BRAZEN: Clash of the BRAZEN 8/31/20

31 Aug 2020

DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, New Orleans, Louisiana (seats 4,000)


The special CLASH of the BRAZEN show kicked off in front of over fifteen hundred fans in the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex who were ready to see the future fo DEFIANCE in action… today! 

Capital Punishment started off the show along with the BRAZEN special enforcer, “The Big Bad” BRAGG. Cappy welcomed the fans to the show and gave a big rundown of tonight’s card. The semi-finals and finals match of the BRAZEN Onslaught Title would take place! A Special “GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY BATTLE CLUSTER” would take place… in essence, a Battle Royale that granted the winner the chance to challenge for any title under the BRAZEN banner. A Tag Team Gauntlet to crown the next contenders for the BRAZEN Tag Titles! 

Of course, the members of Les Enfants Terribles looking to retain their Tag Team Titles against both Heavy Artillery and The World’s Nicest Tag Team! And also its monster, Killjoy, looking to unseat the defending champion, Nathaniel Eye for the BRAZEN Championship! 

After Capital Punishment greeted the fans, it was time to start the show off with what many DEFIANCE fans have come to love…

A good old-fashioned HOSSFITE in the first of two BRAZEN Onslaught Semi-Final matches! Gerardo Villalobos versus Viking War Cult's monster, Torvald The Destroyer!


The fans ASPLODED for the arrival of The Barrio Boys’ own powerhouse, Gerardo Villalobos. Since a great showing for himself at the last CLASH special, his star has been on the rise. He defeated former BRAZEN Champ Flex Kruger one on one recently, then parlayed that into beating Eddie Cheno in round one of the BRAZEN Onslaught tournament. But even at 6’6” and 330, he was staring down the barrel of the Viking War Cult’s massive 7’1”, 350-pound monster Torvald!

And the match started fast and furious… not on a cruiserweighty way, but more of a “slug the hell out” kind of way! The two powerhouses collided and smashed into one another with neither wanting to give the other the advantage until Torvald got dirty and clawed Gerardo in the eye! Things got vicious from there when Torvald SLAMMED Gerardo into ring posts, ring aprons and barricades! A big Powerslam on the floor leveled him and Torvald got back in not only to rule the ring, but to try and get the count-out win and make a statement…

However, Gerardo made a statement of his own when he got back in at the count of nine… he was winning this tournament! 

Torvald continued to attack him with knees, a big Sidewalk Slam and then a BIG Gutwrench Powerbomb  for two counts! Torvald tried a Bearhug to put Gerardo out to pasture, but a few Bell Claps and then a Samoan Drop turned the tides! Gerardo fought back using a big Flying Shoulder Tackle off the middle rope, then got back into it with a HUGE Rolling Senton for two! He tried Stay in Escuela, but Torvald shook him off! An attempt at the Gungnir Spear ended with Torvald hitting nothing but the turnbuckle! Gerardo then mustered ALL his strength and DRILLED Torvald into the canvas!




Winner: Gerardo Villalobos @ 8:19 with Stay In Escuela (Dominator), advances to BRAZEN Onslaught Title Finals!

Gerardo celebrated with the crowd after the match and his stablemates, Hugo “Lips” Gonzalez, Corey Nunez and their manager, Mr. Salazar, joined in on the stage! Just one match away!


The second semi-final was likely going to be more of a technical match than the one before it. It would pit the former Aussie actor-turned-wrestler Jesse Harrison going up against the first-ever BRAZEN Champion, Reinhardt Hoffman. Of note, Jesse looked almost bored to be there while Hoffman decided that he was taking this match seriously only from the standpoint that he wanted to make another first in BRAZEN and put some more gold to his name. 

The two men were of similar stature and height (Harrison 6’4” and 235 with Hoffman 6’4” and 230 pounds) but very different styles. That showed early when Hoffman ruled the mat and took the young, undefeated Harrison to school with Leg Locks. He tried to keep the athletic Harrison down, but an opening came when he reversed a Back Suplex, flipped onto his feet, then Dropkicked Hoffman out of the ring! He stumbled outside and Harrison played to the crowd, who started jeering him. Harrison got out of the ring and grabbed the mic, yelling at some fans for booing a successful actor like himself. 

Reinhardt Hoffman used the chance to attack the knee! He hit a Shinbreaker onto the steel steps, then worked it over with a Figure Four in the ring! Harrison tried to fight his way out, but rumor was he had been kind of a douche at recent autograph signings that didn’t lend itself to his reputation among the Faithful. Eventually, Hoffman made the ropes! Reinhardt continued his work with a Dragon Screw, then tried a Jackknife pin for two!

Harrison eventually got the comeback when Hoffman tried a German Suplex, Harrion fought his way out and then clocked him with Dead Air (Impaler!) Harrison fought back to his feet and fought back with punches, kicks and a big Brainbuster Suplex. He capped that off with another big signature move, the Boom Shot (Spear) for a big two-count! 

Another Boom Shot sent both men tumbling to the floor! The two men fought on the outside and it seemed the official’s count was coming up close, but the two fought on the ring apron! But when they got to nine, Reinhardt got in and KICKED the bad leg out from under him! Hoffman  won by countout!

Winner: Reinhardt Hoffman via countout @ 8:12, advances to BRAZEN Onslaught Title Finals!

Post-match after Hoffman made his way back up the ramp, a HEATED Harrison grabbed the microphone. He was robbed! He was cheated! And he blames it all on the asshole Faithful that look down on him because they want what they can’t have… his movie star good looks! Harrison said sooner or later, he’d take matters into his own hands and he’d be a champion himself!


