BRAZEN: Clash of the BRAZEN 2

22 Sep 2018

DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, New Orleans, Louisiana (seats 4,000)


Your hosts for the evening include Angus Skaaland, the figurehead and mastermind of BRAZEN, color commentator for DEFIANCE, and the former Action! and IWO Play-by-Play man, Greg Parker.

They spend particular attention to the RISE finals, where the winner gets a promotion to the main DEFIANCE show. They also mention the Viking War Cult will be defending their TRIOS championships against mystery opponents.In addition, BRAZEN will host the first ever Trios DEFBowl, where ten trios teams compete to become the next number one contender, and it all… starts… now.


Matt LaCroix came out flipping a 30 day sober chip, as commentary put over his heroic recovery from a tragic backstory. Butcher Victorious came out like a house of fire. The two set the tone early with some quick grappling transitions, first standing, which Matt LaCroix came out on top, then down to the mats where Butcher surprisingly took control. He hooked LaCroix in a cravate, but Matt reversed into a pin attempt. At a standing grapple, the two shook hands mid match to the cheers of the crowd. Another go around, Butcher took the advantage standing into a go behind, as Matt turned the tides with a leg trip. Matt began hooking Victorious’ legs, but Butcher had Matt’s trademark submission scouted and quickly scuttled to the bottom rope before the hold could be cinched in. Butcher took this chance to change his strategy, catching Matt with quickness and strikes that sent him flying around the ring. Butcher lined him up for the Violet Crown, but as he dove for the senton neckbreaker, LaCroix barely dodged, grabbed the legs, and locked Butcher into a upside down surfboard, before transitioning into the FTW, or a dragon sleeper. Butcher quickly tapped. Matt LaCroix d. Butcher Victorious via FTW submission @ 13:42.


The Viking War Cult stormed out to an interesting response from the Faithful. They got into the march to the ring with stomps to the beat of the music, but they turned on them once they got onto the microphone. Cul in particular was the mouthpiece, as he and the Holmström brothers would be the members facing. They called out DEFIANCE’s trash TRIOS division, saying that they’ve held this belt longer than anyone else in history has held any DEFIANCE title, even the coveted FIST.

Queue Flex Kruger, who actually got a pretty decent sized pop from the Faithful. Flex spoke a bit, as Cul asked who would dare partner with them.

When “Live for the Night” by Krewella played over the speakers, the Faithful flipped their lids.



The D was particularly charismatic on his entrance, as Klein did his best Torvald impersonation, stomping toward the ring. Flex started the match, and the Viking War Cult isolated him pretty much immediately in their corner. Flex fought valiantly, but every time he would gain a single advantage on say, Cul, the Holmström brothers would cut him off from making the tag. The Holmström brothers in particular played well as a traditional tag team, slapping their hands above their heads for fake tags, causing the D and Klein to try to enter the ring only to allow the War Cult to attack Flex with illegal tactics such as a tag rope choke or low blows or excessive double teams. Cul nailed Flex with the Blood Eagle, and it would have been over if not for the D rushing in to break up the pin. At this point, pandemonium broke out as the D kept rushing after, leaping over the top rope of the War Cult’s corner and taking both Holmström brothers off the apron. It’s here where Torvald the Destroyer jumped onto the ring apron, distracting the official as the Faithful erupted at Flex’s desperate tag to Klein. Klein hit the ring like a house of fire, taking Cul onto his shoulders, and airplane spinning him into Torvald to send him flying off the apron onto the barely recovering Holmström brothers. After about ten rotations, all counted by the faithful, Klein swung Cul around and hit him with a sit out ¾ neckbreaker. The Pop Culture Phenoms d. The Viking War Cult via pinfall @ 24:03 to become the new DEFIANCE Trios Champions Post match, as the VWC recovered, Cul yelled about Klein not being the legal man, and demanding the match to be restarted. The Pop Culture Phenoms though, had already celebrated and quickly vacated the area with the Trios belts in tow.


