7 Aug 2018

DEFarena, New Orleans, LA (seats 4000)



The screen fades up from black ...

Energetic music begins to to fade up ...

A white streak of electricity shoots acorss the screen backed by a red glow.

It's accompanied by an electrical sounding sizzle sound effect.

The 3D block letters of UNCUT appear but the angle obstructs a legible reading of the word at first sight.

The red lined white streak shoots past the word as it continues to rotate and the background music swells.

As the letters tip upright and begin to reveal the five red letters back with a slight white glow, the white streaks flys behind the letters and wraps around the word angleing down as the drum beat hits and the theme is at full tilt only to aburptly end at the final presentation of the logo and a downnote.

The logo fades and on a black screen, words in white appear one at a time.





Backstage we see the Barrio Boys, talking when Corey's attention is taken from his conversation with his brethren. The camera moves to where he is looking.

It appears to be the trash can earlier in the show that Mushigihara kicked...its still rolling and judging by the creaky voice..Jestal is still in it!

The can rolls past the Barrio Boys as they watch it go by them. They look at each other and shrug and go back to their discussion.


Cue the UNCUT desk.

Cue Angus Skaaland leaning back in his chair, ready to bring to you the news for Week Two of the BRAZEN RISE Tag League. Now watch Angus say things.

Angus Skaaland:
Hey. I’m Angus Skaaland and welcome to my brainchild, the BRAZEN RISE Tag League. On our last show, Oscar Burns’ goody-good do-good dipwad buddies, The WrestleFriends, beat the Dunson Clan because they aren’t on the same page. In other action, The Strong Style Stranglers looked past The Louisiana Bulldogs and lost, but they flailed them boys good afterwards. This week, Gentlemen’s Agreement - Oliver Tarquin Monroe and Lord Viceroy… El Presidente… whatever, I can’t remember that shit. Lord Sewell for short. They’re gonna take on The Louisiana Bulldogs up next, then WrestleFriends try to get an early lead over The Stranglers.

Angus now reaches under the desk.

Angus Skaaland:
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some rule book revising to do.

Angus reaches under the desk and pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels, almost empty, followed by a second bottle of the same. He adds the contents of the first bottle to the second.

Angus Skaaland:
There we go, much better officiating.

GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT (Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe) vs. LOUISIANA BULLDOGS (Oliver and Denver Brandt)

After two points on our last show, the fans cheered the Bulldogs as Decyfer Down’s “Fight Like This” played them to the ring. Fully recovered from the attack by the Stranglers, Big Olly and the Gulf Coast Crippler were ready to go!

The same could be said for Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe! “Land of Hope and Glory” played the aristocratic duo to the ring. They shook hands, but at the bell, the Bulldogs were fired up about being called inbreds. They were brothers, not Dibbins!

OTM almost lost right away to a Jackknife by Denver, but after that, Brandt was taken to the mat by OTM quickly. The two exchanged pinning combos to the delight of the crowd but when Lord Sewell tagged in, all respect was out the window.

Sewell and OTM worked over Denver's knee with a plethora of dangerous holds including a Stretch Muffler from OTM and a Kneebar from Sewell. The 40-year-old Sewell continued the punishment with the crowd rallying behind the Bulldogs until Denver almost stole one with a Backslide! Sewell reached up, only to get Snap Suplexed into the turnbuckle!

Big Olly made the tag and he and OTM exchanged Armbar attempts! The Battle of the Olivers ended with Oliver Brandt almost dumping him on his head with a Bridging Belly-to-back for a close nearfall! OTM went back to the arm and threw him to the turnbuckle! OTM locked in a Seated Armbar and try as he might, Big Olly tapped!

In a technically solid contest, Gentlemen’s Agreement were the better wrestlers tonight and looked primed and ready to tap everybody else out in the block!

WINNER: Gentlemen's Agreement (OTM over Oliver) via Seated Armbar at 7:32

WRESTLEFRIENDS (“Bantam” Ryan Batts and “Manpower” Jack Mace) VS. STRONG STYLE STRANGLERS (Brody and Hart w/Ridgway)

“Come Together” by Gary Clark Jr. was the lead in for the massive “Manpower” Jack Mace and the twelve-year vet, “Bantam” Ryan Batts! The crowd cheered the talented duo who were looking for two more points to go with the ones they got when they beat the Dunson Clan two weeks ago!

Mudvayne’s “Cradle” played their opposition… Hart and Brody. The 6’3” and 290 pound Brody was no doubt there to counteract the power of Jack Mace.

Speaking of, the two bulls started first. The two slugged it out for almost a good minute. Brody took the early advantage with blows in the corner, but a HUGE Running Dropkick from Mace knocked Brody off his feet! Hart and Batts mixed it up on the mat, but Bantam was a hair quicker and BENT the fingers of Hart to the delight of the crowd! Bantam tried a Kido Clutch to take the win when Hart kicked out and took the tide back with a hard Thrust Kick!

Batts was thrown around the ring by Brody including a Thrust Spinebuster and a Spinning Sidewalk Slam/Dropkick double-team by Hart and Brody! Hart tried to finish Batts off with Trepidation, but ate The Flipside (Judo Head Toss) by Bantam!

The match got back to square one with Brody and Jack Mace! Brody took down Mace with a Spear, but Manpower fought back and almost got the win with the Piccadilly Press (Thesz Press) until Hart broke it up! The action broke down when Batts and Hart became the legal man. Batts went up top for his Diving Senton called Let Gravity Do The Rest, but Ridgway tripped him on the top rope! As Brody and Mace fought outside, Hart landed Trepidation and with it, scored two points for the Strong Style Stranglers!

