for something that would no doubt be painful, but he slips through the ropes and runs out to the floor. Burns wants him to get back in when Duke tries to slide into the ring to distract him. Burns shoos him away and then turns back to Luke. He tries to grab his arm, but Luke swings around. His brousin’s distraction allows him to crack Burns in the face!

And that’s the distraction by Duke! Now Luke back inside and he cracks Burns in the back of the head with an elbow!

Burns doesn’t go down, but falls to a knee which allows Duke to grab him and whip him with a ‘Murican Whip into the turnbuckle! then

Duke Dibbins:
Got ya Kee-wee!

He runs at him in the corner and catches Burns with a Clothesline. He turns around and then tries a running Bulldog out of the corner… but Burns blocks it, lifts him up and DROPS him viciously across his knee with a move he calls the Backcrackamajig! Dibbins falls over in pain and kicks his legs frantically while Burns takes a moment to recover.

Backcrackamajig! He’s got him on the ropes now!

Dibbins tries to get away from Burns and lands in a corner, but Burns quickly runs forward and SMACKS him with a Running European Uppercut in the corner! He then takes him by the arms and snaps him over with an Exploder Suplex! Dibbins tries getting back up again in a daze only to be snapped over with a big Double Arm Suplex!

Dear God, now Duke’s trying to run in again!

After watching his brousin get suplexed out of his boots, Duke tries to run in… only to get CRACKED with the Hard Out Headbutt from Burns! Carla doesn’t call for the DQ since Duke never put his hands on him, but as he tries to get out of the ring, a groggy Luke tries to limp back up to his feet.

Duke just paid for it, but now Luke tries to steal the win with a desperation Schoolboy!




Burns rolls back to his feet and when Luke swings wildly, he misses a right, but Burns then takes him down…

The Graps of Wrath I! And he took him down and is using the grounded version! Burns has shown his adeptness with this submission!

As he cranks back on the submission, it doesn’t take Burns very much time …



…To get the submission victory! Burns lets go of Dibbins and rolls back to his feet, waving to the crowd.

Darren Quimbey:
Here is your winner by submission… ”TWISTS AND TURNS” OSCAR BURNS!

Burns looks around to see Duke still laid out on the floor from his Hard Out Headbutt and then sees Luke still cradled in the corner, in severe pain after being stretched and suplexed into oblivion by the Kiwi grappler. Burns balls up a fist and raises it in the air before pointing at the crowd and celebrating up the ramp.

A nice victory for Burns here with some extra momentum heading into MAXIMUM DEFIANCE! He beat Stevens on DEFTV… can he do it again?

He damn well better, Keebs. He damn well better!

The parting shot of this UNCUT Exclusive is Burns heading back up the ramp, high-fiving the DEFIANCE fans on his way to the back. He can now look ahead to MAXIMUM DEFIANCE where he looks to put away Scott Stevens once and for all.


Gage Blackwood walks, albeit limps, hunched over, grabbing his left shoulder with his opposite, right arm and dragging his feet behind him as he goes through the curtain and into the backstage area.

It was moments after his tag team match with Mushigihara vs. Chris Ross and Lisil Jackson. 'The Boss' ambushed him, threw him into the steel stairs and then took a screwdriver to 'The God-Beast's' face.

It didn't matter they won by DQ. Gage is pissed. He furiously kicks over what he could before turning the corner and getting into an unoccupied room.

Gage Blackwood:
Savages. Fucking savages.

The Scot mutters to himself. He pulls at the tensor wrap around his shoulder and then rips it off. At first, he didn't want to look. He had been beaten to a pulp since he arrived in DEFIANCE.

Beaten by Gunther Adler. (Twice.)

Beaten by David Hightower.

Beaten and beaten and beaten by Chris Ross.

While he prevailed at DEFCON and has overcome Lisil Jackson at times, it didn't change the fact he was physically beaten.

Blackwood wipes the sweat beaming down his forehead. Then, after a long deep breath he looks at his left shoulder.

Everything seems to be in place. His shoulder was red, but it wasn't separated and no bones were sticking out of it.

Blackwood puts his right hand back on his shoulder, this time beginning to press around the muscles.

And that's when he feels it.

It isn't too big, but certainly something is out of place. There's a small bulge in the back part of his left shoulder.