Angus in particular expounded on how this match came to be, with the Wrestlefriends overcoming both teams at the latest RISE Uncut performance. Now, the two teams who were closest to heading to the Finals square off. The two teams put on a clinic, with Lord Sewell in particular showing off his submisison work and ground game. He even caught a diving Oliver Brandt with a rising european uppercut in mid air to the delight of the crowd. Meanwhile, Denver really captained for his team, and was the one more able to keep up with Lord Sewell’s ground work. Just as the Sewell and Denver were in a complicated submission reversal sequence, there was a bit of commotion as the two Oliver’s were ripped off the ring apron and thrown into guardrails and ringposts. Hitting the ring… the winless Dunson clan. Todd and Richie, along with Paul, just bumrush Lord Sewell and Denver Brandt. No Contest @ 9:29 due to interference from the Dunson Clan. The Dunsons’ hit their finishers, “You’re Done Son” (front flip piledriver) by Richie on Denver, and Todd hitting the “1 & Done, Son” on Lord Sewell. The two posed along with their fathers as they were booed for ending a competitive and fun tag team matchup.


Building off the conflict that Cole and Baylor started on DEFtv, Cole was accompanied by Thugs for Hire, as Felton was accompanied by Neighborhoodlum and Rosey Owens. Theo was nowhere to be seen. Cole and Bigsby had a cautious stand off as their match started. The two were very careful not to get too close to the ropes, trying to keep things in the center of the ring. It wouldn’t last long as Cole was tossed by Bigsby and Thugs for Hire rushed to that side of the ring to protect him from the rest of No Justice, No Peace. The two tandems began brawling on the outside, as the official inside was desperate to separate them and ejected both tandems in the process. While doing so, Theo Baylor appeared from the crowd, grabbed the time keeper’s bell, and rang Levi’s with it. He rolled Levi into the ring, and Bigsby dropped down to pin him. Felton Bigsby d. Levi Cole via pinfall after unseen outside interference @ 8:34. The official began to question his decision, seeing Cole bloodied and Theo on the outside with the ring bell. Levi Cole d. Felton Bigsby via disqualification after interference was noticed @ 8:34. No Justice No Peace were quite unhappy with this turn of events, as Bigsby caught Cole with the East Texas Stampede (powerslam into ring buckle). As Cole bounces off, Baylor catches him with Welcome to LA, leaving Cole down in the ring as they exited.


HF IV had a few impressive showings on the house show circuit, and was granted a match with Reinhardt for the BRAZEN championship. Reinhardt was all business, cutting down the high flyer early with powerful strikes and grapples. Guerilla press slam into a powerslam. Belly to belly suplexes, huge flapjacks, and a few cinch powerbombs for good measure. After being demolished, HFIV tried to show heart and get to his feet, but Reinhardt began toy with the boy, slapping his head and lighting punting him back to the mat. As Reinhardt posed, HFIV was able to school boy him for a near fall. This infuriated the champ, who charged and whiffed with a clothesline, allowing HFIV to backslide a two count. Before Reinhardt gets to his feet, HFIV hits a la magistral cradle for another two count. HFIV charges Reinhardt and hits him with a BIG boot, just like his father, but Reinhardt shrugs it off. Kick, wham, powerbomb. With just the palm of his hand covering HFIV’s face… Reinhardt Hoffman pins HFIV after powerbomb at 11:02 to retain the BRAZEN Championship. Hoffman kicks HFIV out of the ring, grabs his BRAZEN championship, and celebrates to a chorus of boos.


BARRIO BROS (Geraldo Villabolos, Hugo “Lips” Gonzalez, and Corey Nunez) vs. THE SOUTHERN BASTARDS (Massive Cowboy, Earl Lee Roberts and J.J. Dixon) vs. OSAKA HATE CRIME (Kazuo Akamatsu, Yutako Tendo, and Mitsuru Yahagi) vs. GULF COAST CONNECTION (Aaron King, Theodore Cain, and Crescent City Kid) vs. ANGEL CITY EXXXPRESS (Don Hollywood, Rich Mahogany, and Pete Whealdon) vs. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE (Theo Baylor, The Neighborhoodlum, and Rosey Owens) vs. THE SAFETY PATROL (Sgt. Safety, Dick Flanagan, and Jeff Belltron) vs. THE MIDCARD EXPERIMENT (Hijo del Fishman Deluxe, Walter Levy, and CAGE!) vs. THE CONCLAVE TRAINING CAMP (Gunther Adler, Rhys Collins, and Virginia Quell) vs. THE DUNSON CLAN (Paul, Richie, and Todd Dunson)

