27 Apr 2020

DEFarena, New Orleans, LA (seats 4000)


The screen fades up from black ...

Energetic music begins to to fade up ...

A glitch effect, accompanied by a digital glitch sound effect usher in the UNCUT logo with a slow dissolve.

The logo fades and on a black screen, words in white appear one at a time.





Backstage we catch Scrow grabbing a cup of coffee as a man walks up to him. It is just before the match up between Deacon and Hoffman.

Backstage Hand:
Mr. Scrow this was sent to the office and I am here to deliver it to you.

Scrow takes a sip of his coffee staring at the stagehand with his white eye through his hair. He sets the cup of coffee down and takes the letter from the stagehand. He leaves Scrow in peace, Scrow moves his fingers over the front of the envelope. You see the intrigue in his eyes as he opens the envelope up and looks inside it. He pulls out a letter, his eyes scan it for a moment.

Maximum DEFIANCE...

The camera zooms in on the letter. But it cuts before the writing can be read.



Jamie Sawyers:
Hey! Hey! Angel! Aleczander!

Backstage following a tense standoff with The Lucky Sevens, Team HOSS are entering the backstage area as Jamie Sawyers approaches them. 

Jamie Saywers:
Hey! Team HOSS! A word, please?

Angel stops first and looks down at the interviewer, then scoffs in his direction. 

Aleczander The Great:
Get lost, tosser. 

The Big Brit follows his partner when Jamie Sawyers walks up to him. 

Jamie Sawyers:
Hey! The Lucky Sevens were out there and challenged you to a fight?

Angel finally stops. The larger of the two Team HOSS members slowly turns on his heel and stomps toward Jamie, glaring down at the interviewer. 

Angel Trinidad:
The fuck are you suggesting, Jamie? What, you think we should have fought the Derp de Derp Twins? Or that we're scared of them? That what you think?

The Beast From The Bronx inches closer forward and makes Jamie back up a step. He clearly regrets insinuating any questions. The side of Angel's lip curls upward. 

Angel Trinidad:
You feel that, Jamie? That feeling you've got in the pit of your stomach right now, wondering if you're gonna make it out of this with all of your teeth still in your mouth? THAT'S fear. That's what we've done around these parts for a long, long time. Well before either of those two showed up. And what you're feeling right now, Jamie? How you're regretting asking us dumbass questions so you can get a line of the night for your little show? 

Angel now fully grins.... then pats Jamie on the shoulder.

Angel Trinidad:
Well, you caught us in a good mood. Tell them why, Aleczander. 

Aleczander grins. 

Aleczander The Great:
We were gonna wait, mate, but since you're here and you're practically pissin' yourself, we'll give you a scoop right now. When The Lucky Sevens see this, tell those twin twats that I'm challenging one of them to a match on DEFtv next week! I don't care who. They ain't nothing but really tall guys, mate. WE'RE the beasts around here. See that, Lance?

Jamie Sawyers:
Uh... I'm Jamie. 

Aleczander The Great:
I don't care, wanker, just look at these guns. Cameraman, focus.

Aleczander does flex his pecs to show off his incredible physique. 

Aleczander The Great:
You got inches on me, sure, but these arms got inches on YOU, you bunch of tossers. Bring it and I'll break either of you in half!

Aleczander The Great dabs fists with Angel when The Beast From The Bronx shoots Jamie one last dirty look. 

Angel Trinidad:
You media types. Always here stirring shit up. 

Angel leaves and heads down the hall with his tag partner as the scene heads elsewhere. 


The scene opens up to a crystal, clear blue sky with the Taj Mahal in the background….what the hell?

As the camera moves around we see a commotion amongst a crowd as there appears to be someone famous as that individual is signing stuff and taking pictures and as we get closer we see everyone’s favorite Texan, Scott Stevens.

Scott Stevens:
Well, hello there.

Stevens says into the camera as he finishes an autograph.

Scott Stevens:
You see, this is the type of reception a person of my stature should be receiving, but you Filth in New Orleans just doesn’t appreciate the level of greatness you see on a regular basis.

Stevens says as he stops to take a picture.

Scott Stevens:
I have come to India to defend my ACE of DEFIANCE championship against their top champion.

Stevens takes a picture with a group of kids before giving the two brothers a high five.

Scott Stevens:
This weekend, I will be taking on the Ring Ka King Heavyweight Champion, “The Golden Tiger” Sanjay Raj Singh.

Stevens says as he stops to sign a couple of autographs before continuing.

Scott Stevens:
Tune in to see if I add another championship to my collection or will Sanjay defeat me to win the ACE and a DEFIANCE contract.

Stevens says as his attention is drawn to the crowd.

Scott Stevens:
However, before I go, I want to address that little mosquito, Max LaCroix.

Stevens says as his attention is fully focused and looking towards the camera.

Scott Stevens:
Max, I see you’ve been trying to get my attention as of late as you’ve attacked my younger brother, my father and my cousin. What’s next? You’re going to attack my youngest sibling, Ricky? Go attack my wife after a show in Missouri or even my kids?

Stevens says with a shake of his head.

Scott Stevens:
I mean the last person to do that I crucified them…...literally.

Stevens says with a smirk.

Scott Stevens:
The point is Max, you blame me for having the ACE of DEFIANCE as if I stole it from you.

Stevens says as he sighs.

Scott Stevens:
You have no one to blame but yourself Max.

Stevens says as he points to the camera.

Scott Stevens:
The match was made fairly by Kelly Evans and you lost to me just like everyone does.

Stevens says as he finishes an autograph.

Scott Stevens:
However, if you want to keep attacking my family go ahead because they are big boys and can handle their own affairs. You want my attention, you have to do something of significance to earn it because I simply don’t have time for garbage juice such as yourself.

Stevens says with a nod.

Scott Stevens:
Do tune in to see how a real champion takes care of business and maybe one day you’ll learn from watching my greatness and I can truly beat you in the ring when you’ve earned the honor to face me. Until then, go win the BRAZEN championship.

Stevens says as the image fades.

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