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"The Provocateur" Arthur Pleasant Biography


Real Name
Arthur Pleasant  
The Provocateur, The Denizen of Decay, DEFIANCE Wrestling's One True PURE WRESTLER  
From Under The Midnight Sun in Utqiavik, Alaska  


Arthur Pleasant spent the majority of his childhood in a small Alaskan town called Utqiaġvik (pronounced Oot-key-ag-vik”!), where the sun does not set for approximately a full month. What growing up in this environment did to Arthur Pleasant’s psyche is unknown, but rumor has it that Arthur spent a significant amount of time in various institutions and regularly seeks therapy. Before the age of 21, Arthur’s history is very much unknown. All we know for sure is that, based on official documents for identification purposes, Arthur Pleasant is 27 years of age.

We saw a glimpse of his wrestling style in Alpha Pro Wrestling where he showcased a penchant for knees and kicks, emphasizing a Muay-Thai style. When Arthur wasn't throwing bombs, he primarily focused on the head with piledrivers and DDTs. He's also an avid Hardcore Wrestling advocate and has competed in some highly dangerous unsanctioned matches across the globe. Each scar on his body tells a story, and if you ask him nicely maybe he'll be willing to share one.


Arthur Pleasant's career in DEFIANCE launched at DEFIANCE ROAD 2021. It was here that Pleasant began making an imprint on the active roster as he showcased a hardcore style that was not too popular with the Faithful. Critics be damned, Arthur Pleasant defeated Theodore Cain in an absolutely crazy Hardcore Rules match after burning Cin's tag team partner of the Gulf Coast Connection, Aaron King.

At DEFCON 2021, Arthur Pleasant competed in a ladder match for the Favoured Saints Championship. In the end, the champion Matt LaCroix managed to secure victory in stunning fashion by placing Pleasant in a straight jacket. Both climbed to the top, and as Pleasant realized he could not reach up for the belt, he simply watched with a sickening smirk as LaCroix grabbed the championship and retained. This match was nominated for "Match of the Year" at the 2021 DEFY Awards.

Throughout 2021, Arthur Pleasant competed in many high profile matches against former FISTS od DEFIANCE and legends such as the "High Queen of DEFIANCE" herself, Lindsay Troy, the legendary Bronson Box, "High Flyer" Jack Harmen, and even the tough as nails Texan, Scott Stevens.

After developing a heated rivalry with Dex Joy that spanned six months and involved the career of longtime DEFIANCE referee Carla Ferrari, Arthur Pleasant displayed an unwavering willingness to do anything it took to methodically break someone down. After defeating Dex Joy one on one at Acts of DEFIANCE 2021, both Pleasant and Joy took their rivalry to the next step in a rematch at DEFIANCE ROAD 2021

Other Feds
SHOOT Project, HOW, APW  
Other Fed Titles
SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship, HOW LSD Championship, HOW Tag Team Championship (w/ Jeffrey James Roberts)  
Other Fed Awards
#3 on TEFP Top 100(2021), HOW Wrestler of the Month (May 2021), APW Alpha Award (3) - Wrestler of the Week, RP of the week, Match of the Week  
The term "crazy like a fox" never applied more to a personality than it does with Arthur Pleasant's.

At it's (im)purest form, Arthur is just a really dark and disturbing person. He is just an irredeemable soul who loathes the wrestling industry due to his childhood being adversely affected from it. How his childhood was affected by it is currently unknown, but the lasting effects are rumored to be significant. Because of this, he takes out his hatred on all those around him in the most violent, sadistic ways imaginable. When he speaks he does so in a contemptuous, cynical tone. Every visceral word is hidden beneath a thin veneer of kindness. Every malignant syllable is hidden beneath a wicked smile and a sickening laugh.

Ultimately, Arthur is a sociopath with unyielding, boundless charisma that can tell you to go fuck yourself without actually saying it.

This enables him to take control of others with his immense cult-leader type of personality. He has many psychological issues and often sees a court mandated psychiatrist for it. Arthur will deliver promos at times during one of his therapy sessions where the unnamed Doctor remains digitally pixelated so as to protect his practice from Arthur breaking the ethical code of patient/client privileges. 
I. Above average to genius level intellect; this applies to his in-ring awareness as well as his ability to control situations outside of the ring.

II. Dangerous striker; has a Muay-Thai background.

III. Extreme tolerance for pain; loves to get hardcore in matches. 
I. Not proficient in technical or submission based wrestling.

II. No regard for his well-being this applies in and out of the ring. This can lead to recklessness with more focused opponents.

III. Spends way too much time toying with opponents during matches. 


  • Hiiiiiii.
  • You see folks, I’m here for one simple reason. History. And DEFIANCE? Ohhhh, she’s absolutely brimming with it! She has so much of it in fact that astronauts can see it glistening from orbit in their little shuttles. Truth be told, I like to mine that stuff like bitcoin. Because history… well, it’s the lifeblood of tomorrow. It’s the "nulla terram" for one’s destiny. It’s the first blot of ink scratched onto the parchment of eternity, and it just so happens that I, Arthur Pleasant, am the feather that puts the two together.
  • The next superlative I’m handing out like free candy from Chris Ross’ van goes to the person who is most likely to be confused with an NPC! And the winner is… Gunnar Van Patton! I guess nobody told this living, breathing checklist of clichés he’d shoot his eye out!! At least not in time for Christmas, anyway!!
  • Now… close your eyes! If you don’t mind, that is. Just imagine, for a moment, the sort of narcissistic, insecure, intravenously gaslit personality it takes for championships, accolades, and fan praise to simply not be enough for someone.
  • Oh relax, people! HE’LL BE FINE. A skin graph or three and maybe a dab or seven of aloe vera and he’ll be right as rain!
  • It pisses you all off so much, doesn’t it? To watch a “garbage wrestler” like ME match a legend like Jack Harmen, your precious fucking HIGH FLYER, move for move in the center of this ring. For all the chairs I bash into the face of your heroes, who knew that a villain like me had an armbar in my back pocket to stretch them out with? I’ll tell you WHO, and it wasn’t Cindy Lou! Hahaha!!
  • ...Have you ever… truly… seen... what blood looks like in the soft glow of the moonlight? I doubt you have. You and the rest of the Gulf Coast have sat there amongst yourselves, protected and unassailed for far too long to think of such things. So allow me to enlighten you, Teddy. Allow me to stick a needle in that career bubble of yours and shed some… light… on some finer things in life. It’s… black. It’s… alien. It’s... beautiful. And when I open you the fuck up in front of the entire world, I want you to think about that. I want you to ponder it. Visualize it, if you will. Take in its unique artistry like you’ve never even imagined. This way, when the last drop drains from your emptied corpse, your last thoughts on Earth will be a… pleasant one.
  • You are but the blackening decay of a festering wound. Come this Road we both walk upon ... I will carve you out from the flesh of DEFIANCE.
  • Oh yeah. It’s building to something, alright. It’s building to me degloving the skin off of his burning fucking CORPSE if he doesn’t mind his p’s and q’s.



"If you believe I’m annoying now, B, just wait until Maximum DEFIANCE. I warned you all at Aftershock to be careful what you wished for. You don’t want me to get on a roll. You don’t want me to run the damn table. Not when I’ve got one big tourney win under my belt this year and I’m just *dying* to go two-for-two. My momentum isn’t easily stopped. And if I ever have to play from behind? *Even better.*"

- Lindsay Troy




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