Hijo del Fishman Deluxe (1) and Richie Dunson (2) started with some high flying antics. Gunther Adler (3) entered to ground both men and show off his skill. When Todd Dunson (4) entered, he teamed up with Richie and the Dunson Clan gained a distinct advantage. Kazuo Akamtsu (5) entered and, while he’s able to showcase some moves, quickly got cut off by the Dunson clan. Geraldo Villabolos (6) shouted to stay in school as he took both Dunson Clan members off their feet, but was cut off by Gunther Adler. Paul Dunson (7) arrived, and the Dunson Clan is fully united. With the orders of their father, the quickly eliminated Hijo Del Fishman Deluxe (by Richie) and Kazuo Akamtasu (by Todd). Dick Flanigan (8) is out, and he’s quickly dispatched by the trio of the Dunson Clan. Gunther and Geraldo try to work together but the Dunson Clan just attacked and keeped both men down in the ring. Walter Levy (9) hit the ring, and hit Paul with a diving missle dropkick, but the Dunson sons just maul him for his troubles. Theo Baylor (10) walked out and just slipped into the ring and directly out of it, wanting no part of the united Dunson Clan.

CAGE! (11) arrived and took down the Dunson brothers with a cross body, unloading on Gunther and back body dropped a charging Geraldo Villabolos out of the ring, eliminating him. Hugo Gonzalez (12) watched Geraldo climb up the ramp, as Theo Baylor attacked him outside and tossed him under the bottom rope. J.J. Dixon (13) was next, he went right after the CAGE! before he’s cut off by Walter Levy. Massive Cowboy (14) entered, and just mauled Walter Levy over the top rope, eliminating him. He did the same to CAGE!, before the Dunson Clan trio tossed Massive Cowboy from behind just as the buzzer rang. Rich Mahogany (15) sprinted in and quickly caught Paul Dunson with a clothesline, sending him over the top rope. Shocked, Richie Dunson charged toward Rich, who just dropped and pulled the top rope down, dispatching Richie. Todd turned to see both his brother and father eliminated, and caught Richie with a stiff clothesline. Furious, he stomped away, before Theo Baylor entered the ring finally and tossed Todd Dunson over the top rope, eliminating him. Rhys Collins (16) was next, as he entered a house of fire. Him and Gunther teamed up to eliminate Hugo Gonzalez in the corner. Virginia Quell (17) was next, and the Conclave was about to have the superior numbers advantage when WynLyn attacked Quell from the crowd. She drug Quell into the crowd and the two brawled around the DEFPlex. Jeff Belltron (18) was next, which effectively eliminated Quell as she was unable to get herself into the ring before the next participant was out. J.J. Dixon was being worked over by Adler and Collins and is dispatched. Corey Nunez (19) was out next, but Theo Baylor eliminated him almost immediately as he entered with a clothesline.Don Hollywood entered (20), as he set eyes on Jeff Belltron and was able to eliminate him with a belly to belly suplex.

Yutako Tendo (21) entered. There was some brawling and kicks, but nothing of note. Aaron King (22) was next, and the two fresh men put on some impressive combinations against each other. Neighborhoodlum (23) came out next, and was able to stop Theo Baylor from being eliminated by Yutako, and turned the tables on him with an elimination. Crescent City Kid (24) hit the ring, and was promptly disposed of by the remaining members of the Conclave, Gunther Adler and Rhys Collins. Mitsuru Yahagi (25) was next, as the Conclave and No Justice No Peace stared at each other and prepared for battle. Pete Whealdon (26) was next, and he quickly came to Rich Mahogany’s aid, eliminating Mitsuru in the process. With the numbers advantage, ACXXX dominated and then posed in the ring. Theodore Cain (27) was out next, and quickly dispatched of by the trio of ACX. It’s here, where Theo Baylor and the Neighborhoodlum were able to surprise Hollywood and Mahogany, tossing them from behind. The Faithful in particular had their wind taken out of them at ACXXX’s eliminated duo, as NJNP started to dismantle Pete Whealdon. Earl Lee Roberts (28) came out, as Whealdon gained allies in Adler and Collins. Sgt. Safety (29) was next, as Earl Lee Roberts was surprised by Aaron King and eliminated.

