Clash of the DEFIANTS V

1 Jun 2019

DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, New Orleans, Louisiana (seats 4,000)


We are live at the Lakefront Arena, and it is jam packed with the DEFIANCE Faithful. Our hosts for the evening is the voice and sheppard of BRAZEN, Angus Skaaland. Joined alongside him is the BRAZEN play-by-play man, straight shooting former IWO & Action!’s Greg Parker. Joining them in the booth tonight is Mikey Unlikely, who’s all smiles.

The trio go over tonight’s big matches, starting with the four way for the number one contendership to the BRAZEN title. Princess HOSS makes her singles debut against old wily veteran Sarah Winterton. Four of BRAZEN’s tag teams square off for a shot against the DEFIANCE tag team champions. The FORMER FIST of DEFIANCE makes his BRAZEN debut to square off against the aerial standout of BRAZEN, HFIV.

In the main event, no 1 contender Victor Vacio challenges the unlikely champion Jack Mace.

Let’s head to the ring.


Scott Stevens starts out this show, instantly being booed by the Faithful. Mikey Unlikely gets a few shots in, as Stevens raises his hands and demands quiet.

It doesn’t work out in his favor.

Stevens runs down BRAZEN, says he doesn't want to be there, and then runs down HFIV, which brings out the luchador. The numbers overwhelm him, and he grows silent as Stevens eggs him on, until Jack Harmen limps out alongside him. He pushes HFIV to speak up, and HFIV has a fire lit up under his ass. Stevens doesn’t back down, as Bo and George attack, focusing on Harmen as Stevens klocks HFIV with the microphone. The Stevens Dynasty start wailing on both members of the Harmen family, until Klein rushes out from the backstage area with a chair. The Dynasty bails, as Klein helps HFIV to his feet. Klein offers the same to Harmen, who climbs up to his feet without his help, but then extends his hand, nodding to his former protege.

HFIV gets on the microphone, and shouts at the Stevens Dynasty to change tonight’s match. How about they put the belts on the line, against the HARMEN ACADEMY. Stevens seems a bit reluctant, but as the Faithful (and Mikey on commentary) jeer him, Stevens caves.

Angus, GP and Mikey talk about how this match could rival tonight’s main event. Mikey calls it the Oreo Frappe of BRAZEN shows. It truly is.


To the Maxx hear the stipulation and instantly leave ringside, wanting no part of the main DEFIANCE roster. This elicits quite a bit of jeers. The Bulldogs and GA rekindle their rivalry, showcasing some great technical wrestling before the patriarch of the Dunson Clan takes out Denver Brandt, and the Dunson Clan teams in. First they take out OTM, and then knock Lord Sewell off the apron. Oliver gets tagged in and takes Todd down, and then sends Richie outside. Oliver ducks a wild clothesline and hits a german, and then a second, and then a THIRD bounces Todd of the apron. The Louisiana Bulldogs d. Gentleman’s Agreement and the Dundson Clan via pinfall when Oliver Brandt pinned Todd Dunson @ 16:23. Paul Dunson hopped onto the apron to protest the decision, but Oliver knocked him off and the Bulldogs celebrated in the ring.


Winterton gets a hero’s reception. Princess HOSS isa little less well received, but still cheered on. HOSS uses her strength to shine in the early portion of the match, tossing Winterton around the ring a bit until Sarah changes her strategy. Winterton uses a lot of hit and move, keeping her distance until HOSS catches her in a huge swinging bear hugged slam, into a huge body splash. HOSS also squashes her in a corner with a charge and a flurry of strikes, only netting a two count. Winterton holds her ground, and the two get into a strike exchange fest, which Winterton actually gains the advantage knocking HOSS off her feet for the first time. Once she’s down, Winterton locks in the Sleeping Beauty, but HOSS drags herself to the ropes. HOSS tries to asset dominance with size and strikes, but the quicker Winterton ducks behind and shows off an impressive amount of strength. She hits Mirror Mirror, the roll through German suplex for the pin. Sarah Winterton d. Princess HOSS via pinfall after the Mirror Mirror @ 12:45. Winterton extends her hand, but HOSS just bell claps her and leaves to jeers. The masked referee checks on her as HOSS frustratingly walks up the ramp.