After a limping Jesse Harrison was helped to the back by trainers and then shoved them away, the next match was introduced to the crowd as the first-ever “GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY BATTLE CLUSTER!” A BRAZEN Battle Royale that could make a star here tonight. The winner would get themselves a shot they could cash in advance at any championship under the BRAZEN banner -- either BRAZEN Championship, the newly christened BRAZEN Onslaught Title or picking a partner to go after the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles. One by one, the following competitors entered the ring:

Gunther Adler, Doug “Moonshine” Matton, Theo Baylor, Sam Day, Mid Card Experiment(3), Thugs 4 Hire (Emilio Byrd, Hurtlocker Holt), Southern Bastards (JJ Dixon, MASSIVE Cowboy, Earl Lee Roberts), Brutal Attack Force (Solomon Grendel and Petey Garrett), Cristiano Caballero, David Hightower, Charlie Galt, Erin Bryer, Faith Clay, Kazuo Akamatsu, The Dunson Clan (Paul, sons Richie and Todd), Rhys Collins, Sweet Sanders, Virginia Quell, Titus Campbell, Strong AF, and "Mellow Yellow" George Othello.

It was a donnybrook right from the get-go and slowly but surely, names started to drop quickly within the first couple of seconds. Charlie Galt tried to take out Thugs 4 Hire, but they sent him packing! Caballero shoved people around and told him he was above BRAZEN since he was just on ACTS of DEFIANCE, then Caballero tried hitting on Sweet Sanders and Virginia Quell. They threw him out. Strong AF got an impressive elimination early by pressing MASSIVE Cowboy over his head, then throwing him out! Earl Lee Roberts wanted revenge for his partner, but Strong AF tossed him as well. JJ Dixon and Kazuo Akamatsu got tossed by the powerhouse Titus Campbell! He celebrated with the Flight Crew (his fans) and when The Brutal Attack Force tried tossing him, Titus turned the tables and sent two more people over! 

Doug “Moonshine” Matton looked impressive when he tried getting Strong AF out. He tried to get him out with a Powerbomb, but a reversal into his fabled Beer-Can-Rana sent him OVER the ropes and to the floor! David Hightower was tossing people left and right, which included all THREE members of the Midcard Experiment. Walter Levy was Clotheslined over, followed by El Hijo del Fishman Deluxe. CAGE! Tried to help his buddy, but David CHUCKED him out of the ring onto his stablemates! But when he turned his back, the youngest protege of Oscar Burns, “Mellow Yellow” George Othello, eliminated him with a Dropkick over the top rope! The fans went crazy! 

As Hightower had to be restrained going to the back, Othello was at the mercy of Gunther Adler and Rhys Collins! They laid a beating into him in the corner. when the crowd took notice… it was the elder statesman of the Dunson Clan, Paul Dunson! Unbeknownst to Quell and Faith Clay who were fighting over an elimination, he ran in and pushed them both out to jeers from the crowd! Harrison laughed it off until Titus Campbell and Doug Matton CLOCKED him and booted him through the ropes out onto the floor!

The two then turned their attention on one another and tried to eliminate each other. Virginia Quell and Sam Day were in a struggle to get one another over the ropes and then it turned to Gunther Adler tossing out Quell! He tried to get at Sam Day by knocking him over the ropes, but Day landed on his feet. Erin Bryer, but he pulled the ropes down and with help from the now interfering Richie and Todd Dunson, Gunther Adler was knocked over and then they bumrushed Sam Day on the apron, knocking him out as well! The crowd jeered the Dunson Clan for sneaking in late, but it seemed to pay off!

Thugs 4 Hire were dealing now with Rhys Collins and Sweet Sanders and then tossed them as well! A big “EMILIOOOOOOOOOO!” chant rocked the crowd, but then Hurtlocker Holt tried to get his own partner! The crowd “oooohed” that, but Emilio turned it around on him quickly and tossed him from the ring! Though they were tag partners, it was (almost) an every man for themselves situation… but the crowd jeered when Richie, Todd, and Paul Dunson helped tossed out Emilio! Theo Baylor was working George Othello over until he grabbed him and locked him in a Triangle Choke called Code Yellow into the ropes! The crowd roared as the young Yellow-clad Welshman FORCED Baylor up and over…  but the crowd booed again when Gunther TOSSED Othello from the ring as well!

It came down to six now!

Gunther Adler. 

The Dunson Clan in their entirety. 

Titus Campbell. 

Doug “Moonshine” Matton. 

Matton continued to fight against Gunther Adler and Titus fought against Richie and Todd while Paul yelled out commands from his corner. Adler grabbed Matton and chucked him over with a big Belly to Belly Suplex!  Adler turned and saw Titus chucking Todd over the ropes next! Richie hit Adler with a Superkick then tried to get him over, but he grabbed the leg and HURLED him from the ring! Titus Campbell then tossed HIM over and turned to face Paul when out of nowhere, a new player entered the fray and SPEARED Titus nearly out of his boots!

The Faithful booed as Paul Dunson and the newcomer both grabbed Paul and threw out Campbell! The bell rang and highway robbery had just occured.

The GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY BATTLE CLUSTER had just been stolen by Paul Dunson!

Winner: Paul Dunson @ 14:57, Wins GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY BATTLE CLUSTER!

Post-match, both Richie and Todd joined their dad and the new man that looked to be about 6'2" and 270. Paul took the mic and said he now had a title shot and would change the fortune of the Dunson Clan with help from his nephew, Finn Dunson! The Dunsons picked up Paul and held him on their shoulders to celebrate the win.


