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Conor Fuse Biography


Real Name
Conor Xavier Erman  
Locker Room Leader, Power-Up King, Ultimate Gamer, Character Formerly Known as Player Two, Codebreaker, Best Pout Machine, Green One, Perfect 9, Armlock Aristocrat, MAN of HEEL  
Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
December 17, 1992  
200 lbs  


Conor is a loveable, mischievous, annoying individual. Now on his first ever "singles campaign", he and his brother Tyler still maintain a co-op bond but Conor is off on his own journey. Of course, The Character Formerly Known as Player Two is not completely alone... he has his hulking henchman, The Game Boy by his side. He's created a new league of wicked warriors, the Friendship Members League (FML), for NPCs and Bosses of all shapes and sizes to celebrate friendships, members and members who have friends. As the self-proclaimed Locker Room Leader of DEFIANCE, there's no WrestlePlex tour he won't give, no name he won't mispronounce and no buttons he won't push. Conor likes pushing buttons, lots of buttons (talking about actual buttons here, not a metaphor for people's feelings). =:)

No matter what, you can count on these three things regarding Conor Fuse:

1.) He's always got something to say.
2.) He's never at a loss for big ideas.
3.) He's got enough energy to last for days and days...

Conor Fuse has started his singles campaign. And he is ready to play! 
Other Feds
fWo, HOW  
Other Fed Titles
HOW World Heavyweight Champion, HOW Tag Team Championships (w/ Dan Ryan)  
Other Fed Awards
Ranked No. 9 in TEFP Top 100 in 2020  
Under gaming beliefs, Conor Fuse incorporates elements of video game material into every aspect of life. Examples include: power-ups, cheat codes, big stuffed piñata-like game sharks, saving his progress and so on. Conor also believes he has the ability to "unlock" new DEFIANCE characters. And while Conor has limited interactions with his older brother Tyler, as their tag team days come to an end, the youngest Fuse has seemingly doubled-down on all these gaming terminologies. Ultimately, Conor's determined to find the boss, rescue the princess and beat the game on hard mode. He also needs to level up, get all the achievements and complete 100% DEFIANCE. Who the final boss is, where the princess resides and what 100% DEFIANCE looks like isn't really known at this time. He didn't read the manual. Plus, Tyler's already found his princess, soooo... 
1.) Extremely loyal to his brother and those close to him
2.) Has lots of energy and feeds off The Faithful well, charismatic
3.) Always has new ideas and thinks outside the box 
1.) Too emotional at times
2.) Easily distracted
3.) Can lack confidence in himself 


  • GAME ON!!!!
  • ...And you get the email.
  • What's up budday!?
  • Friendship Members League... ASSEMBLE!!
  • I can’t believe you shot my sister-in-law.
  • [Cayle Murray] was such a spirited do-gooder before all this. Do you think they put up one of those 5G towers near his home in Scotland and that’s how Mikey & Co. are able to implement mind control?
  • That sounds SO pop and SO fresh!
  • SO fetch!
  • You go girl!
  • Start up the console; tear down the system!
  • And even though it’s past 2:00am, he can see the lights are on. No doubt, Malak Garland is awake and trolling a group of people on the internet, the tag champ’s favourite late-night hobby. Conor wonders what demographic Malak is targeting this time… an activist group? Political gatherings? Or did he take the easy route… wrestling fans. -- 3rd person quote
  • I got a statistical and analytical expert. He crunches numbers like W.A.R. and on-mat percentages. I have a Game Boy, he’s a blast. Filled with personality! I even have my own MEE6 BOT! !RANK !RANK !RANK bahahaha dude, I’m awesome.
  • Wait, you’re big bro. You can be FIST and I can be SOHER. Wait, wait, maybe FS for me. It’s a nice spot for me. I’m a quaint little player, let’s be honest. I sO fUnNy, cAnT bE mAiN eVeNt mAtErIaL! Bahahaha it’s so much fun to talk like that.



"I'm not anyone in the front offices favorite superstar. I'm not a buddy from the old days, I'm not some washed up NeWA or WfWA cretin that happens to be one of Dane's cronies, I'm not some never was from Old Line Andrews is convinced is some sort of star, I'm not some outsider with a litany USELESS accolades and bland blathering promos. I'm Bronson Box and I'm the greatest attraction this sport has ever SEEN and I should be treated as such."

- Bronson Box




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