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Brock Newbludd Biography


Real Name
Brock Allen Bludski  
Milwaukee's Beast, The Innovator, Big Match Brock  
Milwaukee, Wisconsin  


Born in Milwaukee, WI and raised by a single father who worked at a steel mill 50 hours a week and spent most of the money he earned on Windsor and dirty women, a young Brock learned how to become a self sufficient man real quick, at least what he thought a man was. Rough around the edges, Newbludd spent his teen years being a oft-troubled star running back for his high school football team during the day, and a low level criminal at night as a member of one of the many small time gangs that popped up in the Milwaukee/Chicago area during the 1990's.

Growing up on the poorer side of Milwaukee, WI., Newbludd is proud of his roots and feels more at home when drinking with his childhood friends at a seedy bar, than living the lavish, comfortable lifestyle that his successful wrestling career would allow him to. Now, he's the guy who always pays the tab.

When Newbludd's high school days were over and he was about ready to amplify his involvement in the gang life his old high school football coach, an ex-wrestler himself, approached him with an offer. Get out of the gang scene and join his summer pro wrestling camp for free. The coach always had a soft spot for Newbludd and didn't want to see him waste his life like Brock's father did.

Newbludd excelled in camp, and after paying his dues impressing crowds at local venues with his athleticism and tenacity in the ring. His wrestling journey then lead him to Japan and Mexico where a guy could make good money if he was willing to take the punishment both the road and the ring dished out. It was while in Japan that he earned the nickname "The Innovator" when he created his finishing maneuver "The Last Call" DDT and also his top rope maneuver "The Sky-Twister Press".

Wrestling in the states, Brock enjoyed great success in the early 2000's wrestling in the now defunct Primetime Championshop Wrestling. Teaming with childhood friend, "The New Legend" Stephen Blood to form The Blood Brothers, Brock would win 5 tag team titles, they were also named tag team of the year for 2000. He would also capture singles glory winning the RUSH Federation World Championship.

Following his stint in RUSH, Newbludd did the unexpected and put his wrestling career on hold to join the United States Military, serving as a member of the US Army Rangers for an undisclosed number of years.

Upon finishing his service, Brock returned to wrestling and joined NBW where he enjoyed the greatest success of his career, winning both the Blitzkrieg title as well as the World Heavyweight Championship.
Other Feds
Other Fed Titles
PCW: World Tag Team Champion (5), Extreme Champion (1) RUSH: World Heavyweight Champion (1) XWF: World Tag Team Champion (3) NBW: Blitzkrieg Champion (1), World Heavyweight Champion (1)  
Other Fed Awards
PCW: Hall of Fame, Tag Team of the Year (2000, 2001) XWF: Hall of Fame, Voted Best Tag Team of All-Time (The Blood Brothers w/Stephen Blood) RUSH: Heel of the Year (2002) NBW: 2017 Wrestler of the Year, Face of the Year, Best Feud (w/Jake Tockwell), and M  
Brock could be described as a "blue collar hero" or "the working man's favorite wrestler" by some. His passionate nature, work ethic, and willingness to take risks to achieve success has led to him having a special connection with the fans.

A former special operations soldier, Newbludd has transitioned the discipline and values he learned during his service and put the to use in the ring. While many fans enjoy his tenacity and never-say-die attitude, the fact remains that there are plenty of his fellow wrestlers who view Brock's relationship with the people with utter disdain.

Blue collar to the bone, Brock can appear a bit rough around the edges at times with his beer drinking, foul language, and occasional surliness. But, despite all his character flaws, he's a good man at heart and will never sacrifice his morals to achieve his goals.

1. All Arounder-Versatile in the ring, Brock is a cagey vet with a firm grasp on technical wrestling that compliments his power and brawling well.
2. Athletic-Built like a linebacker. Has enough agility to hang with most smaller opponents and outmaneuver larger opponents.
3. Tenacious-Extremely driven, Brock is willing to put everything he has into coming out on top in competitive situations.

1. Tenacious-Brock's unrelenting style can lead to unexpected mistakes in the ring.
2. Trusting-Despite being a cagey veteran with years of experience in the wrestling industry, Newbludd still can find himself being taken advantage of due to his friendly nature.
3. Moral-Sometimes being a good person can rub bad people the wrong way, putting a target on his back at times.




"I’m so goddamned proud of this young man standing right here [clapping his free hand on Eugene’s shoulder] boo him if you feel so inclined but that changes not the fact the decision he made tonight was one of COURAGE not cowardice."

- Bronson Box




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