Retaliation 3

3 Mar 2013

Arena at Gwinnett Center, Duluth, Georgia (seats 13,000)


Fuck March Madness, Retaliation is back. After having some technical difficulties, the stream returns this week to However you still have some time before the show, so like a good little boy or girl, you hit the website up to check out the dark match results.

Welcome folks to the Retaliation taping dark match results. I'm the newest addition to the website, your correspondent for all things DEFIANCE, David Smith. Retaliation was taped in Duluth, Georgia at the Arena at Gwinnett Center in front of a crowd of 1,206.

To kick the show off, for the second Retaliation in a row, Chance Von Crank came out informed them that tonight the Shock 'n' Rolla was going to bring some Trailer Park Justice when he faced the king of the mountain himself, the mastedon, Frank Dylan James.


Once cVc left the ring the fans went crazy as they knew that the first match of the night was about to begin. It would be a match with two men of different sizes and styles.

Luke Windham took control early on, using his size advantage to toss Jeremy Knyte around like he was nothing. However, after Knyte was able to take Windham down with a chop block to the back of the knee, things turned around. Using his rough brawling style, Jeremy Knyte focused on keeping the big man down, effectivly keeping control of the match.

However, it would be a sloppy attempt at a technical manuever that would be Knytes downfall, as he gave Windham the oppertunity to catch him with a knee lift, then scoop Knyte up and end the match for the win with a running powerslam.


Sam Johnson was first to the ring. Stratton came out show boating with a tennis racket. As he entered the ring the referee took the racket and called for the bell. Stratton turned around toward Johnson and promply was on the reciving end of a spear followed by a ground and pound.

The referee pulled Johnson up and pushed him away. Stratton tried to catch Sam Johnson with a low blow, but was hit in the back of the head. Johnson applied a sleeper hold until Seth Stratton could no longer stay awake. The referee called for the title and that was all she wrote.


[After reading the results from before the taping, you realize "Oh Fuck! It begins to stream in about a minute!"  You quickly click the link that directly tells you to STREAM RETALIATION.



Even more buffering...]

[Seriously, it's 2013, it's time to get high speed internet you cheap fuck.]

[Buffering... 97%.... no movement... the hourglass appears and begins to spin...


You sigh, placing your forehead into your hand and wondering if this is really life before finally it moves to 99%....



[The screen is black, it is time for.... RETALIATION@~! A bad ass intro video plays with shiny sparkles and the Retaliation logo busting through. "Oh shit" you think to yourself, "DEFIANCE is moving up in the world!"]


^ I Promise, It Will Get Better. Just Pretend for Now. ^


[As the logo burst through the screen, we go to an energized crowd of Georgia's finest wresting fans screaming their heads off, ready for even more action packed, fucking awesome DEFIANCE action. We zoom in on the fans as the camera moves from the back of the arena toward the stage.

These DEFIANCE fans are one of a kind, which can be seen by the various signs in the crowd:

I got my ticket for free!

Where's Cancer Jiles?!

I want to suck jeff Andrews Cock!


As we finally find the stage, the camera rest upon it, showing off the new Retaliation set. Three screens and a ton of metal, yea, this is the big leagues baby.]

[Strobe lights begin to flash across the bottom of the entrance set as a set of smoke machines let out blast of fog. The fans get crazy as they know, RETALIATION is about to begin.]

[The camera fades from the stage to actually focus on the two men sitting behind the  broadcast table.]

"Man it feels great to be back Frank! It's been a long three weeks!"

"Oh yea it has! it's almost like a second life has been breathed into these men and women backstage. It's the start of a new era in DEFIANCE and damn it I'm glad we are apart of it."

"For the next hour DEFIANCE brings to you the non stop action right here from deep in the heart of Georgia."

"Enough talking, it's time. I know the fans out there are ready. Let's get it... RETALIATION IS HERE!"

[We get a shot of the ring before fading into a commercial for the new iOS application that the (e)Wrestling Spot has unveiled.]