Rosey Owens (30) was the last man to enter, making No Justice No Peace the only trios with all three members still remaining in the match. In addition to No Justice, No Peace, the remaining members included The Conclave’s Gunther Adler and Rhys Collins, ACXXX’s Pete Whealdon, the Safety Patrol’s Sgt. Safety, and Gulf Coast Connection’s Aaron King. Aaron King was promptly tossed by the fresh Rosey Owens. Theo Baylor snuck up behind Sgt. Safety, who was working on Whealdon, and eliminated him from behind. The eliminations came quickly as Rosey was caught by Rhys Collins and Gunther Adler, eliminating him from the match and evening the odds. But this only allowed Theo Baylor to sneak up behind the Rhys Collins and toss him over the top.

It was Neighborhoodlum and Theo Baylor against Pete Whealdon and Gunther Adler for the final four. Adler and Whealdon had a tenuous partnership, but the teamwork of NJNP was too much, and Adler had been in the match since almost the very beginning. Adler was eliminated by Theo Baylor, lasting 64 minutes and 12 seconds before being tossed. Pete Whealdon was able to even the odds before Theo and Neighborhoodlum could take the advantage, tossing Neighborhoodlum with all his might.

It’s here where Neighborhoodlum grabbed Whealdon, pulled him outside under the bottom rope, and flattened him against the steel turnbuckles. Whealdon was tossed back into the ring, and Theo quickly eliminated him to win the first DEFBowl Trios match, and give No Justice No Peace the number one contendership against the new TRIOS champions, PCP. Theo Baylor last eliminates Pete Whealdon to win DEFBowl at 69:13.

1. Hijo del Fishman Deluxe
2. Richie Dunson
3. Gunther Adler
4. Todd Dunson
5. Kazuo Akamatsu
6. Geraldo Villabolos
7. Paul Dunson
      Eliminated #1: Hijo del Fishman Deluxe by Richie Dunson
      Eliminated #2: Kazuo Akamatsu by Todd Dunson
8. Dick Flanigan
      Eliminated #3: Dick Flanigan by Todd and Richie Dunson
9. Walter Levy
10. Theo Baylor
11. CAGE!
      Eliminated #4: Geraldo Villabolos by CAGE!
12. Hugo Gonzalez
13. J.J. Dixon
14. Massive Cowboy
      Eliminated #5: Walter Levy by Massive Cowboy
      Eliminated #6: CAGE! By Massive Cowboy
      Eliminated #7: Massive Cowboy by the Dunson Clan
15. Rich Mahogany
      Eliminated #8: Paul Dunson by Rich Mahogany
      Eliminated #9: Richie Dunson by Rich Mahogany
      Eliminated #10: Todd Dunson by Theo Baylor
16. Rhys Collins
      Eliminated #11: Hugo Gonzalez by Rhys Collins and Gunther Adler
17. Virginia Quell
18. Jeff Belltron
      Eliminated #12: Virginia Quell by pre-match attack by WynLyn and not able to compete in match itself before next participant arrives
      Eliminated #13: J.J. Dixon by Gunther Adler and Rhys Collins
19. Corey Nunez
      Eliminated #14: Corey Nunez by Theo Baylor
20. Don Hollywood
      Eliminated #15: Jeff Belltron by Don Hollywood
21. Yutako Tendo
22. Aaron King
23. Neighborhoodlum
      Eliminated #16: Yutako Tendo by Neighborhoodlum and Theo Baylor
24. Crescent City Kid
      Eliminated #17: Crescent City Kid by Gunther Adler and Rhys Collins
25. Mitsuru Yahagi
26. Pete Whealdon
      Eliminated #18: Mitsuru Yahagi by ACXXX
27. Theodore Cain
      Eliminated #19: Theodore Cain by ACXXX
      Eliminated #20: Rich Mahogany by Theo Baylor & Neighborhoodlum
      Eliminated #21: Don Hollywood by Theo Baylor & Neighborhoodlum
28. Earl Lee Roberts
29.  Sgt. Safety
      Eliminated #22: Earl Lee Roberts by Aaron King
30. Rosey Owens
      Eliminated #23: Aaron King by Rosey Owens
      Eliminated #24: Sgt. Safety by Theo Baylor
      Eliminated #25: Rosey Owens by Rhys Collins and Gunther Adler
      Eliminated #26: Rhys Collins by Theo Baylor
      Eliminated #27: Gunther Adler by Theo Baylor
      Eliminated #28: Neighborhoodlum by Pete Whealdon
      Eliminated #29: Pete Whealdon by Theo Baylor

WINNER: Theo Baylor (surviving 49:13) by last eliminating Pete Whealdon. Total match runtime : 69 minutes and 13 seconds.