The next match was something of a grudge match pitting former World Trios Champion Troy Matthews going up against a kid making real waves in the business in his first few months. The student of wrestling legends “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy and Vivica J. Valentine, The 19-year-old gaming sensation and wrestler Declan “DEC4L” Alexander. Stemming back a couple months ago, the two men had a twenty minute draw and then subsequently fought in a series of matches without a definitive winner. Now, tonight, they looked to finally see who was the better man. Alexander came out to a great response first and vlogged on his way to the ring. He was taking this match very seriously. Troy Matthews came out next and greeted the crowd who cheered on the DEFIANCE favorite. 

Matthews known as The Slayer of Giants and Alexander fought. It was Matthews taking the advantage early, lighting up the bigger Alexander with stiff kicks to the legs. A STIFF npair of Thrust Kicks sent Declan to the outside and then Troy followed that up with a HUGE Somersault Dive! Troy tossed Declan back into the ring and worked the gaming sensation over with his signature kicking offense to the chest and got a near fall from a Penalty Kick to the chest!

A second kick attempt failed him because Declan fought back and HURLED him up in the air with the YEET~! Troy hit the mat hard and popped right up into a killer Dropkick from the bigger man. Declan controlled the pace for the moment, taking the fight to Troy with forearms he no doubt learned from Lindsay Troy. Troy fought back using kicks to the leg, but Declan kicked him back and sent him to the apron. He tried the GGEZ Kick, but his Yakuza Kick missed Troy when he sidestepped it and cracked him with a leaping Enzuigiri from the apron followed by a great Missile Dropkick from the top!

Troy Matthews took back control and decided to work over the neck of DEC4L, using the Cravate to hold him down. He threw upward knees and dropped Declan into a Neckbreaker out of that for a two-count. Matthews followed up with a Double Foot Stomp to the chest followed by a Dropkick to the back of the head! Troy continued the punishment on the neck using a Hammerlock/Neck Crank combo. The Faithful started rallying for young Declan to fight his way out. He eventually did so and tossed Troy over his shoulder. When Troy got up, the GGEZ finally connected for a close two-count!

Declan used a Russian Legsweep, Knee Strikes and then a DDT for another two! Declan tried for the Play of the Game (Ace Cutter) but Troy caught him with a quick Backslide for 2.99999999999! The crowd couldn't believe it! Troy hit a Sole Kick and a Dropkick to the knee to set up the Rough Divide, but Declan cleverly caught him in mid air, tossed him up…


The crowd was on their feet after an INCREDIBLE  unexpected counter well beyond his years! 




WINNER: Declan "DEC4L" Alexander @ 12:31 with Play of the Game

Declan helped Troy to his feet afterwards and the DEFIANCE veteran gave him a handshake and a hug to celebrate the occasion. Declan then invited Troy to guest on his vlog and the two did just that for many of Declan's followers and the thousand-plus in attendance tonight.


The Viking War Cult have made enemies of the tag team BADASS since eliminating them from the original BRAZEN Tag Team Gauntlet match. They traded victories and beat the hell out of each other. Eventually, Capital Punishment's hand-picked enforcer for the brand, BRAGG, got involved preventing the VWC from ruining a BRAZEN Championship match. Now the score looked to be settled tonight.

BADASS made their entrances first, but Cul and the Holmstrom Twins didn't wait! They bumrushed them on the way to the ring for an early advantage. Tripp Wise got beat down with a chain by Cul while the twins attacked Davis Bloome on the ramp…

Then BRAGG arrived!

Handing out slams for everyone, The Big Bad lived up to his name and got cheers from his local fanbase as the giant NOLA native kicked ass and took names… until Torvald the Destroyer KILLED him with the Gungnir Spear on the ramp! The crowd jeered now when the Viking War Cult held court, putting Bloome and Wise in the ring for a three on two beatdown while Torvald dragged BRAGG to the back to try and neutralize the giant!

Cul choked Davis with a chain while Wise tried to help. Hip Attacks landed on both Ivar and Floki, but Cul had enough of his ass in more ways than one… killing him via Lariatoooooo! Surprisingly this only got a two-count!

Wise and Bloome had the crowd cheering as they fought back for brief flashes. Bloome got into a WICKED chop battle with Cul that had to be seen to be believed! Ivar and Floki took out Wise on the ramp with a Double Suplex! After they take out the Wise Ass, both Ivar and Floki went to set up a table on the outside.

Torvald The Destroyer finally made his way out from the back, with the rest of the VWC looking ready to end things… 

But BRAGG returned!

The crowd popped when Torvald heard the reaction and turned only to get MOWED down by the returning giant with the stiffest of right hands called Sorry About Your Jaw! Torvald stumbled, then took a second shot and crumbled! BRAGG came down to the ring and all hell broke loose!

Sorry About Your Jaw to Ivar!

Watch That Last Step on Floki!

Cul assaulted BRAGG with a chair and kept him down to a knee, but Davis Bloome returned and knocked Cul down with a huge Flying Kick called Plant The Seed! Wise returned…


After taking him out, BRAGG grabbed Floki… THEY ALL FALL DOWN THROUGH THE TABLE! 

The table exploded into pieces and then BRAGG made the cover!




WINNER: BADASS and BRAGG @ 14:46 with They All Fall Down (BRAGG pins Floki)

After the match, BRAGG grabbed the microphone and thanked the fans for coming. He promised as long as he was around to maintain order, people like VWC will get what they deserve. Bloome said thanks to the fans for making BRAZEN something special and that they look forward to kicking more ass than before. Wise added a simple "YEAH!" Cul looked on from the floor, growling with hatred. His eyes never left BRAGG and watched the giant and his new friends head out of the ring before the show took a brief intermission before part two of the show!


