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Deacon Biography


Real Name
"Mute Freak", Big D, Deac  
Alexandria, Egypt  
March 3, 1977  


Deacon's arrival over 20 years ago in the CSWA brought with it a paradigm shift in understanding what could be done in wrestling. Two topics should never be covered - politics & religion, and Deacon took one of those and crashed the assumptions against the Carolina shores. He entered the CSWA to quickly become the most innovative gimmick by mixing a flamboyant, magic show worthy ring entrance with a simple message of the power of faith in a Savior. The "Mute Freak" didn't speak, due in large part to English not being his native tongue (Arabic), & so he had a manager known in those days as "The Shepherd" (Chris Shepherd). Deacon dominated the "dark" personalities in the CSWA, eventually catapulting him into a championship match with "Total Elimination" Eli Flair for the promotions top title. In a rare "babyface vs. babyface" battle, this war took on greater meaning as the Deacon's more wholesome image conflicted with Eli's antihero persona. When the smoke cleared, Deacon had climbed that mountain.

Deacon as the CSWA champion was filled with many firsts, with the Mute Freak giving several young stars their first taste of the main event scene, and it lasted until an old stalwart of the CSWA returned, "The Wolf" Mike Randalls. The self-proclaimed Alpha brought his brand of violence that soon garnered a battle to see who truly would be the Alpha of the CSWA. The leadup to the match showed Deacon as a capable mic worker, allowing The Shepherd to spend time on outside pursuits. The Alpha match ended in a draw, but it wasn't the ending of the match that led to controversy - another stalwart veteran of the CSWA entered the ring to aid the Wolf, followed by the rescuing babyface, Eli Flair. Except Eli wasn't interested in rescuing Deacon, but in burying him. Their attack brought to light a medical issue for Deacon, forcing him to retire. In time, he returned, but the CSWA was never the same.

After burying the hatchet with Eli, Deacon joined him in the fWo, but he did not come alone - Chris Shepherd once again reforming the old alliance. Deacon fought for the secondary title, as well as teamed in the tag team scene with Craig Miles. In time, Deacon won the fWo's secondary title, trading it with Superstar Vince Jacobs as well as feuding with an ascending High Flyer. It was during these days that Deacon's vaunted connection with the crowd turned sour as many started to jeer the Mute Freak. He remained stalwart, focusing on his in-ring work which eventually won a small but vocal minority back into his corner with their chants of "We Believe". He rode those chants all the way to the special battle royal to decide who would challenge the current fWo champion at their biggest card of the year - CyberSlam. Deacon won the battle royal, earning the right to face the fWo's champion - "Total Elimination" Eli Flair. At the biggest show of the year, Deacon survived Eli's offense, the Mute Freak winning his 2nd World title.

As before, Deacon's run at the top of the card included many who climbed between the ropes for their first main event in the fWo, including High Flyer. They tangled several times, with Flyer & Jacobs all mixing into the title picture & leading to a triple threat at the following year's Cyberslam, with High Flyer taking the win.

After the fWo, Deacon semi-retired, until getting a call to return to action for the Ultratitle tournament, a massive tournament filled with Dan Ryan, Eli Flair, High Flyer, & Lindsay Troy. During the tournament, Chris Shepherd befriended a member of the crew, a father who was struggling with a teen son's depression. As Deacon's run in the tournament ended, so did the young son's life. Chris Shepherd took some time away & Deacon attempted a run in the NFW that never really caught on.

That was over 7 years ago. Now, the man called Deacon returns, but different. Now led by a woman called Magdalena, the Deacon's masked face that covers his mouth but leaves his legendary intense eyes open to view his challenger, has a mission. New or old, much has changed, leaving many more questions than the answers he so often provided. 
Other Feds
Other Fed Titles
CSWA World Title, fWo Internet title, fWo World title  
Other Fed Awards
CSWA's 1998 - Most unique character  
The Deacon has always been a character of faith in Christ. Reading his history, that's quite evident. The "silent monk" was the early part, but this changed over the years. Currently, he's leaning heavily into the "Mute Freak" tag, and though he speaks, no one is certain why. 
Deacon's power is legendary, as is his agility for a big man, though this hasn't been tested since coming back after his 7 year sabbatical. His willingness to push beyond what most would imagine doable is known, and it's notable that when his flesh fails, that's when his faith becomes evident. 
Deacon has historically done poorly in ladder matches, which is odd from a guy who's virtually as tall as any ladder.
His trust in others, blame it on the "turn the other cheek" thing has led to quite a few moments of being fooled. 



"If you want the Pop Culture Phenoms, you GOT THEM. Klein. Flex. Go show them why they don’t deserve to share a ring with us."

- The D




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