18 Sep 2018

DEFarena, New Orleans, LA (seats 4000)



The screen fades up from black ...

Energetic music begins to to fade up ...

A white streak of electricity shoots acorss the screen backed by a red glow.

It's accompanied by an electrical sounding sizzle sound effect.

The 3D block letters of UNCUT appear but the angle obstructs a legible reading of the word at first sight.

The red lined white streak shoots past the word as it continues to rotate and the background music swells.

As the letters tip upright and begin to reveal the five red letters back with a slight white glow, the white streaks flys behind the letters and wraps around the word angleing down as the drum beat hits and the theme is at full tilt only to aburptly end at the final presentation of the logo and a downnote.

The logo fades and on a black screen, words in white appear one at a time.




The final week of the BRAZEN RISE Tag League is here at long last! And with it… Angus Skaaland in the studio.

Angus Skaaland:
Guess what, suckas? We finally made it to the end! My boys have all been murderers since this started… they're killin’ it!

He slams an enthusiastic hand on the desk.

Angus Skaaland:
And tonight, we have our final tag team matches. The Louisiana Bulldogs are at two wins, one loss and a draw for five points. The WrestleFriends are at three points, but can tie with the Bulldogs for the win and fight in a Playoff match. The Dunson Clan are donezo, but if The Strong Style Stranglers win and Gentlemen’s Agreement win, both of those teams are in. There's a lot on the line, so let's get to the matches, starting with Stranglers and the Dunson Clan!


STRONG STYLE STRANGLERS (Brody and Hart w/Ridgway) vs THE DUNSON CLAN (Todd and Richie Dunson w/Paul Dunson)

“Turn The Page” by Metallica meant another mixed reception for the Dunson Clan. Try as they might, they were the only team in the League that has been winless, but tonight they looked extra determined to spoil the Strong Style Strangler’s chances of winning.

“Cradle” by Mudvayne meant the Strong Style Stranglers arrived. This time, Brody and Hart were representing the team.

The second the bell rang, the Stranglers went on the attack! They bum rushed both Richie and Todd, leaving Todd to take the beatdown. From the onset, it was all Brody and Hart on offense, picking Todd apart with a few double-team moves. Paul watched his sons get worked over while Ridgway cackled on the outside, enjoying the show.

When Brody tried to finish Todd with The Purge, he backflipped and connected with a Backcracker! The crowd was behind the Dunsons and now Todd reached out...


He made it into the ring and blitzed Hart with several kicks with an Enzuigiri, Leg Lariat and a Superkick on Hart for a nearfall. He set him up for You're Done, Son, but Hart escapes the Flip Piledriver attempt when Brody struck him down with a Lariat!

The two CRUSHED Dunson with a Powerbomb/Lungblower combo for the win and the first of the spots in the finals!!!

WINNER: Strong Style Stranglers (Brody over Richie Dunson) at 4:24 with Powerbomb/Lungblower combo.


Quick cut back to Angus.

Angus Skaaland:
Poor poor bastards! The Dunson Clan go winless while Strong Style Stranglers are the first team to qualify for our Finals match at Clash of the BRAZEN, going 3-1. Them crazy goth bastards did it. 

Angus smirks.

Angus Skaaland:
Our very final match is coming up and pits Gentlemen’s Agreement against the WrestleFriends. A win for the Brits means they go to the finals against Stranglers.  Meanwhile, a win for the nauseating do-gooders puts them against the Bulldogs right after, so they could be looking at TWO matches tonight if they want to go to the finals. With a second spot on the line, let's go back to the ring!


WRESTLEFRIENDS (“Bantam” Ryan Batts and “Manpower” Jack Mace) VS. GENTLEMEN’S AGREEMENT (Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe)

“Land Of Hope and Glory” played out Lord Sewell and OTM - Gentlemen’s Agreement. The two gentlemen shook hands and headed towards the ring with intent to secure two more points and the second spot in the finale.

“Come Together” by Gary Clark Jr. was the lead in for the massive “Manpower” Jack Mace and the twelve-year vet, “Bantam” Ryan Batts! The crowd cheered the talented duo as they approached the ring far more serious than usual. Tonight they needed to win. The WrestleFriends offered handshakes, but the Agreement would only shake one another’s hand.

Batts started off for his team with OTM and the first few minutes were great chain wrestling by both men with neither having the clear advantage. Both men tagged to their partners and the result was much different. Mace took down Sewell with a Shoulder Tackle, a Biel Throw and Delayed Scoop Slam. OTM tried to stop him too, only to get chucked outside the ring, followed by Manpower chucking his own partner outside to the floor onto Gentlemen’s Agreement!

The crowd was going wild as Bantam took control with a Slingshot Spear on Sewell for a nearfall, but left himself wide open for Tarquin to throw him into the ringpost! Eventually the two recovered and spent some time working over Bantam’s shoulder!