Chance von Crank vs Frank Dylan James

[As we return to ringside, both men are already in the ring]
"This should be a hell of a match!!"
"I can't wait to see Chance Von Crank put James out!."
"So you think Crank will be a winner, then?"
"Of course!"
[The bell sounds.]
"And we're off!"
[And as Frank marches up to Crank, he balls both fists up, brings his hands over his head, and double-fist smashes him in the chest!]
"What a double axe-handle!"
[cVc falls back against the ropes, and FDJ comes charging across the ring, smashing a shoulder-block into his chest, sending the Trailer Park Prodigy out of the ring.]
"And there he goes!"
[FDJ begins to storm around the ring once more, arms pumping as he hoots and howls. The crowd didn't quite know whether to boo or cheer... But a chant of "MAS-TO-DON! MAS-TO-DON!" seemed to be in order.]
[As FDJ continues to stomp around the ring, Chance Von Crank pops back to his feet, aggravation evident on his face. He slides back into the ring behind Frank Dylan James.]
"Chance Von Crank rushes Frank Dylan James, he leaps with a dropkick!"
[cVc hits FDJ right in the back, causing him to tumble forward before falling. James lands across the middle rope.]
"Never count Chance Von Crank out!"
[Chance runs and leaps up, landing across the back of FDJ and then bouncing.]
"James is getting... well.. I don't even want to say."
"Ride him Chance!"
"That just sounds disturbing"
[Chance gets off of Frank Dylan James who is able to bounce off of the rope before landing back on the mat, holding his throat.]
"Chance Von Crank goes to continue his assault. He runs.. baseball slide into the head of Frank Dylan James!"
[FDJ holds his head and flops around before sliding outside of the ring. He holds himself up on the side of the ring trying to catch his bearings as Chance Von Crank showboats like only the RAZZLEDAZZLER can.]
"I am very surprised how one sided this match has been."
[Chance Von Crank looks at FDJ who is finally standing on his own accord. cVc tuns toward the ropes, grabbing the top one and sending himself flying over and straight into the waiting arms of a very angry Frank Dylan James.]
"NO! You have to get away Chance!"
[James turns and runs toward the corner post, slamming Chance Von Crank's back into it.]
"My God!"
[FDJ backs up and runs again.]
[FDJ, with cVC still in his arms, walks over to the steps and with one swift motion, slams him on top of them. Chance Von Crank lets out a loud and painful yelp.]
"My God!"
[FDJ rolls into the ring and then back out to reset the count. He walks over and grabs cVc by the mullet before yanking him off of the metal steps and to the floor. Chance Von Crank tries to pry FDJ's fingers from his hair, but can't. he kicks and yells as James drags him across the floor by the head.]
"This is what happens when you make Frank Dylan James angry."
"What a monster!"
[FDJ drops cVc next to the announcer's booth. Crank holds his head, obviously hurting from his hair being the main portion used to drag him a good seven feet.]
[Frank Dylan James returns to cVc with a folded steel chair in hand.]
"Come on Frank, you don't have to do this!"
[FDJ lifts the chair, but from behind him the referee had exited the ring. He grabs the chair from FDJ's hands. James begins to argue with the referee who tosses the chair and turns away from him heading back toward the ring.]
[FDJ takes a few steps toward the referee but is stopped when from behind, cVc comes up with a low blow. Even the Mastodon hurts when his nuts are hit.]
[James holds his nuts as he stumbles forward. Crank uses the announcer's table to pull himself up before grabbing FDJ and rolling him into the ring under the bottom rope.]
"Chance Von Crank trying to come back, but he is obviously hurting from meeting the corner post and those steel steps."
[Chance enters the ring, but is obviously slower than usual, holding his back.]
[Chance Von Crank drops a knee to the back of the head of Frank Dylan James, followed by a second one.]
"This is a routhless Chance Von Crank tonight as he knows that Frank Dylan James can over power him if given just a small window of oppertunity."
[Chance walks around and begins to lift FDJ up by the head, however as he comes up, James grabs the legs of Chance Von Crank.]
[Frank Dylan James lifts Chance Von Crank up, holding only his legs, takes two steps forward and falls back. cVc flies through the air down, face first directly into the mat. As soon as he hits, he grabs his face and rolls around like a fish out of water.]
"FDJ is giving a good old fashion beating to Chance Von Crank tonight folks!"
[Frank quickly gets to his feet and heads to the closest turnbuckle, climbing toward the top.]
"Frank Dylan James showing us that even mountain men can fly."
[Frank crouches atop the top rope.]
[Frank flies, coming down like a collapsing roof. However, his eyes budlge out once he sees cVc rolling out of the way."