After a quick ten-minute Intermission, the crowd was greeted by the current BRAZEN Champion Nathaniel Eye as well once again by Capital Punishment! Eye thanked the crowd for coming and said tonight he was going to continue showing the world why he was both a lover and a fighter when he slayed LET's Beast known only as Killjoy. He also talked about being a part of next week's TAG PARTY II special with his best friend, Dex Joy! Eye said he and Dex were gonna win that $75,000 cash prize and TAG PARTY OO Trophies! Eye headed backstage and turned things over to the BRAZEN Matchmaker. With that in mind, Cappy took the microphone as he was there to reveal that later this week, the official brackets would be revealed on 

Cappy thanked the crowd and then headed to the back… 


The crowd JEERED the battered Cul with chair in hand, still nursing his wounds from his match, but still dangerous as ever! He stood over the former IWO Legend and growled. He had a microphone and told him that him sending BRAGG against the Cult would be the worst thing he had ever done in his career. Before he could say more, both BRAGG and Nathaniel Eye came back out and Cul snuck away through the crowd! BRAGG started down the leader Viking War Cult leader after his sick assault against his mentor and watched him disappear from sight. Trainers attended to the viciously assaulted veteran and BRAZEN Matchmaker as some adverts played for upcoming events for BRAZEN and DEFIANCE. 


Up next on the show was a very special Open Challenge! Former BRAZEN Champion "The Wrestling Bear" Jack Mace got a big ovation from the DEF Faithful. He greeted the Faithful and the former WrestleFriends member told the crowd he wanted to make his mentor Oscar Burns proud. With that he challenged any member of the DEFIANCE or BRAZEN rosters to meet him in the ring.

He got "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne!


The crowd responded to the DEFIANCE star with a massive "welcome back!" chant! Even Mace was taken aback, but he would have to come back to Earth to beat the father of High Flyer IV!

Harmen kept ahead of big Jack Mace using a headlock to keep the big man at bay. Mace tried pushing off the ropes but Harmen ducked low to the mat to keep his grip. He grounded Mace some more until Mace tried to lift him for a Back Suplex… but Harmen rolled forward and took Mace with him! 

Mace tried to counter back to his feet but Harmen ran the buckles, then rolled Mace back into the same Headlock! The Lunatic was having fun until Mace got up again and finally tried to toss Harmen over the ropes, but Harmen grabbed his neck and snapped it over the ropes! Harmen flew back in with a Springboard Thesz Press, but only got a two.

Harmen tried to control Mace again with a kick to knock him back to the corner, then Harmen called for the Locomotive…


Mace THREW up him in the air, caught him with a Bearhug and CHUCKED him overhead with a Suplex! The crowd cheered on Mace when Harmen got to the corner, then hit a HUGE Bear Paws (Cross Chop), then hit another big Bearhug Suplex out of the corner for two!

A Running Splash followed by Mace, and then a Falling Headbutt to the ribs for another two-count. Mace grounded things with a big Bodyscissors, keeping the decorated wrestling star of twenty-plus years grounded! Mace was no Oscar Burns, but made good use of his power to ground Harmen. 

Harmen tried to counter by grabbing Mace, but he rolled him over into a flash pin (yes, from the big man) called The Giant Package, but only got another two. Mace tried a Suplex, but Harmen fought free then turned it into a huge Neckbreaker in mid-counter!

The Faithful chose Harmen to rally behind now as he cracked Mace with an Enzuigiri, but when he went outside, Harmen hit a HUGE Springboard Shooting Star Press to the outside!

After some replays showed the amazing aerial move, Harmen quickly got Mace back inside

***** ½ Star Frog Splash…

But Mace kicked out at 2.999999!

Harmen geared up for the end and then had Mace in his sights. He tried another Locomotive, but Mace hit a Lariat to the leg of Harmen first! The unique counter led to a big slam…


Mace landed his Diving Headbutt and that had to be all! Could he get the biggest win of his career tonight?




Mace thought he had it, but the official’s two fingers told him different. Mace then grabbed Harmen. The Bear Trap had submitted many BRAZEN stars, but Harmen rolled back and rolled out!

Back on their feet, Mace charged right into…


The big Yakuza Kick that Harmen used as his finisher sent The Wrestling Bear sailing into the ropes…


And a second one finally knocked the Big Bear off his feet! Harmen fell right into the cover!




WINNER: Jack Harmen @ 12:27 with the Locomotive 

After the match, Harmen shook Mace's hand and helped the big man to his feet. Mace returned with a big hug that might have readjusted his spine! Mace held the ropes open for Harmen and the two headed to the back 


The winner of this matchup would be granted a shot at the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles. The match started out with the Dibbins Brothers facing off against To The Maxx. Neither member of To The Maxx wanted to touch either Dibbins Brother, so the Dibbins just brawled with stiff punches and chops. Mingle fired back with a HUGE loud chop of his own and turned to Wilson for endorsement. Luke took a bucket of dirt and entered, tossing it into TTM’s face which caused a DQ. As the Dibbins left, Mingle held open the ropes and Wilson suicide dove onto them. To The Maxx d. The Dibbins via Disqualification.

Oliver Tarquin Monroe rushed out from the backstage area, grabbing Wilson and hitting a russian legsweep into the barricade. Elder Lord Sewell punted Wilson before he could recover as OTM hit the ring. Mingle noticed the assault outside the ring and made OTM pay with a spinebuster, into a body avalanche. Sewell tossed something into the ring, and then tried to enter. With the ref distracted, OTM clocked Mingle in the jaw knocking him out. He quickly stuffed something into his trunks, as Sewell relented. Gentleman’s Agreement d. To The Maxx via pinfall.

