BRAZEN RISE Tag League: Meet The Players!

Posted by Lance Warner on 18 Jul 2018

Hello, DEFIANCE and BRAZEN fans!

Hosted by Angus Skaaland, Meet The Players is our first look at the participants of the first-ever BRAZEN RISE Tag League. We will get a few brief words from each team. Click the link after the jump and enjoy!

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Posted by Lance Warner on 4 Jul 2018

Known for a very stacked and talented tag team division, DEFIANCE looks to continue to bring you great action with the creation of the first-ever BRAZEN RISE Tag League!

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BRAZEN: Clash of the Brazen I

Posted by Lance Warner on 1 Jul 2018

BRAZEN: Clash of the BRAZEN I


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BRAZEN Presents: The DEFIANCE Trios Endurance Tournament FINALE

Posted by Dave Felcher on 6 Sep 2016

Matches were held at live events all month long leading up to the night of Wednesday August 31st to decide not only which teams would make it to the final rounds... but to find out if the champions would even MAKE IT to the finals with their title belts in tact! Designed to test the current trios champs mettle by making them not only take part in but DEFEND their titles in every single match they take part in throughout the grueling sixteen team tourney!

Cul and his Viking War Cult walked into the Wrestle-Plex with their belts still firmly around their waists after several rounds of Trios action... did the night END that way? 


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BRAZEN Hits the Road in Oklahoma City!

Posted by Dave Felcher on 26 Apr 2016

The stars of BRAZEN returned to action in Oklahoma City this evening. Just over a week removed from the mammoth DEFIANCE ROAD pay-per-view event, this stop-off at the OKC State Fair Park saw 900 rabid pro-wrestling fans attend a night of typically fast-moving, hard-hitting action!

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BRAZEN Stars Rise and Defy!

Posted by Lance Warner on 11 Feb 2016

Coming off the heels of perhaps one of the more physical PPV events in DEFIANCE history in ASCENSION, the BRAZEN brand now had their chance to shine in the form of tonight’s event, RISE AND DEFY! Tonight’s show was a special one for the 3,400-plus in attendance at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, Louisiana! The theme of tonight’s RISE AND DEFY event offered the stars of BRAZEN a $25,000 cash prize for the winner of a Lethal Lottery-style tournament. Check after the jump for the rules of the show and the results, including who walked away $25,000 richer!

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Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 23 Jan 2016

The stars at night were big and bright in Houston, TX where the BRAZEN project of DEFIANCE Wrestling set up shop in the Houston Indoor Sports Arena for an event called TEXAS TURMOIL! The fans were greeted by none other than FIST of DEFIANCE contender and Houston native “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan as he took pictures, signed autographs, and hobnobbed with his hometown fans, and as the crowd filed in, there were more than a few audible chants of “OSU!”, the familiar catchphrase of BRAZEN’s most recent and most prolific addition, “The God-Beast” Mushigihara, who was scheduled to lock up with the Southern Bastards’ MASSIVE Cowboy in a Texas Death Match that was sure to be as violent as they come.

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BRAZEN Brings The Heat!

Posted by Lance Warner on 20 Jan 2016

This week, DEFIANCE brings the action to you not once, but TWICE! Coming off the back of DEFtv #60, the BRAZEN roster were not going to sit idly by and be outdone! At a special houseshow held at Tallahassee, Florida's Sportatorium Complex, a sell-out crowd of just over 1,100 came pouring in and Angus Skaaland put on another successful show.

The main event saw a teacher/student rematch from DEFtv #59 when former DEFIANCE World Champion Dusty Griffith and his protege, Howlin' Joe Wolfe took on Team HOSS member Aleczander The Great and Flex Kruger! Check after the jump for the night's results and the latest goings-on for all things BRAZEN! 

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BRAZEN Presents: The BRAZEN BattleField!

Posted by Lance Warner on 15 Dec 2015

This week, the stars of BRAZEN find themselves doing battle on the show entitled BRAZEN BattleField! With a ring and overhead structure set right in the middle of Kirsch-Rooney Stadium, this special show is made possible thanks to the fine staff at Delgado Community College! The show was filled to near-capacity as close to a thousand loyal BRAZEN fans got to witness the latest action from the future of DEFIANCE! A portion of the proceeds for tonight’s show will be donated DCC for future projects! Check after the jump to see the card ahead and the results for tonight’s jam-packed show!

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Posted by Lance Warner on 25 Nov 2015

After a bit of redtape in booking the space, the BRAZEN crew finally established a THANKSGIVING EVE show to take place at Evangeline Downs Casino in the Cajun heartland of Opelousas, Louisiana. A healthy crowd gathered to see the show based on the news that “The God-Beast” Mushigihara would compete, which promises a buffet of brutality before everyone sits down for their holiday feasts tomorrow.

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