30 Jan 2018

DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, New Orleans, Louisiana (seats 4,000)


The screen fades up from black ...

Energetic music begins to to fade up ...

A white streak of electricity shoots acorss the screen backed by a red glow.

It's accompanied by an electrical sounding sizzle sound effect.


It's outside the Wrestle Plex late at night. Date is unknown, time is unknown. One thing is clear though, it's in-between the events of DEFtv 96 and the upcoming Pay-Per-View, ACTS of DEFIANCE.

The Fuse Bros. sit outside a stairway. Well, Conor sits while Tyler is pacing back and forth, occasionally taking a moment to make a swift kick, or throw a hard left jab. He's warming up and letting frustration out all at the same time.

Conor Fuse:
We really took a beating last week. Those NPC No Justice, No Peace, they are pretty tough.

Tyler agrees with his brother but does not look up.

Tyler Fuse:
I'm not even sure they're really NPC's, Conor. They're a lot tougher than that.

Player Two rubs his head. It still hurts from the beatdown and the acceptance from NJNP to have their 8-man tag at ACTS.

Conor Fuse:
Yeah, they hit hard.

Conor seems much more down-to-earth than his previous appearances. He's not annoying or high-strung. He's not over-the-top. Instead, he's calm and collected. Almost... concerned. Heavily concerned.

Conor Fuse:
I still feel it.

Tyler kicks a few times and then keeps pacing.

Tyler Fuse:
Oh, me too. That Theo Baylor? He's a star character if he ever wants to be. Felton Bigsby? That guy is jacked. I don't have great things to say about the other two... and Brother Owens either, but even they can hit hard if you're in a vulnerable position.

Conor grows concerned just thinking about it.

Conor Fuse:
Team HOSS is good though. I know we have strong players with us.

Tyler agrees.

Tyler Fuse:
Yes, we do.

And that's all he says. He keeps walking back and forth, throwing the odd punch. Some time passes between the two of them. Conor is just sitting there thinking.

Conor Fuse:
Yeah, brother. You're right. The time for getting serious is right now. There's a time to have fun and there's a time to put it aside. This is a big moment for us and we have to beat No Justice, No Peace next week.

Tyler Fuse simply nods.

Tyler Fuse:
Yes. We have to.

Conor cracks a small, playful smile as he watches his brother throw a roundhouse kick and then puts on a serious demeanor again.

Conor Fuse:
Well, let's show they what we're made of. No holding back. Put it all out there. Game on.

Tyler kicks a few more times and the scene fades.


UNCUT Exclusive:
The image is static until it slowly fades in to a smiling Scott Stevens. As the image zooms back we see Stevens sitting behind a wooden desk wearing a suit….yes you read that right, a suit, and sitting next to him in a it’s glory, the former Wrestle UTA All or Nothing Trophy that Mikey Unlikey gave to him for his hard work against Cayle Murray.

Scott Stevens:
Hi there DEFIANCE Filth.

Stevens says with a smirk.

Scott Stevens:
It is I your favorite Texan, but most importantly YOUR DEFIANCE Wrestling Champion, Scott Stevens.

Stevens says with a Kodak smile.

Scott Stevens:
Welcome to the debut edition of Fuck DEFIANCE News as I the TRUE champion of DEFIANCE Wrestling bring you all the latest news concerning all the superstars of Wrestle UTA and the filth that come from the Big Sleazy.

Stevens says as he clears his throat and looks down at his notes.

Scott Stevens:
First, I want to hold a moment of silence for Crimson Lord.

Stevens says as he closes his eyes looks down as if he was honoring someone who died.

Scott Stevens:
Crimson, I feel your pain buddy. You were screwed just like I was. We both know if this was in our backyard of UTAH it wouldn’t have happened but don’t let the cheaters get to you buddy. You are the UTA World Champion and they are scared of you. Why else do you think that slut ref saved Burns? But at ACTS of DEFIANCE you will be able to torture him as much as you want and finally end that Kiwi’s career once and for all. He was in over his head with me and he’s chum waiting for the Great White to finish him off. From one champion to another please make it as painful for him as possible.

Stevens says as a sick and sadistic grin forms over his lips before continuing.

Scott Stevens:
This is what you filth out there don’t understand that your bush league heroes are in over their heads when it comes to us. Crimson Lord is unbeaten just like I am because when you are the calibre of talent like we are we are just too good for bottom of the barrel trash we’ve been facing lately. We are champions and as champions we make impact statements just like Crimson did when he offered Oscar Burns another huge payday before he massacres him and his family can’t identify the body, and just like what me and the Bruvs did.