OTM and Sewell discussed strategy as “Stay in Escuella!” was shouted over the pa system. Corey Nunez and Hugo Gonzalez came out supporting Geraldo’s DOC opportunity, wearing Geraldo themed basketball jerseys with Pelicans colors. Hugo caught OTM with a spinning wheel kick as Corey caught Sewell with a tiger feint kick. Barrio’s ran wild until OTM and Sewell regrouped on the outside. OTM handed Sewell something and rushed to the other side of the ring. He grabbed a chair and climbed onto the apron, as the official yelled at him to drop it. Corey reached out of the ring on the other side to grab Sewell and drag him in, only to be clocked in the face with a pair of brass knucks. Nunez tumbled like a ton of bricks. Sewell casually walked over to the Barrio Bros’ corner and swept Hugo’s legs out from under him. As Oliver dumped the chair and hooked the leg. Gentleman’s Agreement d. The Barrio Bros via pinfall.

Enter, the Louisiana Bulldogs. These two teams know each other better than any other teams in BRAZEN, having faced in some way at four of the first five CLASH. And here they meet again. Big Olly hit a massive German Suplex on OTM, into a northern lights suplex, and then a throwing powerslam. OTM begged off, back to his corner, as Sewell tried to slip him something. Denver called it out to Oliver, who smacked OTM’s hand causing a spray of powder to hit Sewell! OTM stumbled into Sewell and sent him off the mat, causing a tag.  OTM pled his innocence, but Oliver belly to bellyied him into the other corner. Oliver picked up OTM onto his shoulders for an electric chair and tagged out to Denver, but Sewell charged and clipped Big Olly’s knees. Denver splatted on the mat. Sewell dove on top of Denver and locked in Naval Command. Gentleman’s Agreement d. Louisiana Bulldogs via submission.

Smoke rose from the entrance as the former Asylum star Eddie Cheno came out, along with recent BRAZEN signee Tornado Titilayo. The massive almost six foot T-Rex towered over the 6’5” Cheno, and Sewell and OTM both knew they were in for a fight.

Cheno entered and Sewell and OTM pounced, trying to keep the blue afro’d stoner grounded. OTM tried to lock in a knee bar, but T-Rex reached down, deadlifting OTM off of Eddie, onto his shoulders into a lawn dart toss into Lord Sewell. Gentleman’s Agreement agreed to strategize outside. Their next attempt wouldn’t fare better, as their technical grappling was reversed with some of the stiffest strikes possible. OTM’s bell was rung leaving Sewell by himself. In a last ditch effort, Sewell took the brass knucks and tried to strike T-Rex, but the official saw them and got in between. Sewell still threw the punch, but T-Rex caught it. Into a powerslam, but while Cheno left the ring, OTM pulled Sewell off T-Rex’s shoulders and the Lord rolled up Titilayo, illegally hooking the tights for an unexpected 3. Gentleman’s Agreement d. High Investigations. Post match, Lord Sewell attempted to punch T-Rex but Cheno came in and uppercutted the Lord out of the ring. But the damage had been doing. Gentlemen's Agreement LITERALLY cheated and stole their way through almost an entire gauntlet and won the right to face the winner of tonight's BRAZEN Tag Team Title match at a future date!

WINNER: Gentlemen's Agreement @ 19:29, last eliminating High Investigations 


Two of BRAZEN’s long time members were about to meet in the finals of the BRAZEN Onslaught Title tournament.  A short-lived, but popular title among the Faithful was now being reactivated as a BRAZEN title with the added caveat that it would be defended on ALL BRAZEN-branded events in the style of a TV Title. This match would either give first-ever BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman another first on his resume, or it would reward one of the longest-tenured members of the roster recently coming into his own as a singles star in big Gerardo Villalobos. Hoffman made his entrance out first to the jeers of the crowd, but the Gentleman German paid them no mind. Meanwhile, the BRAZEN Faithful were firmly in Villalobos’ corner. With Hugo Gonzales, Corey Nunez, and Mr. Salazar greeting him at the ramp, he was going to go it alone from that point forward. 

Both men had been through their own greuling openers to wrestle a second time. The bell rang and Villalobos was on the move with a huge Running Body Block right off the bat! Hoffman barely had time to react as he wasn't expecting the leader of the Barrio Boys to do what he did. He picked him up and planted Hoffman with a big Belly to Belly Suplex for a two-count! Hoffman quickly retreated from the ring. Gerardo inched out of the ring and once again, ran right over Hoffman with a HUGE Shoulder Tackle on the floor, sending him into the barricade! It looked like big Villalobos was invoking the spirit of past champions when the previous title emphasized more strong style and brawls. 

Villalobos threw him back inside and a big trifecta of elbow drops got a two-count from Villalobos! He tried to end things quickly when he dragged Hoffman’s body off the mat for Stay In Escuela,  but Hoffman slipped out and went right to the leg! A strategy that paid dividends for his countout win earlier over Jesse Harrison. He tried the same Figure Four as well, but Villalobos kicked him away and onto the ring apron. When Gerardo tried to get at him and climb through the ropes, Hoffman grabbed the leg…


The crowd winced in unison! Villalobos’ leg was now left wide open and Hoffman followed up with a Running Penalty Kick, aimed at his leg! Villalobos stumbled over and the big man got hit with another Running Penalty Kick to the chest! Hoffman covered, but only got himself a two-count! He held onto the leg and went right into an Ankle Lock! Hoffman tortured Villalobos with the deadly hold now that his leg was a target for him, but as much as he applied the pressure, the crowd cheering on the leader of the Barrio Boys fueled him towards a slow crawl… 


A little more…

Made the ropes!

