4 Sep 2018

DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, New Orleans, Louisiana (seats 4,000)



The screen fades up from black ...

Energetic music begins to to fade up ...

A white streak of electricity shoots acorss the screen backed by a red glow.

It's accompanied by an electrical sounding sizzle sound effect.

The 3D block letters of UNCUT appear but the angle obstructs a legible reading of the word at first sight.

The red lined white streak shoots past the word as it continues to rotate and the background music swells.

As the letters tip upright and begin to reveal the five red letters back with a slight white glow, the white streaks flys behind the letters and wraps around the word angleing down as the drum beat hits and the theme is at full tilt only to aburptly end at the final presentation of the logo and a downnote.

The logo fades and on a black screen, words in white appear one at a time.




Guess who's back? Back again? Skaaland’s back. Tell a friend… to watch right now.

Angus Skaaland, ladies and germs.

Angus Skaaland:
Two shows left and I'm running low on my damn rule book. Aside from that… wow, we've got action and tonight if some teams win, we could already see who's moving on to Clash of the BRAZEN!

He shows off a poster board behind him for tonight's matches. 

Angus Skaaland:
The Louisiana Bulldogs have one match left and they can take one of the two spots with a win tonight, but the WrestleFriends - as goofy as they are - are that good as a team also. But first, we've got Gentlemen’s Agreement taking on The Dunson Clan. The Dunson Clan are almost mathematically eliminated, but a win to stop Gentlemen’s Agreement means a lot as far as pride goes. Let's go to that match first and see who wants them DEFIANCE contracts more!

DUNSON CLAN (Paul and Todd w/Richie Dunson) VS. GENTLEMEN’S AGREEMENT (Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe)

“Turn The Page” by Metallica meant another mixed reception for the Dunson Clan. Try as they might, they were the only team in the League that has been winless, but tonight they looked extra determined to win.

“Land Of Hope and Glory” played out Lord Sewell and OTM - Gentlemen’s Agreement. The two gentlemen shook hands and headed towards the ring with intent to secure two more points. Sitting at 1-1 right now, they had two matches left to secure their spot in the finale of the Clash of the BRAZEN special…


Desperation can make men do crazy things and it just made the Dunson Clan almost pull off the upset! From the get-go, Paul landed his finishing DDT called A Walk Down Memory Lane on Monroe, but only nailed a two-count on the Quintessential Gentleman.

Todd dropkicked Lord Sewell out of the ring and they tried double-teaming a groggy OTM. Paul got an elbow and Todd got a tornado DDT from Monroe. OTM made the tag to his partner and Gentlemen’s Agreement spent some time working over his neck with Cravates and Neck Locks.

Old Paul used dirty tricks to counter including an eye rake for OTM and a Hotshot for Sewell, allowing Todd to get in!

The crowd was behind the brawler as he threw fists at Monroe and Dropkicked the knee out from under Lord Sewell before landing 1 and Done, Son (Diving DDT), but Sewell’s foot made the ropes! Todd didn't see it and thought he won, which allowed OTM to make the blind tag. He Uppercuted Todd, then one for Paul before he helped his mentor to his feet. Sewell hoisted him up and the two executed a Spinebuster/Diving EuroCut combo for the three! A fine effort by the Dunsons, but now they had zero chance of making it to the finals.

WINNER: Gentlemen’s Agreement (OTM over Todd Dunson) via Spinebuster/Diving European Uppercut at 7:50


WRESTLEFRIENDS (“Bantam” Ryan Batts and “Manpower” Jack Mace) VS. LOUISIANA BULLDOGS (Oliver and Denver Brandt)

“Fight Like This” played out the brothers, Oliver and Denver Brandt, who really had their gamefaces on. One win here tonight could put them as one of two teams in the finals.

“Come Together” by Gary Clark Jr. played and out came The WrestleFriends had two matches left to the Bulldogs’ last one tonight, but a loss would put them far behind. Batts and Mace tossed their WrestleFriends shirts into the crowd. As all four men were sportsmen first, handshakes were exchanged by all four men, knowing what was on the line.