WINNER: Strong Style Stranglers (Hart over Batts) via pin with Trepidation at 10:12

Back to Angus Skaaland at the UNCUT desk.

Angus Skaaland:
Well, Night Two is over and the BRAZEN RISE Tag League just got thrown for a loop! Strong Style Stranglers used their numbers advantage to get themselves on the board while Gentlemen’s Agreement came out of the gate strong with a win over The Louisiana Bulldogs. Before we go, we’ve got this clip of The Dunson Clan who had the following to say about the other teams.

Cue clip.

Paul Dunson:
Bulldogs… y'all think you can beat us? We're gonna be taking two points out of your backsides and FINALLY get The Dunson Clan where we belong… the damn TOP of DEFIANCE!

Richie Dunson:
We won't let you down, Pop.

Todd Dunson:
Yeah. Them points are as good as ours!

Paul Dunson:
They better be. Don't mess this up!

Back to Angus.

Angus Skaaland:
And there you go. The standings are now just about even and EVERYBODY except them Dunsons are sitting at two points. Next week is really gonna see who breaks from the pack, so check out the standings and I’ll see y’all in two weeks with more BRAZEN RISE Tag League. Watch or I’ll find you and bad things will happen to your car.

Strong Style Stranglers - 2 pts (1-1)
WrestleFriends - 2 pts (1-1)
Louisiana Bulldogs - 2 pts (1-1)
Gentlemen’s Agreement - 2 pts (1-0)
Dunson Clan - 0 pts (0-1)


Once more we are backstage and see Angel City Exxxpress! This time both Rich and Don notice a familar trash can...Yes it appears Jestal is STILL tumbling out of control.

Ok...I.... like.... to.... get.... off... now...

The trash can continues to roll past ACX, they look at each other and chuckle a bit as they watch it tumble off camera.


The camera cuts to “Downtown” Darren Keebler sitting in a chair in the DEFIANCE Studio, leaning back comfortably.

Hello, DEFIANCE fans. I’m “Downtown” Darren Keebler and here on UNCUT, I’ve been asked to bring to you an update on the status of former FIST of DEFIANCE Oscar Burns following the heinous events of what went down after the main event of Ascension. Following the loss of the FIST of DEFIANCE to new champion Scott Stevens, Burns suffered multiple attacks aimed at his throat and neck, as you’ll see by this footage. Before we air, let us warn you that the following footage may not be suitable for all audiences.



Stevens takes a long look at his newly won championship and then he looks down at the floor as the former champion is still holding his throat and Stevens quickly dismounts the turnbuckle and reaches through the ropes and pulls Burns back into the ring by his hair.

What the hell is he doing?

Stevens drives his metal knee brace into the throat of Burns causing the former FIST to roll around the ring gasping for air.


Referee, Benny Doyle, tries to stop Stevens but the Texan decks the official and slides out of the ring looking for something.

Stevens just decked an official and he’s looking to cause more damage!


Stevens finds what he is looking for as a sick grin forms over his lips as he picks up the ring bell.

Bastard is going to inflict more damage with that ring bell

Seems like it’s poetic almost as Stevens used the bell hammer to win the title and he’s going to use the bell to finish the job.

I’m this close to slapping you!

Stevens mounts the top turnbuckle and dives off driving the bell into the throat of the former champion.

Stevens is trying to end this young man’s career!


Stevens drags Oscar back towards the corner and drops a stiff knee to stop his fidgeting before climbing up the turnbuckle and driving the bell into his throat once more and Burns flails around once again this time coughing up blood.

Burns could have a crushed esophagus!

Stevens smiles as he reaches down and puts his hand into the coughed up blood and smears it across his face and chest like warpaint.

This guy is sick!

Stevens turns towards the corner and proceeds to climb up but before he can jump, officials and security make their way into the ring and protect Oscar from more harm as EMTs follow closely behind.

Finally someone gets out here to help Burns.


Stevens throws his hands up and hops off turnbuckle and watches as medical personnel check on the former champion.

Oscar, doesn’t look to be in good shape partner.

No shit! He’s coughing up blood and their putting him on a stretcher Keebs!

The footage ends with several uncomfortable stills of Burns being carted away before returning to the studio.


Following the assault, it was determined that Oscar Burns suffered a damaged trachea. About a week after his hospital stay, he was allowed to fly back home to New Zealand to recuperate. And for the better part of a month, Burns has had difficulty speaking because of the damage suffered at the hands of Scott Stevens.

A video clip gets shown of Burns leaving the hospital, bags packed and holding his neck with his free hand as he departs in a taxi. Now back to the studio.

DEFIANCE has just learned that in two weeks time on our next installment of UNCUT - along with Week Three of the BRAZEN RISE Tag League - Oscar Burns sits down in studio with Lance Warner to discuss both the ramifications of this injury, along with an expected time table of when he could be back.

He pauses.

Thank you for joining us on UNCUT this evening, folks. So long and we'll see you on DEFtv next week.


As the end credits begin to play the infamous trash can we have seen throughout the show FINALLY hits a wall. Jestal crawls out, his makeup smeared off his hair all smashed down with loose hairs all over his head.

Twinkle twinkle...little!

Jestal collapses as the show comes to a close.

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