Hoffman let go of the Ankle Lock, but when Villalobos was near the ropes, he got clocked with a big Knee Trembler from Hoffman! He took a second one and got brought down to the mat. He got one! He got two!

But not three!

Villalobos gutted it out. Hoffman let him have it with a pair of European Uppercuts and a pair of Knife-Edge Chops, but Gerardo shrugged it off and fired back a big Headbutt that would have made the DEFIANCE version of the first title’s holder, Frank Dylan James proud. Hoffman went to the ropes and ate a big Running Back Elbow in the corner followed up into an Over The Shoulder Facebuster for a two-count! On one bad wheel, Villalobos got up and the tanktop came off! He grabbed Hoffman for Stay in Escuela again but the leg slowed him down! That gave Hoffman the chance to take him down with yet another Knee Trembler and then apply his Cross-Legged STF!

He cranked on the hold and it looked like he had nowhere to go! But with quick thinking… Villalobos did what he could and BIT the hand of Hoffman! Hoffman wasn’t expecting it and neither was the crowd! He let go…

Villalobos got back up…


The Dominator finally connected! Villalobos turned Hoffman around…




With that final burst, Villalobos weathered the storm! And now the leader of the Barrio Boys was in possession of his first-ever title in BRAZEN!

WINNER AND FIRST-EVER BRAZEN ONSLAUGHT CHAMPION: Gerardo Villalobos @ 17:41 with Stay In Escuela! 

It wasn’t long before the other members of the popular group came to the ring. Nunez, Gonzalez and Mr. Salazar all jumped on their buddy in a big group hug to celebrate the occasion! They were now not only holding their first gold, but Gerardo Villalobos was now the standard-bearer for a new title. The title would be defended from here on out at every BRAZEN show, but if this win over a former BRAZEN Champion proved anything, it was that big Gerardo was ready for the test!


The BRAZEN Tag Team Titles have been hotly contested since the team made up of third-generation stars, Les Enfants Terribles, won the titles in a six-team gauntlet match at the last CLASH special. But as they racked up the wins, High Flyer IV and Archer Silver attracted a lot of attention, including that of the undefeated monsters, Heavy Artillery, along with two of BRAZEN’s longest-tenured stars Levi Cole and Butcher Victorious. In addition, the World’s Nicest Tag Team have a big six-man elimination match victory over the champions. If there was a true challenge for LET, this would be it. An undefeated team and a team that by all rights, had their number since coming together. 

Heavy Artillery came out first to a big mixed response from the crowd. 6’1” and 330-pound indy vet Bobby Horrigan took the 6’6” and 460-pound Roosevelt Owens under his wing and formed a successful team after. Butcher and Levi - the World’s Nicest Tag Team - came out next and had the crowd on their side. LET arrived last. This time, there was no Killjoy by their side. The monster of LET was taking on Nathaniel Eye for the title after this match so he was focusing there. 

Butcher and High Flyer IV were the first two into the match and both men wowed the crowd quickly with an amazing aerial display that ended in High Flyer IV rolling his way out of a Headscissors and land on his feet! Of course when he turned around, Butcher let him have it with a Spinning Heel Kick and a Running Senton off the ropes! Butcher and Levi showed good teamwork with a corner forearm by Butcher followed by an even bigger Belly to Belly Release Suplex for a two!

Eventually, Cole tried a move off the ropes and was tagged by Bobby Horrigan, which got the official to boot Cole back to his corner. Bobby wanted in and worked over HF IV with a pair of Body Slams and a big Leg Drop for a two-count, broken up by Archer Silver with a kick! Bobby got back up and clubbed Archer off the apron! HF IV tried to get out of the ring and leaped over him with a Buckle Bomb he called the Boston Strong, flipping over and landing on his feet. A blind tag led to Archer Silver leaping into the ring and hitting a HUGE Silver Bullet (Running Gamengiri) for a CLOSE two! Archer struck Bobby with his vicious Shoot Kicks and showed his training from his Hall of Fame Uncle and Father didn’t go to waste. Bobby fought back and the crowd cheered the two for the slugfest being thrown… until Bobby went low and hit a shin kick, then an eye poke! 

Bobby and Big Rose worked over Silver now which included a Double Shoulder Block and VICIOUS Elbow Drops from both men, then scoring a two-count. Rosey Owens stepped on Archer against the ropes and then Bobby hopped on his back while he was doing that, getting some cheers for the big men. Bobby leaped off and Rosey went back to fighting Archer, hitting a chop. Archer barely escaped a Samoan Drop attempt and kicked the leg out from under Rosey, then leveled him with a Thrust Kick sending him to the ropes, to tag into Levi! Levi was a house of fire, suplexing Archer all the live-long day! HF IV tried a Springboard, but got caught then hit with another Belly to Belly! Cole hit big Clotheslines on both Archer and HF IV, then tried the Gutwrench on Archer, but he slipped out and Bobby Horrigan tagged in! He tried to catch Cole, but when he got there, Levi Cole turned around and caught Bobby wiht a Fireman’s Carry into a cradle!




ELIMINATED: Heavy Artillery via pinfall (Cole over Horrigan) @ 9:01 with a Fireman’s Carry Cradle

Bobby protested with the referee, but it was not to be. Heavy Artillery got the last laugh with Big Rose threw Butcher off the ring apron and TOSSED him down with a Powerbomb on the ring apron! Bobby got payback with a kick to the balls and a Headbutt to Cole before leaving! 