Three of the oldest BRAZEN stars and one of the newest battle for the number one contendership. Felton comes out with Theo Baylor, who’s none too happy as the Faithful shout about how he lost to Minute. Wolfe gets a good pop, as does Villabolos who comes out with his entire Barrio Bros crew. Minute is last, getting a hero’s reception, which just annoys Theo to the nth degree. The action is fast and furious as Minute soars at Bigsby, sending him out of the ring. He charges at Villabolos who launches Minute in a flapjack, but Minute scores with a dropkick to both him and Wolfe. With three men out of the ring, Minute leaps with a twirl onto all four with a dive to cheers. Theo Baylor however smacks Minute with a steel chair, and then just starts battering him as the referee shouts and rings the bell. Felton Bigsby is declared disqualified, as he exits the ring and starts to shove his partner Baylor. Baylor tries to ignore him and keep assaulting Minute, but Felton spins him around and the two get into a shouting match. DEFsec hits ringside as Iris Davine makes an appearance to check on Minute. Felton and Theo are separated and sent to the back, as Iris puts an X above her head. Minute however, grabs her medical coat and shakes his head no, but falls back down.

The match continues in the ring with Joe Wolfe and Geraldo. Villabolos uses his size and charisma to gain the advantage early with back body drops and belly to belly suplexes. Wolfe is able to reverse more conventional wrestling to his advantage, drop toeing Geraldo and locking in various submission and wear down holds. Villabolos fights to his feet, putting Wolfe on his shoulder and hitting a samoan drop. Geraldo gets only a 2 before Minute leaps off the top with an elbow drop to break the pin. His tan colored full body suit is stained red, as he lightly chops away at the larger Barrio Bro. Geraldo cuts him off with a shoulder tackle, and then scoops Minute up and hits a powerslam before Wolfe breaks up the pin. Geraldo tries to fight back but Wolfe kicks him, seemingly a bit low. Joe Wolfe d. Geraldo Villabolos via pinfall with the Tiger Driver to become no 1 contender @ 34:12. After the match, Wolfe almost cries in the ring as his hand is raised. After so long in BRAZEN, after having a lot of early success and not much recently, he’s getting a shot at the BRAZEN title.

Parker, Angus and Mikey extoll the virtues and history of Wolfe in BRAZEN, and his time in the main DEFIANCE leagues.


Felton and Theo are shouting at each other as Rosey Owen and Neighborhoodlum try to calm both men down. Felton tosses a catering table over and storms off, as Baylor just looks back to his a teammates with a “That guy” look. Neither Rosey or NHL seem too happy about the whole situation.


Darren Quimbey is in the ring to announce the first of tonight’s TWO main events. This main event, is for the WORLD TRIO’S CHAMPIONSHIPS…

But he’s interrupted by The D, who’s accompanied by Flex & the O-Face. The D runs down Quimbey, his dress, his voice, his posture, and starts physically berating him. Quimbey has had enough and shoves the D back a step, but the D just smiles at him. O-Face tackles Quimbey and starts laying in rights and lefts and just starts slamming her forearms into the man as if she were a wild gorilla. Once satisfied, she leans in and just kisses an unconscious Quimbey to groans.

The D asks where the hell he is, what day it is, and Flex tells him they’re at BRAZEN. The D is none too happy, calling this the minor leagues, the bush leagues, the bullshit of DEFIANCE. This brings out Levi Cole, who has a microphone and refutes the D’s points, gaining the further favor of the Faithful. The D is incredibly cocky, until stepping out from the back with no fanfare is Reinhardt Hoffman. Hoffman looks at Cole, and Levi is ready for a fight, but Hoffman asks for the mic. Hoffman says if the D wants to talk shit about BRAZEN, he's also talking shit about it’s FIRST champ, and he can't accept that. Hoffman and Cole, as a united front, storm toward ringside as an impromptu match begins.


Hoffman starts and wants the D. The D looks like he’s going to engage but then quickly tags out, wiping the sweat from his brow before reaching down and kissing O-Face. Hoffman tells Flex he’ll go through him if he has to. Flex and Hoffman have a big HOSS battle, stiff strikes and exchanges. Hoffman and Flex spend at least a minute just standing tall at one another, each blow taking more effect than the last. Eventually on a dose-e-do, Cole blind tags himself in and springboard shoulder tackles a stunned Flex from the middle rope. Cole then starts to stretch Flex, as Flex desperately reaches to his corner looking for the tag. One time, Flex is close enough but the D is distracted by O-Face dangling on his arm. Another time, the D hops off the apron and starts yelling at a ringside fan as Flex dives for a hot tag. Flex just looks shocked. Hoffman and Cole cut off the ring, dismantling Flex with strikes or stretches. Eventually, Flex POWERS to his feet, shoving both men away, and DIVES, slapping the D’s back. The D looks around confused, as the referee motions that a tag has been made and he’s legal. The D’s eyes go wide as Hoffman stands across the ring. The D looks around at the Faithful, and he just throws his hands up and hops off the apron, heading back up the ring.

