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Alvaro de Vargas Biography

Fed Info

Fed Awards
BRAZEN Graduate  
Fed Titles
Watch this space, pendejos.  

Wrestling Info

Entrance Music
"Let 'Em Burn" by Freddie Gibbs  
Physical Description
Hispanic with tall and toned body type (think just a slightly taller Cesaro with scars). He's become more of a body guy in the last couple years and has put his time in the gym unlike his indy days. His arms and back are covered in several healed-over cuts. Brown curly mini-fro. Brown eyes. Slight hair on chest, arms both covered in various tattoos. 
Ring Attire
Black wrist tape. Long, purple baggy pants that vary with flame designs. Black boots. He always comes to the ring wearing sunglasses and a necklace that belongs to his late father. 
Wrestling Style
Trash-talking brawler/cheater. He fits the bill of a modern-day "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd with a meanstreak.  
Finisher Move
Ardiendo/Garra del Tigre  
Finisher Description
Piledriver/Spinning Backfist  
MDK Finisher
None. Piledriver is good enough for him.  
MDK Description
3-5 Signature Moves
1. Abajo Vas (running knee strike to face/chest of standing/seated opponent)
2. Cuban Missile (running snake eyes into the turnbuckle)
3. Running discus clothesline
4. Tilt-a-whirl side slam
5. Belly to Back Suplex (stalling, will bust this out a lot, good hangtime)

THE FIREBALL (not to be used without permission, will bust this out to hurt opposition). 
10 Common Holds/Maneuvers
1. Back elbow to oncoming opponent
2. Elbow drops
3. Kick to the back of a seated opponent
4. Double foot stomp (and variations)
5. Drop Toe Hold followed by giving opponents lots of clubbering
6. Repeated running corner clotheslines (trash talking in between)
7. Flapjack (onto objects, turnbuckles, steel steps, barricades, etc).
8. Hip Toss into Backbreaker
9. Front Facelock with wrenching, choking, etc.
10. Eye raking, scratching, biting, clawing, other forms of cheatery.

...And telling you how he's bedded your mother in two different languages.

--Other than his signature moves, not much "wrassling" from ADV. He CAN do it, but it's just easier to muscle people around and fight dirty. A lot of his matches tend to degenerate into Stan Hansen-esque brawling at his worst.

--Just about any shortcut he can think of taking, that's exactly what he's gonna do if it means he gets the W.

--Generally treats EVERYBODY in the ring like dirt on his shoe regardless of who they are. 
Ring Entrances
His music plays and he'll usually cut a promo on his opponent. And probably call you "pendejo" quite a lot. 



"You see folks, I’m here for one simple reason. History. And DEFIANCE? Ohhhh, she’s absolutely brimming with it! She has so much of it in fact that astronauts can see it glistening from orbit in their little shuttles. Truth be told, I like to mine that stuff like bitcoin. Because history… well, it’s the lifeblood of tomorrow. It’s the "nulla terram" for one’s destiny. It’s the first blot of ink scratched onto the parchment of eternity, and it just so happens that I, Arthur Pleasant, am the feather that puts the two together."

- "The Provocateur" Arthur Pleasant




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