As Heavy Artillery cleared the ring, it came down to a beaten and battered World’s Nicest Tag Team against Archer Silver and HF IV, who had been making a career in BRAZEN so far as opportunists of the highest calibur. 

Silver and HF IV picked the bones of Levi Cole by working him over with everything that they could throw after that. Silver’s pin-point kicks working over his chest and back. High Flyer IV and a gorgeous Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault variation for two. And they even got two with a new move to their arsenal. A Running Knee Strike from Silver followed by a Diving Double Knee Drop from HF IV, affectionately entitled All The Knees! Still, Cole wouldn’t stay down! 

When Archer had a clear cut chance to end things with his Saito Suplex variant called Gold Fever, Cole blocked it with a Headlock, hit a knee and then drove him down with a Gutwrench Powerbomb, but couldn’t follow up!

This whole time, the crowd had willed Butcher back up as he was still down from the earlier bomb by Rosey Owens. He fought through the pain for this big opportunity and then when he had the chance, he tagged in and flew all over the place! A huge Springboard Missile Dropkick took down High Flyer IV, and then a Superkick for Archer knocked him off the ring apron to keep him down. HF IV then got taken out with a quick Suicide Dive through the ropes!

He tossed him back inside and then leaped off the top rope with a huge Blockbuster Neckbreaker, but only got a two-count! The crowd thought that was the finish when Butcher got back up and then tried a big Michinoku Driver-like move only for HF IV to slip out. Butcher hit the corner, then HF IV barraged him a Corner Elbow Smash, then a Corner Yakuza Kick, then snapped him out of the corner, only to get a two-count himself!

Silver tried to get back involved again and Butched ducked! Silver barely avoided taking HF IV’s head clean off with a kick of his own, but Butcher threw Silver into HF IV and got a nearfall off a Schoolboy! He was back up and when he tried the Velvet Crown… NO! Flyer hit a big Superkick of his own in mid-move! Archer came back… KICKY MCGEE! Butcher was down and when Cole finally tried to get back in, Archer cracked him with another Silver Bullet!




By hook or by crook, the champs had retained clean!

WINNER: And STILL BRAZEN Tag Team Champions, Les Enfants Terrible @ 20:05 with Kicky McGee (HF IV pins Butcher)

The World’s Nicest Tag Team were given a nice ovation for their troubles by the crowd, but tonight, Les Enfants Terribles were showing BRAZEN exactly why they were the team to beat. A team that gelled together naturally had proved themselves once again whether people liked it or not. 


Before the show got to the main event that would see BRAZEN Champion Nathaniel Eye put his title on the line against LET's Beast, Killjoy, the camera cut to an advertisement for the upcoming TAG PARTY II  on Labor Day! During DEF's ACTS of DEFIANCE PPV, the twelve teams made up of DEFIANCE and BRAZEN stars were announced with one of those being kept secret...

The show confirmed that one of those teams will be DEFIANCE and now BRAZEN star, 'The Wildcard' Jack Harmen! And in an interesting twist, he would be teamed not with his own son, that sources say refused to team with him... but his co-Tag Team Champion Archer Silver would! The team would affectionately be named Jack Harmen and Son...ny's Nephew, referring to Archer being the nephew of the infamous former multiple-time World Champion, Sonny Silver. 

With that, the rules displayed for the fans to see for next week's DEFIANCE/BRAZEN Special!

--Three Blocks of Four Teams Each. The A Block, B Block and C Block.

--The winners of the six opening matches would face to determine each block's respective winners. 

--The winners of each Block face off in a three-way elimination match at the end of the night. The winners will be crowned this year's TAG PARTY winners and will receive a $75,000 cash prize to be presented by Favoured Saints!



Team Rhyming Names Are Cool (“Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns/”Mellow Yellow” George Othello) vs. Flex In A Box (Klein/Flex Kruger)

Team Shut Up And Hit ‘em! (“Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy/Declan “DEC4L” Alexander) vs. The Odd Couple (Jestal/Roosevelt Owens)


The Biggest Best Boys! (“The Biggest Boy” Dex Joy/BRAZEN Champion Nathaniel Eye) vs. Jack Harmen and Son...ny's Nephew (Jack Harmen/BRAZEN Tag Team Champion Archer Silver)

Stalk ‘N’ Hoff (Stalker/Reinhardt Hoffman) vs. Team No Chaser ("Black Out" Patrick Cassidy/Doug "Moonshine" Matton)


The Boy Scout Brigade OR The World’s Second Nicest Tag Team (“Sub Pop” Scott Douglas/Levi Cole) vs. Team Conor Will Lead Us To Victory (Conor Fuse/"Free Refills" Berry Chernobyl)

Rag$ To Riche$ (FIST of DEFIANCE “The World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer” Mikey Unlikely/David Hightower) vs. Perfectly Great (Perfection/Aleczander The Great)

The crowd gasped at the last one! FIST of DEFIANCE Mikey Unlikely opposing his own new partner in crime, Perfection! How would that and other matches turn out?

Well, that was a question for another time. 

It was now time for the main event of the evening!

BRAZEN CHAMPIONSHIP: Nathaniel Eye (c) vs. Killjoy

The evening was finally at an end and it had come down to this. The unlikely pretty boy champion that cashed in on the biggest opportunity anybody had in BRAZEN at that point to become champion at the last CLASH special. That man became a fighting champion, defending the title during the subsequent BRAZEN Double Shot shows, sometimes twice on back to back nights to prove he was deserving of the mantle. Uber-popular with the BRAZEN fans and known for his friendship with rising DEFIANCE star “The Biggest Boy” Dex Joy.

