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Declan Alexander Biography


Brookline, Mass.  
5' 11"  
229 lbs  
January 4, 2001  
Physical Description
Also known by his streaming handle DEC4L, as well as POGChamp, Yeetasaurus Rex, Snipe-Master General, and The Intrepid Influencer, Declan is a very attractive and well put together young man. He's a charismatic host and charming person, but his attractiveness doesn't end with his personality. He's toned bordering on ripped with stylish jet black hair shaved on the sides and piercing ice blue eyes. 
Most people who know Declan Sean Alexander know him as DEC4L (pronounced Decal), the YouTube and Twitch streamer with thousands of subs, streaming three times a week. Most of those people are also teenagers. What only his biggest fans know is that the attractive high school sports standout decided to skip out on the college scene to keep streaming to massive profits on various internet platforms. Using this Declan attained a sizeable wealth, and used his cashflow to pursue a childhood dream and enroll (and vlog, of course) in DP's Dojo in Boston, owned by Lindsay Troy. Under head trainer Vivica J. Valentine, he found an immediate bond with the Fearless Phenom growing up in households where their well-off, privledged families didn't understand their passions and career paths.

Growing up on the internet in a social media enviornment, Declan is a very social creature, but has struggled with the personal relationships that Vivica also struggled with at a young age for different reasons. Where Vivica's somewhat abrasive and in-your-face personality rubbed people who didn't know her well the wrong way, Declan's fame at a young age has made him prey to quite a few who wanted to use him to get ahead in life. He wants to see the best in people, and often mistakes others' intentions and actions as being as jovial as his own in-game trash talk. However, perhaps the most surprising thing people may not know about Declan Alexander from watching his streams is his natrual athleticism. His natural ability is just as eye-catching as his flickshots. He's both stronger and faster than he looks, despite his athletic frame, and his mind is equally as sharp. He's smart, a quick learner, and has shown himself in training to be quite the sponge.

He's been a top player of every game he's ever set his mind to, but while legally an adult he's still just a kid. His confidence will be his greatest asset or his downfall. Green in the ring. Green in the world. What does this new world have in store for DEC4L? 
Ring Attire
He will always come to the ring wearing his blue "varsity" style jacket with a large yellow D on the front. This is a look he established on his streaming channel and became a signature look for DEC4L. He wrestles wearing blue long shorts with yellow accents. 




"Awwww sweetheart."

- Jonathan-Christopher Hall




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