Hoffman gives chase, striking the D from behind with a double ax handle, and then gorilla press slams him face first into the surrounding ring barricade. Hoffman then slams The D back first into the exposed outside turnbuckle. Hoffman tosses the D in, who begs off as O-Face grabs and RIPS Levi Cole off the apron. Levi slams back first into the barricade as the referee is distracted. The D kicks Hoffman’s D, and then NETFLIX MONEY! Flex the D d. Reinhardt Hoffman and Levi Cole via pinfall after the D hits Netflix Money on Reinhardt @ 22:31. The D motions that he wants the title as his hand is raised. Flex looks at him funnily but joins in for the celebration. The D demands Flex pick him up on his shoulder and parade him around the ring, which he does reluctantly. The last thing we see is the D shouting “THEY BETTER NOT CUT AWAY FROM THIS!” before the cameras promptly go backstage.


Jack Harmen is taping his wrists, wrapping it around the palm of his hand. He looks to his son, who’s been quiet since earlier in the evening. Klein replaces the bandage on his forehead from the attack Crimson Lord did. Harmen thanks Klein for helping his son, even if it put him in danger. Klein says no problem. Harmen wishes it were Klein facing Lord tomorrow instead of him, which Klein laughs off. HFIV asks both men to focus on tonight. He’s never had a chance like this before. He could be a champion, and he could do it with the man who trained him. He reaches out and hugs Klein, who seems a bit awkward in the embrace. HFIV breaks it, looks at his dad, to his walking boot, and back to his dad. He extends his hand in a fist to Harmen, who interlocks his own hand in an “X” with his son. HFIV says "Let's do this dad."


HFIV leads the charge, bringing out Klein first to a pop and then Harmen to a larger one. Harmen still wears his boot. The Stevens Dynasty are next, as Bo and George take center stage and Scott backs them up. George starts the match off against the smaller HFIV, and just uses his size to overpower the smaller luchador. HFIV gets a few strikes in and hits a few springboard arm drags and cross bodies, until one is caught by George and he’s dropped with a fallaway slam. HFIV rolls to his corner and Klein tags in. He hits George with a shoulder tackle but it doesn’t budge him. George does the same to Klein and Klein stands his guard. Klein tries again, no go, George tries again, but Klein back body drops him. Klein then gorilla press slams George who rolls over and tags in Bo. Bo uses a bit more technical ability to ground Klein, stretching him until Klein reaches the ropes. Bo whips Klein off the ropes and Harmen blind tags in. He hits a springboard Lou Thesz to Bo and starts raining in rights and lefts. Harmen off the ropes but Scott pulls the top rope down and Harmen tumbles outside. Scott dives on top and grabs Harmen’s leg, slamming it into the turnbuckle post outside as Harmen screams. Scott stomps his air cast, and then tosses him back in. Bo starts working over the leg, first with strikes, and then stretches. There’s lots of quick tags between the Stevens Dynasty as they double team and target the fallen and down Harmen’s leg. As they grab his leg and try to pull him to his feet, Harmen hits a desperation enzeguri. He can’t stand to his feet, falling and then crawling toward his corner. The Dynasty are able to cut him off before he can make the tag, and drug back to their corner. The Dynasty continue their triple team with frequent tags in and out until George tries to bell clap Harmen, but Harmen ducks and George hits Bo. Harmen fights at George, kicking his legs trying to cut the bigger man down. He gets him to his knees, as Harmen limps and hobbles off the ropes. George closes the gap as the slowed Harmen charges, hooking Harmen for a belly to belly. In the corner, Klein and HFIV are desperate for the tag. George works nerve holds on Harmen’s neck and legs, before using his size to just sit on him. Eventually, Scott tags himself in, and George shoots Harmen off the ropes. George goes for a back body drop, but Harmen flips over and lands on his feet toward his corner, before his bad leg gives out on him. He winces in pain and clutches his leg, before reaching out to make the tag. Stevens cuts him off. The former FIST his THE FIST on Klein, sending him sprawling off the apron. HFIV tries to enter the ring as Stevens is admonished but he just gains the referee’s attention. Stevens lifts up Harmen, and Harmen spits mist in his face, blinding him. He’s BARELY able to take three steps before Locomotive kicking Stevens in the face. On his knees, he looks at the fallen Stevens, and then back to his corner, and falls back first on top for the pin. The referee slides into position, and gets a two count before Stevens reverses the pin into a crucifix cradle of his own. The Dynasty d. The Harmen Academy when Scott Stevens crucifix pins Harmen @ 31:23. The Stevens Dynasty collect their trophies and celebrate up the ring, as HFIV just looks incredibly distraught in the ring. Harmen uses the ropes to pull himself gingerly to his feet, trying to calm his son. HFIV pulls off his mask, revealing the eyes of a crazed youngster, before HFIV kicks Harmen’s bad leg out from under him. The crowd gasps as HFIV just tantrums in the ring, before exiting and slurring a volley of curses as he walks up the rampway.