Sewell’s deadly Fujiwara Armbar almost had the win, but Bantam fought to the ropes! The crowd let out loud chants for the WrestleFriends as they continued to overcome. A Kido Clutch from Bantam almost stole the win, but Monroe kicked out only to use a Springboard Dropkick to stop him! When Monroe tried for his Release Front Suplex finish, Batts reversed into an inside cradle and then The Face of Danger (Pedigree)!


And the crowd went crazy as Mace started getting in and tossing bodies around! Bear Claws were handed out to Sewell and Monroe before both men got crushed in the corner with Corner Splashes! A Powerslam spiked Monroe and a Running Dropkick nailed Sewell before a Running Splash connected, but OTM made the save!

The match was closing in on another draw which would mean GA would go to the playoff match while WrestleFriends would be left in the dust, but Bantam and Manpower stayed the course. Sewell and Monroe worked over Mace with stereo Fujiwara Armbars until Batts hit a Senton on Sewell! Mace fought off OTM and DRILLED him into the mat with a Lariat! The two finally set Monroe up…

AIR B&B! (Snake Eyes/Diving Cutter combo)

The move combining brains and brawn got the three! WrestleFriends just punched their ticket to the Playoff match with the Bulldogs!

WINNER: WrestleFriends (Batts over Mace) at 19:14 with Air B&B

The WrestleFriends celebrated until they were confronted by the Louisiana Bulldogs! Oliver and Denver Brandt rolled into the ring and had a brief confrontation with their opponents, already winded from their first match. We were about to get a special playoff match to determine which team would head to the finals.

That match… was now!

WRESTLEFRIENDS (“Bantam” Ryan Batts and “Manpower” Jack Mace) VS. LOUISIANA BULLDOGS (Oliver and Denver Brandt)

Oliver and Denver weren't bad guys at all, but had to make the most of the opportunity. That said, they were aggressive from the start, nearly getting the win off Bantam by hitting Rolling Germans for a close fall off the start. They kept up the attack and sent Mace off the apron with a Double Dropkick!

Oliver continued to manhandle Batts with a few amateur-style takedowns, but Batts took him down with a Snapmare to Crucifix pin… kickout, but Batts turned that to Criss Cross Applesauce (Crossface)! Denver broke it up with an elbow to the head!

The brothers continued to work Batts over each with a few suplex variations, but Oliver trying for Brandt-plex ‘18 ended with Batts fighting free and scoring with The Flipside (Judo Head Toss)! Batts made it to Mace!

The big man had rest and charged at both brothers, but they appeared to be ready for Manpower this time. Attacking his knee, they stunned him. Their attempt at a Double Suplex was successful… for JACK! the big man suplexed both brothers overhead!

Bear Claws were handed out to Oliver before a Lariat turned Denver inside out and Oliver got a RELEASE German Suplex for his troubles! He was now locked in the Big Friendly Hug (Canadian Backbreaker submission) until Denver came back to save his brother from the tapout, taking out Mace at the knee.

Batts came back with a Top Rope Dropkick on Denver and then caught him on the outside… FLIGHT OF FANCY! (Somersault Tope). Oliver fought back and tried for an ankle lock on big Mace, but kicked him away into Face of Danger (Pedigree) from Batts! He headed up top… LET GRAVITY DO THE REST! (Diving Senton)! 





WINNER: WrestleFriends (Mace over Oliver Brandt) with Let Gravity Do The Rest at 10:04

Following the match, Batts and Mace had their arm raised, but not before shaking the hands of the brothers Brandt. As the Bulldogs left, WrestleFriends now saw the Strong Style Stranglers on the stage, staring down their opponents for CLASH OF THE BRAZEN. It would be The WrestleFriends taking on Strong Style Stranglers for the chance to earn $25,000 and spots on the main DEFIANCE roster!


And with that, back to Angus.

Angus Skaaland:
There you have it, bitches! The giant dorks, the WrestleFriends just pulled out the win in not one, but TWO grueling matches to go to the finals where they will take on Strong Style Stranglers at Clash of the BRAZEN! The winners get a $25K cash prize and more importantly, DEFIANCE contracts!

He points to another bottle of Jack Daniels.

Angus Skaaland:
So sayeth the mighty rule book! Join us at Clash of the BRAZEN for the finale of the BRAZEN RISE Tag League. I know where to find you if you don't! And I'll key YOUR cars, too. 


Strong Style Stranglers - 6 pts (3-1)
WrestleFriends - 5 pts (2-1-1) *WON PLAYOFF OVER BULLDOGS*
Louisiana Bulldogs - 5 pts (2-1-1)
Gentlemen’s Agreement - 4 pts (2-2)
Dunson Clan - 0 pts (0-4)

Results compiled and archived with Backstage 3.1.