Ryan Batts started off with Denver Brandt. Denver's amateur background served him well at first, keeping the stout Batts at bay. However after some time, Batts used his British influence and worked over Denver's arm with small joint manipulation, working over his fingers!

After the technical stand-off, it took Denver using a German, then Underhook Suplex to take control with a nearfall. Denver tagged Oliver and they worked over Bantam with a Backbreaker. Manpower watched his partner get beat down. A Double Vertical and Double Back Suplex both got nearfalls!

Oliver was about to bust out the Brandt-plex ‘18, but Bantam reversed with a Kido Clutch for two-count! Bantam fought back with a Stunner, Enzuigiri and a German Suplex of his own! He was down and the path was opened…


At the ten-minute mark of the match, Mace finally made it in and nobody was safe! The Brandts had little answer for his powerful offense. He wowed the crowd with Delayed Body Slams on both men, Bear Claws (Vader Forearms) for Denver, Release German Suplex for Oliver, then finally a Corner Splash and Wild Out (Releas Powerbomb), but Denver with a last-minute save!

Denver worked the leg of Mace with two Chop Blocks and an Ankle Lock, but Mace fought him off for Batts to tag in again. Denver hit another German Suplex, but when he came back, he was taken down with The Flipside (Judo Head Toss). He rolled out of the ring and Mace threw Oliver out, allowing Mace and Batts to use The Fastball Special! (Mace throwing Batts to the outside!)

Batts chucked Denver back in and headed up top… Let Gravity Do The Rest (Diving Senton) connected, but Oliver broke up the fall at the last second! “BRAZEN!” chants rang out as all four men continued to fight. Batts got the boot and Oliver helped Denver to the corner to tag in. Rolling Germans nearly ended Batts, but Mace broke up the bridge with a SPLASH on Oliver!

From there, WrestleFriends set up Oliver with a running Snake Eyes as Bantam came off the top rope with Air B&B (Snake Eyes/Diving Cutter combo), but at the two-count, the bell rang!

It was a time limit draw!

WINNER: 20:00 Time Limit draw

The crowd chanted for five more minutes, but due to the rules of the tournament having set point values for a draw, it wouldn't be allowed. The four men recovered from their match and shook hands before taking in a standing ovation from the audience to conclude week four!

And back to Angus in the studio.

Angus Skaaland:
Fuck yeah! Dems muhbois! What a match!

Even Angus has to give a golf clap after the footage for what he just saw.

Angus Skaaland:
But as great as that was… it was a draw! A draw means only one point for both WrestleFriends and Louisiana Bulldogs, but we break it down now like this!

Angus pulls out a calculator and types on it in completely exaggerated fashion.

Angus Skaaland:
Louisiana Bulldogs have finished all their matches and have earned five points, which means they've got a good chance at the League finals, but it's in fate's hands for them. The Strong Style Stranglers can do it, too, but first need to defeat The Dunson Clan who haven't won dick yet. The WrestleFriends take on Gentlemen’s Agreement and the winner of that match is imporant. WrestleFriends need the win to tie with the Bulldogs for a Playoff match against them. However, if Gentlemen’s Agreement and Stranglers both win their matches next week, they both get six points meaning they would be the two teams in.

Angus smirks.

Angus Skaaland:
Lost yet? Me, too… okay, not really. In the event of some sort of tie for second place, those teams fight in a bonus playoff match to get to the finals. Here's the final standings and we'll see you soon for the fifth and final week of the BRAZEN RISE Tag League!


Louisiana Bulldogs - 5 pts (2-1-1)
Strong Style Stranglers - 4 pts (2-1)
Gentlemen’s Agreement - 4 pts (2-1)
WrestleFriends - 3 pts (1-1-1)
Dunson Clan - 0 pts (0-3)

Results compiled and archived with Backstage 3.1.