Stevens chuckles a bit admiring his handiwork.

Scott Stevens:
The Bruvs and I made it look easy as we embarrassed your heroes again and again when we disguised ourselves in those smelly Power Ranger looking uniforms to send a message to Scott Douglas and Kerry Kuroyama that you don’t fuck with the Bruvs, but most importantly you don’t fuck with Wrestle UTA.

Stevens says sternly as he pounds his fist onto the desk with enough force causing the Trophy to move slightly.

Scott Stevens:
Real champions, like myself, make impacts. Real champions make statements. Real champions get the job done.

Stevens says before looking down at his notes.

Scott Stevens:
It has been two weeks since that fraud, Cayle Murray, continues to claim that he is the DEFIANCE champion. Kind of hard to call yourself a champion when you were pinned in the middle of the ring by me.

Stevens reminds as he points to himself.

Scott Stevens:
Cayle has a belt and I have a trophy but the difference between the both of us is that I’m a winner and he is a loser. I’m sorry if I didn’t grow up in the political correct age of Cayle Murray where everyone receives a participation trophy for trying their best. To me, that means he just couldn’t cut and doesn’t have the determination to try harder.

Stevens gets up from behind the desk and walks to his trophy before speaking again.

Scott Stevens:
This trophy is the only championship that matters in DEFIANCE because if you want to call yourself DEFIANCE champion you have to beat me, and I can promise you one thing and that is it doesn’t matter if you are from a four sided, six sided, eight sided, the street, parts unknown, DEFIANCE filth or someone with something to prove, I am going to be your undisputed, reigning and defending FUCK DEFIANCE Champion for a very long time because I’m a winner, isn’t that right Jay Harvey?

Stevens says with a wink.

Scott Stevens:
And Cayle, if you want your rematch for my championship all you have to do is ask because every second you don’t you prove to everyone what a coward you are.

Stevens says sternly before taking a seat at the desk.

Scott Stevens:
And that will wrap it up tonight. Thank you for joining us for Fuck DEFIANCE News and I am your champion with the most, Scott Stevens, signing off.

Stevens says with a salute.


The scene jumps to Gage Blackwood walking right through gorilla and into the backstage area. It's directly after the twelve-man tag team match and Blackwood is pumped. While he initially needed medical attention, he clearly grabbed a second wind and does not have to be escorted out.

Blackwood is fired up. He put Chris Ross right through the guardrail. Knees to the head. It was perfect.

Gage walks past Eddie Dante, who is waiting for The God-Beast to come back from ringside as well. Blackwood jets by him but not before looking dead into his eyes and giving him a high-5.

Gage Blackwood:
God damn right!

Eddie Dante:
Atta boy, young Blackwood. Proud of you, kid.

Eddie smiles and turns back, awaiting The God-Beast while the Scot continues down the hall.

There's no sign of pain in his step. If it wasn't for his emotional high, you couldn't tell he had been through a war. After all this time, Blackwood finally had one-upped The Boss. And at ACTS of DEFIANCE, he was going to do it again.

Making his way closer to the locker room area, Blackwood appears in front of the medical office. He does not go in, however. He hears EMT's working on Rich Mahogany.

Instead, Blackwood walks a little further down the hall. He finds the medical storage room. It's a medium-sized walk-in closet. It's there where Blackwood looks to his left, then to his right and makes sure no one is around. He gives a triumphant fist pump in the air, pulls back the handle and walks into the supplies room.

He turns on the light, closes the door and instantly falls to his knees. Gage grabs his left shoulder with his right arm. Then, with his left arm he clutches his ribs. If he had a third hand, it would be his right knee. If he had a fourth hand, probably the other knee. You get the picture.

Gage's eyes glaze over. The pain is insurmountable. How will he get through these two weeks is anyone’s guess.

How he'll survive the looming street fight... that's an entirely different story.


Unseen footage from DEFtv. Is shown in the bottom right hand corner of the screen,

We see the DEFIANCE backdrop, in the backstage interview area. Quickly coming into view, are the three faux Reapers who just laid waste to Scott Douglas as well as Kerry Koruyama.

Unmasked now, Mikey Unlikely, Kendrix and Scott Stevens are all smiles. They step in front of the interview area, A little sweaty and breathing hard, but they manage. They turn to the camera.