Then along came LET’s Beast, Killjoy. 

Thus far the undefeated monster had run through anyone in his path, including a win over another former BRAZEN Champion Jack Mace, to earn this shot. Since then, LET looked to complete their stranglehold on BRAZEN by getting the top gold. The Tag Team Titles had been theirs. Could they add the BRAZEN Championship tonight? 

Killjoy arrived first to the sounds of “Seizure to Power” by Marilyn Manson, arriving in chains for his ankles and wrists. By his side, his LET brethren HF IV and Archer Silver quickly unshackled him and then patted him on the arm. While the exact nature of the relationship between the two third-generation stars and Killjoy was unknown, what was known was the half-Native American meant business as he entered the ring. He was ready to take his place at the top of the mountain. Opposing him was Nathaniel Eye, the young 24 year old who had made a name for himself as a great fighting champion. The man who touted that he was equally adept as a lover and a fighter was popular with ladies and gentlemen equally. He raised the title over his head and showed it off as he marched to the ring. He held it up for Killjoy to see and then passed his coveted title for him to hold. The bell rang. 

Killjoy wasn’t moving and Nathaniel Eye himself, a true athletic blue chipper at 6’3” and 235, was unsure of how to approach the 6’10” and near 400-pound monstrosity. He decided mat wrestling wasn’t for him and just went for broke quickly, going at the big monster with forearms… that did nothing. Killjoy shook them off and tossed him aside with a huge Biel Throw! Eye got up when Killjoy quickly came at him like a freight train with a Body Avalanche! Another Biel Throw told both Eye and the Faithful that Killjoy was taking that title by force. 

Eye got up, but when Killjoy came at him, a Dropkick to the knee was followed by a second, and then by a Basement Dropkick by Eye. He followed that with a big Elbow Drop off the second rope… and barely registered a one-count! The Lover and Fighter tried for the Starry Eyed Surprise, but Killjoy shut that shit down quickly and simply caught, then dropped him with a big slam. The monster called Killjoy was jeered by the crowd as he ran down Eye again with a big Clothesline, then tossed him to the outside.

He tossed the top half of the steel steps off and then turned back to grab Eye. He hoisted him up and the crowd worried for Eye as he tried to Powerbomb him on the steps… but Eye fought back! He punched away until Killjoy let him go. Eye took his best shot next with a Somersault Apron Dive, taking out Killjoy on the floor!

Eye headed back into the ring and then he headed to the top rope. Not completely unfamiliar territory for the champ, but what he used was new…


That got a chant about blessed fecal matter from the Faithful! By far the biggest risk Nathaniel Eye had taken but against a beast the caliber of Killjoy he needed to. 

Eye eventually got him back into the ring and loaded up a Spear… BUT KILLJOY GRABBED HIM! He stopped Eye dead in his tracks and simply dumped him over with a Release Vertical Suplex! The crowd couldn't believe after all Eye had thrown at him, Killjoy shook it off and what made matters worse?


Eye was launched right into the buckle! And Killjoy followed it up by grabbing his hair and slamming him down after a huge Clubbing Forearm to the chest! Killjoy finally looked like he was done punishing Eye and tried a pin… but only got two!

Eye fought back, but he was stopped with a knee, then a vicious Rib Breaker! Then another! And then another!

But despite this, he only got another two-count! 

Eye was not looking well at this point especially when Killjoy had him for the Vertical Suplex into the Piledriver he called the FreeFall…

But Eye slipped out the back!

Another Chop Block hit the leg and then Nathaniel Eye nailed the Starry Eyed Surprise! He didn't follow up right away because Killjoy was almost stumbling and was already almost to his feet… second Starry-eyed Surprise! The Flying Knee Strike connected… and he only got one and a half!

Eye couldn't believe it so he slowly crawled back up… Starry Eyed Surprise to the back of the head! Killjoy crumbled like a ton of bricks, but when Eye got him over, he headed up top…


The signature Diving Moonsault connected! Would this be it?




Just barely a two at that!

Eye decided it was time to go for broke. Killjoy stumbled up and Eye tried for Eyes on the Prize… he tried getting him up with a Fireman’s Carry…  but the punishment ny Killjoy namely to the midsection was too much and he collapsed with Killjoy on his back!

Killjoy had Eye where he wanted him throttling him off the mat and then right back down into a Chokeslam! 



Thr… No!

Killjoy simply popped the bones in his neck. He grabbed Eye again… Pop-up into a NASTY Forearm!

The Faithful cringed from the impact as he covered again…




There was SOME fight left in Eye… but barely. The move appeared to bust his mouth open, but he limped up. But if they thought that was bad?


The Steiner Screwdriver connected. And from there, the count was academic.




WINNER: and NEW BRAZEN Champion, Killjoy @ 13:39 with the Freefall

The crowd couldn't believe that after all that Eye had kicked out of some of Killjoy's best shots, but at the end, it was just too much. The unchained animal of LET snatched the championship away from the official and held it high. No smile. No celebration. No pandering. 

It was all his now.

Killjoy simply left the ring while Nathaniel Eye was tended to. He was bleeding from his mouth and was barely aware of what was going on, other than being barely there.

At the top of the ramp, Les Enfants Terribles gathered.

Archer Silver and High Flyer IV with the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles.

Killjoy with THE BRAZEN Championship.

The vicious third-generation stars and their monster now all had possession of BRAZEN gold. 

BRAZEN belonged to Les Enfants Terribles. 

Results compiled and archived with Backstage 3.1.