Blackwood grunts. He doesn't swear or throw a fit, although he definitely wants to. He doesn't make any facial reaction at all. Instead, Gage nods to himself. He walks over to a duffel bag and opens it. It takes him a good moment or two longer because he's only doing this with one hand. Finally, he finds what he's looking for. More tensor bandage. He starts to tape himself up and surprisingly well for someone working with one and a half arms. It's like he's done this before, many, many times.

He looks back carefully each time he puts the wrap around his shoulder, making sure the bulge, no matter how small it is, cannot be seen by the naked eye. Finally, he bites the tape and throws the roll back in the bag.

Blackwood lets out a small cry and with everything he has, he stands upright. He walks out of the room "pain free", although the reality is the complete opposite.

Blackwood quickly travels down the hall and into the interview room. There, a DEFIANCE backdrop stands in the background. Except for the fact it isn't a DEFIANCE backdrop anymore. It says #FUCKDEFIANCE on it.

Lance Warner is also in the room.

Lance Warner:
Yeah, we're definitely not filming in here tonight...

Lance says, as he notices Blackwood keeps his eyes locked on the #FUCKDEFIANCE logo.

Aye, that's fine. I'm just here to make a challenge for Maximum DEFIANCE.

[nodding] Okay, but the camera crew is not around right now, either.

Blackwood almost cuts Warner off.

No problem. I didn't want to be on television. Just put a statement on the website, or notify Mikey, Dane, hell, anyone, saying I challenge Chris Ross or Lisil Jackson to a match at the pay-per-view. One of them will accept. I'd go down to the UTA locker room area myself, but I'm afraid I might murder someone if I do.

Lance nods again and Blackwood thanks him. He limps out of the interview room.

[concerned] At the rate you're going, Gage, I hope you don't get murdered first. Watch your back out there. We all should...


The screen goes black. 

Ominous Voice:

CRASH!... an orange and white lightning bolt shoots across, similar to what took place on the last DEFtv. A voice is heard and the lightning bolt moves with its sound.

Ominous Voice:
How does one survive in the most gruesome events? The UTA Fireflies agenda has set forth a new motion, a new world, where no one is safe. Anyone can be infected...

Image: Dan Ryan.

Image: Jack Harmen.

Image: David Hightower.

Ominous Voice:
The Fireflies were never welcome here. DEFIANCE once stood for hope, justice and freedom. It was a land where anyone, from anywhere, could step into the squared-circle, become their true self and defy, defy, defy...

The voice trails off.

Footage of the beatdowns at the hands of UTA members rolls through your screen.

Ominous Voice:
Lives are lost...

Image: Andy Murray laying in the middle of the ring, unconscious.

Image: The Bastards losing the Tag Team Championships.

Image: Eric Dane being annihilated.

Ominous Voice:
Bloodshed is everywhere.

Image: Scott Stevens ambushing Oscar Burns outside the arena.

Image: Chris Ross using a screw driver on Mushigihara.

Image: Dan Ryan hitting the Humility Bomb on Impulse.

Ominous Voice:
Pandemic: an infectious disease prevalent throughout the world.

Image: the DEFIANCE logo slowly turning into blood and being replaced by WRESTLE UTA.

Ominous Voice:
DEFIANCE has become infected. DEFIANCE has become unstable. DEFIANCE has become the United Toughness Alliance.

Image: THE FIST resurfaces.

Ominous Voice:
But there are those who fight!

Cayle Murray.

The D.

Scott Douglas.

The list rolls on across your screen and the DEFIANCE FIST becomes more focused each time a new wrestler is shown. The voice becomes less threatening and more powerful as it speaks.

Ominous Voice:
They fight for DEFIANCE! They fight for hope, justice and freedom!


Gage Blackwood.

Oscar Burns.

Ominous Voice:
They fight because no matter who they have lost in this war, they stand up, they DEFY!

Bronson Box.


Team HOSS.

Ominous Voice:
They will not back down!

Elise Ares.

Kerry Kuroyama.

Eric Dane.

Ominous Voice:
Although The Apocalypse has come, unleashing the cordyceps fungus, the infected will be eliminated. The UTA Fireflies will not control this world.

A shadow figure is shown. You can't see the face or even make out the body type to tell who it is.

Ominous Voice:
Fight. Defy. Reinforcements are coming.

The lightning bolt crashes across the screen again and everything is black.


The FIST logo appears in the bottom right-hand corner and the show closes.

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