Mikey Unlikely:
They continue to try to outsmart WrestleUTA, and they continue to fail! Scott Douglas, The Reapers, the entire roster of DEFIANCE, it doesn’t matter. I’ve mapped out my carefully thought out plan, and thus far it’s worked nearly to perfection!

Kendrix and Stevens high five, Stevens shouts out something about UTA being the best.

Mikey Unlikely:
That’s why these two here, come Acts of DEFIANCE, my Bruv, and our….honerary bruv here, are going to take back the DEF Tag Team Championships home!

Stevens looks honored to be considered a temporary bruv. Kendrix is trying to make his way out of the Reaper outfit.

Mikey Unlikely:
And as far as Scott Douglas goes. You want to come out here, STEAL MY TITLE, and then challenge me to a match at Acts? The audacity you have, astounds me! I’m a legend here in DEFIANCE, I am the Owner of WrestleUTA, I am a Hollywood superstar! You’re nothing more than a shadow in my periphery! A bystander to my greatness! A Fan of my films I’m certain! So let me tell you what Douglas…

The owner stops smiling and gets serious.

Mikey Unlikely:
You want to get a superstar like myself in the ring, then I make the rules, I tell you when, I tell you how! Scott Douglas I accept your challenge for Acts of DEFIANCE, but I will pick the match stipulation, and you… won’t know what it is, until that bell rings!

He turns to Kendrix and then Stevens.

Mikey Unlikely:
Let’s go celebrate boys!

The scene fades as they walk off screen.



The camera opens backstage with Lance Warner standing by the guerilla position, clearly waiting for someone or something to occur.

Lance Warner:
Hello, all, I’m Lance Warner and in just a few moments, I’m hoping that we can get a word with “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns regarding his match at Acts of DEFIANCE.

The crowd could be heard in the background cheering for Oscar, who starts to limp his way through the curtains, holding his back in pain. The Kiwi heads toward Warner with a curt nod.

Oscar Burns:
GC… ouch…

He lets out a chuckle and shakes his head at what just happened with Crimson Lord moments before.

Lance Warner:
Oscar… after weeks of going right for Crimson Lord, you’ve earned your chance to compete for the WrestleUTA World Title at Acts of DEFIANCE…

Burns lets out a slightly nervous chuckle, clearly still reeling from the combination of fighting Crimson Lord firsthand and his bombshell stipulation announced for their match.

Oscar Burns:
Sorry, Lance… I’m a little brassed off that he almost beat me…

Lance Warner:
It was close, sure, but you managed to survive the five minutes, though! You have your match now, but I have to ask… his Last Man Standing stipulation; do you accept?

Oscar Burns:
[no hesitation] I do. I’ve been wantin’ Lord’s guts for garters ever since he paraded that title around here. Nobody’s been able to pin him for a three-count, but now I have to figure out a way to keep him down for ten? I can’t very well back out at this point.

Lance Warner:
With that in mind, do you feel that you can do what no man has done before and put him away?

Burns takes a second to think his answer over before something comes to mind..

Oscar Burns:
GC… I have to. For DEFIANCE, for the fans, for the people fighting these monsters… I have to.

Burns inches his way past Lance Warner and with that, the scene heads elsewhere.


We cut to the backstage as Gunther Adler walks gingerly into the BRAZEN locker room. Only he, Rich Mahogany and Flex Kruger were occupying this space tonight. However, come to think of it, tonight had a high number of BRAZEN wrestlers. Typically, the roster would be lucky to fit one or two of its members on the DEFIANCE TV card at best.

Adler rubs his head. He just came back from the twelve man tag team match, which turned into the twelve man chaos shitshow. Add Impulse, The Reapers, The God-Beast and so forth, it was a hectic environment and one Adler wasn't used to.

The hulking German leaves the locker room door open. He's the only one in there right now. Rich wasn't coming back. Not after that brutal beating he took at the hands of Jack Harmen. Flex wasn't there, either. Crimson Lord got him good.

Adler is about to sit down on the bench, but he notices a small sheet of paper on the table right beside him. He goes to pick it up.

It's not a sheet of paper... it's a Kleenex, a borderline used Kleenex. With writing on it.

Adler holds it up into the light. He mouths the words as the scene closes in on the ink across the tissue.

"Dear Gumhter Alder,

Thought we told u 2 leave"

Typos and all, Adler has a hard time deciphering how it was written, what was written and then translating it back to German in his mind.