[Frank Dylan James misses the mark and hits the mat. However, cVc quickly jets into place, turning him over and going for a quick cover.]
"Chance Von Crank  trying to capitalize on FDJ's mistake now!"
"Yes! Yes! YES!"
"Chance Von Crank has done it!"
"I told you he would!"

[We get replays of the match as Chance Von Crank celebrates.]


[Chance Von Crank continues to celebrate as FDJ makes his way to the back.]

"What a match. I really didn't think Crank could pull that off."

"How could you doubt Chance Von Crnak. He is just the..."

[A black screen overcomes the stream. You get pissed off, not knowing what is going on. It seems like it last forever, when in reality it's only about four minutes.]

Python vs Kai Scott

[We return with the match already underway. Kai Scott has Python in a side headlock.]

"We're sorry about the technical difficulties with our stream. We should be good for the rest of this main event match! Kai Scott with a side headlock, applying pressure."

"He's doing what he has to do to keep Python at bay. You let the snake go, and he'll use his incredible speed. It's really offsetting."

"Applying more pressure. Python trying to hold on as the referee checks on him."

[As the referee drops Python's arm for the third time, he is able to stop it in mid air and raise it back up.]

"Python is still in this one folks! I don't know how but he is."

[Python sends an elbow into the gut of Kai Scott, followed by another that gets him to release his hold. Using this opening, Python runs past Scott, bouncing off of the ropes. He leaps up, wrapping his legs around the neck of Kai Scott whom was still half way hunched over.]


"I bet Kai Scott wishes The Untouchables were out here with him now."

[Python pops to his feet and runs toward the ropes, leaping to the second and back.]

"Moonsa... Kai Scott gets his knees up!

[Python lands right across the knees of Kai Scott, bouncing off and back to the mat.]

"That's gotta hurt!"

[Kai Scott rolls over and slides across the ring, never taking his eyes off of Python. Slow and methodically he stalks his pray.]

"Kai Scott may be looking to end this one folks. You missed a hell of an opener to this match during the stream glitch, and we continue to apologize for that."

"You gotta love technology!

[Python begins to get to his feet. Scott raises up behind him. As Python turns he recieves a boot to the gut. Kai puts Python's head between his legs and lifts.]

"Looks like Kai Scott is going to end this now with a powebomb!"

"Python really never stood a ch.."

[Python begins to hit Kai in the head, causing him to stumble back. Python is able to wiggle loose and somehow leaps from Kai's grasp to the corner turnbuckle. he almost falls, but catches himself. Quickly Python leaps up and back, flipping in the air and coming down across Kai Scott.]

"WOW! What agility!"


[As they crash to the mat, Python covers Kai.]




[The bell sounds]

"Python wins! Python wins!"

" i don't know how he did, but he was able to pull this one off."

[We get a replay of Python's amazing leap to the corner and moonsault from the top.]

"Hell I can't believe it! What a way to close out the third edition of Retaliation!"

"You're damn right what a Retaliation!"

"All I can say is make sure you tune into DEFIANCE on TV next Sunday. But for now, I'm Frank Stein..."

"And I am Morty Mayer."

Frank Stein:
"Thank you for tuning into Retaliation and we will see you in two weeks!"

[Python stands on the top turnbuckle with his arms raised as the copyright logo comes up and the stream goes to black.]

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