The commentary team discuss Mace’s unlikely reign as BRAZEN champion and Victor Vacio’s well known mean streak as announcements are made and themes are played. Vacio enters the arena first as the challenger and the Faithful have no love lost for the stoic masked man. The Champion is up next and is accompanied by his tag team partner “Bantam” Ryan Batts. The pair garner a much more favorable reaction than Vacio. With both men in the ring, The Ref calls for the bell and we are off to the races. The Lost Cause and the Champion lock up but Jack’s Manpower easily proves to me too much for Vacio as he is shoved toward the corner. Victor regroups and returns with a new plan of attack. He attempts to use his speed and agility to overcome Jack’s brute strength but Victor continually finds himself on the wrong end of fierce Clotheslines and forearms. Despite this Vacio remains determined although weakened and stays on the attack. His persistence verse power results in the first pinfall attempt after Manpower bridges and double arm throwing suplex. The resulting two count causes a groggy Vacio to take a breather outside the ring, much to the chagrin of the Faithful. As the count rises Vacio, gripping his neck, swipes with his free hand at Mace’s ankle, drawing the attention of Ryan Batts. As Batt’s rounds the ring side area, The Ref interrupts his count to stay off any possible outside influence. This distraction allows Vacio to return to the ring and with Mace’s attention turned to ringside, Vacio drops to his knees and low blows the Champ. This turns the tables and Vacio takes control of the match. With Mace slowed, Vacio’s speed advantage is two fold as he flies around the ring causing damage with drop kicks and flying forearms. Vacio manages his own pen attempt after an Enziguri send the big oak tree of a man to the matt. Vacio manages a two count and begins to argue with the referee over the count. Commentary notes The Ref most certainly does not speak Spanish. Mace recovers as Vacio argues over the count and once Victor finally decides to turn back to his opponent - he has waited too long. Mace pops up and head buts the masked man, staggering him, before following up with a running shoulder block. Mace reasserts his power and really goes to work on Vacio. Commentary is calling this one all but over already and the Faithful gleefully agree. A spinning body slam really pops the audience and Mace is looking to impress. He hoists Victor up in a Stalling Vertical Suplex and the Faithful are on there feet - but while playing to the crowd Mace holds Vacio aloft a little too long. His grip weakens and The Lost Cause begins to squirm and in a split second change of fate, Vacio twist and crashes down on top of Jack for a pin. Mace presses Vacio up off him with ease, barely a one count. Vacio lands on his feet and before Jack can sit up proper, he eats a dropkick to the face. Mace shakes it off and rises to his feet as Victor falls back and comes off the ropes with a head full of steam. Mace swings a huge lariat to shut down the Lost Lucha’s momentum but it’s a wide miss as Vacio baseball slides between his legs; all the way to the floor. Once there he cheapshots Ryan Batts, who hits the ringside floor but pops right back up looking for retribution; but Vacio is already back in the ring. Batts takes to the apron with a knee and The Ref’s attention is once against turned to Mace’s accompaniment. In the ring, Mace has had enough and snatches the smaller Vacio, laying in another Head Butt before setting up the pump handle sit out powerbomb he calls The Big Friendly Bomb… but once he gets Vacio up, the masked man spin around and executes a victory roll for the pin. The Ref turns from Batts at ringside and doesn’t have a good enough view to see the handful of tights. Jack squirms to get free from the flipping flash pin but it’s too late and The Ref calls for the bell. “The Lost Cause” Victor Vacio d. “Manpower” Jack Mace via pinfall @22:12

After the match: A disappointed Jack Mace and Ryan Batts exit the area after briefly trying to plead their case to the Ref. He didn’t want to hear it as he collected the BRAZEN Championship from ringside and re-entered the ring to crown Vacio. The Ref gives Vacio the Championship belt and goes raise his hand in victory. Vacio neither accepts the belt or allows The Ref to raise his hand. The Ref is befuddled as the Faithful serenade the new Champion in a chorus of boo’s. Vacio nudges the title his boot to egg on the paying crowd before exiting the ring without it. The broadcast comes to a close as Vacio heads up the ramp with The Ref following behind assuming there must be some language barrier; continually trying to give Vacio the title.   

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