All the while, the locker room door slowly creeps closed, revealing none other than Luke Dibbins popping his head out from behind, a shit eating toothless-grin on his face. Duke Dibbins, too, appears from the right side of the locker room also smiling as wide as ever, showing off those amazing golden grills he had installed last year.

Adler's back is turned. He's still trying to read the note.

And The Dibbins get closer.

Duke finally stubs his toe, creating enough noise for Adler to turn around. But it's too late.


Luke laughs and slugs Gunther right in the face. The German stumbles over and now Duke cracks his skull open with a forearm smash. Both of them are laughing like pathetic hicks who just found out they scored a date with their hot cousin and might go all the way.

WHAM. Luke elbows Adler and then Duke kicks him in the balls.

The onslaught continues, both of them just giggling endlessly.

Finally, Luke pulls Adler to his feet and with the help of his brother, hip tosses Adler right through the table.

Duke goes to leave and Luke is about to follow, but not before picking up the tissue, blowing his nose on it and then throwing it like a bad guy with a toothpick back on top of the German.

The Dibbins exit the locker room and continue with laughter resembling the likes of Beavis and Butthead.


We fade in on a cowbell. 

Nothing much to it, it's sitting on a table in front of a plain white wall. 

♫"Don't Fear the Reaper" - Blue Öyster Cult♫

After a moment, a small hand with black polish on the nails reaches in and spins the cowbell around. On it, a photo of Reaper Red has been affixed with tape, and a separate piece of paper with the words "VS" has been taped to the side. 

The Reaper-bell is lifted up and moved to the left; the camera follows, until we stop on the stoic, staring face of the Marathon Man himself.


Camera zooms out a bit, and Calico Rose steps behind and to the left of Impulse so she can clearly be seen holding the cowbell. 

Zoom out a little more, and a banner is tacked to the wall above them, reading "ACTS of DEFIANCE."

The message is a clear one:

Reaper Red vs Impulse at ACTS of DEFIANCE.

Impulse smirks.

Calico Rose
We're back, magicals. Live in fear. Or live in your homes, but in fear. We're scary. 

She tries her best to look menacing. Impulse tries to keep his composure, but he's clearly losing the battle. He starts to break, just before we...





Heavy breathing is heard as a cameraman is running to a scene. He blows passed DEFIANCE crew members and security. He obviously has to get where he has to before losing a scoop. In the distance, three people can be seen standing next to a black vehicle. As we get closer the cameraman calls out to the group of people.

Jay! Jay!

The people come into view and it’s none other than Catalina, a valet attendant for the arena, and THE Jay Harvey. Harvey seems in a rush to leave the Wrestle-Plex. He’s back in street clothes which for him is a suit from earlier in the night.

Jay Harvey!

Catalina grabs the key from the valet and the two stand in front of a Two Thousand-Seventeen Bentley Mulsanne. Harvey turns toward the cameraman with a scowl on his face.

THE Jay Harvey:
I don’t even… I just don’t have the time to correct you.


THE Jay Harvey:
THE! It’s THE Jay Harvey! I’m THE Jay Harvey!

The cameraman is startled, to say the least, but he needed to be corrected.

What happened out there?

Harvey rolls his eyes at the camera man’s stupid remark.

THE Jay Harvey:
You know what happened out there. I lost. I let that little bitch Elise Ares distract me and take my mind off my mission. She made me look like a buffoon… and I don’t like it.

Harvey glances at Catalina and then looks back at the cameraman.

THE Jay Harvey:
Elise Ares cost me the FIST of DEFIANCE, she cost WrestleUTA the FIST of DEFIANCE. That little shit has been pissing me off for months… (Harvey begins counting on his fingers) First, she broke my nose. Second, she made fun of my mangled nose. Third, she took my assured victory away from me.

Catalina puts his hand on Harvey’s shoulder almost calming him.

THE Jay Harvey:
She needed a shot of reality and tonight, she truly knows what happens when you cross THE Jay Harvey…. I thought she would have gotten the hint when I laid out her butt buddies D and Klein but I guess not. But I’m going to put an end to all of this.

Harvey looks dead straight into the camera lens.

THE Jay Harvey:
I’m calling you out, Ares! I’m going to take more than just a pound of flesh. I’m going to make you bleed until you are drained of every last drop. So Acts of DEFIANCE… LIVE on Pay Per View…. You… and me. 

Harvey glares at the cameraman on final time.

THE Jay Harvey:
Now get the hell out of here.

Harvey takes the keys from Catalina and the two enter the vehicle. We stay on them for a few seconds longer before fading to black.


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