It was time for tonight's main event… the RISE Tag League was coming to a close with the winning team not only earning a $25K cash prize, but more importantly would win full time spots on the DEFIANCE roster!

“Come Together” by Gary Clark Jr. was the lead in for the massive “Manpower” Jack Mace and the twelve-year vet, “Bantam” Ryan Batts! The crowd cheered the talented duo who were looking to make their mentor - former FIST of DEFIANCE star Oscar Burns - proud.

Mudvayne’s “Cradle” played their opposition… Hart and Brody. The 6’3” and 290 pound Brody was no doubt there to counteract the power of Jack Mace. The two were accompanied by their third man, Ridgway, already making this match already sketchy from the jump.

The bell rang and Hart fought with Batts, quickly exchanging holds! A good minute was spent rapidly reversing standing switches until Batts almost took the match with a series of roll-ups including a Kido Clutch and a Crucifix into Criss Cross Applesau… no! Hart caught the ropes and Bantam broke it up. The tag went to Brody and Jack Mace.

The two big bulls for each team fought and the crowd was impressed with their slugfest from the get-go! Brody with the Clubbing shots and Mace with his signature Bear Claws! Eventually Mace won the standoff between the big bulls, leading to Ridgway trying to distract him, only for Batts to take him out early with a springboard Dropkick! Mace took Brody out over the top rope with a Clothesline, allowing for THE FASTBALL SPECIAL (military press to the outside) to take out all three members of the Stranglers!

Batts threw Hart back into the ring and got the tag from Manpower to finish the job. He was heading up top, but Ridgway interferred again, allowing Hart to connect with a Pop-Up Frankensteiner to take down Bantam!

The crowd rallied behind the WrestleFriends in the RISE Tag League finale as Hart laid into Batts with kicks to the chest. Both Hart and Brody spent time working over The Yellow And Black Attack with more double-teams including a vicious Hart Attack variation that almost got them the win!

“WrestleFriends” chants continued to echo in the arena as Bantam fought to get at his tag partner when Hart knocked him off the apron with a Running Thrust Kick! Hart tried to throw him out of the ring, but Batts quickly ran THROUGH the ropes to take out Ridgway with The Flight of Fancy! (Somersault Suicide Dive) Batts rolled back into the ring to avoid Hart only to run in the ring and catch HIM with another Flight of Fancy! Brody then tried to stop the firecracked called Bantam, but he reversed a Powerbomb attempt and took him down with a big Release German Suplex!

The crowd popped for Mace! Manpower got into the ring and took Brody to task with Bear Claws followed by a running splash in the corner followed by a BRIDGING Underhook Suplex by the 325-pounder! Hart broke up the fall with a Double Stomp, but when he ran the ropes, Mace threw him up in the air and murdered him with a Pop-up Headbutt! He then focused on Brody and dropped him with a big Uranage Slam before hitting the Bear Trap (Grounded Arm Triangle Choke!)

Hart tried to break it up, only for Batts to get into the ring and locked in The Fastest Arm In The West! (Cross Arm Breaker)! Both submissions were locked in and Brody tapped! The WrestleFriends defeated The Strong Style Stranglers at 19:47 to win the BRAZEN RISE Tag League!

As the Stranglers regrouped, The BRAZEN BOOKAHMAN himself, Angus Skaaland, presented both Batts and Mace with the $25,000 check along with two big-ass trophies and two fancy new contracts, making them official members of the DEFIANCE roster!

Mace took the microphone first and thanked the fans for their support through the last several months of the RISE Tag League. While they were relative newcomers to BRAZEN, they were gifted the opportunity and made the most of it. Batts took the microphone and also thanked the fans. That in his twelve years of being in the sport, this opportunity was among his biggest yet, but still says WrestleFriends have a lot of work to do in the current DEFIANCE climate. He stated they looked to uphold good sportsmanship like their mentor, Oscar Burns, and put on the best matches possible while representing the best in wrestling: Fighting Spirit! Graps! Hossing! Flippy Things!

The fans joined in their rally cry… “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WRESTLEFRIENDS!”

They closed out Clash of the BRAZEN on a great note, celebrating their big victory. Now as members of the DEFIANCE roster!

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