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Jack Mace Biography


Real Name
Jack Ebenezer Mace  
A Damn Fine Pro Wrestler, The Killer Bear  
Grewelthorpe, North Yorkshire, England.  
April 2nd, 1986  
268 lbs.  


Jack Mace has been a lifelong wrestling fan that enjoyed everything about it from the pageantry to the physicality to everything in between. He spent his early years literally crafting out what would be his modern-day persona to the point his parents often had to get him to keep his eye on the ball. Despite his obsession, he kept his grades up very well and graduated college as a computer programmer while also using his size to participate in his first love -catch tournaments. Winning several heavyweight class tournaments, he was always a standout.

But eventually that wasn't enough for him.

He dropped a six figure job in 2012 to train at the famous Harold Ketch Grapple Arts Academy along with famous wrestler "Ketch As Ketch Kan" Harold Ketch and his star pupil "Twists and Turns" Oscar Burns, then subsequently moved to America permanently to join a bustling wrestling scene. He spent three years as a tag team, The WrestleFriends, with "Bantam" Ryan Batts until being forced to break up in 2019. After spending a year in BRAZEN refocusing on himself, he has returned to the main roster.

What for?

To show that HE and no one else, is a Damn Fine Pro Wrestler and soon, DEFIANCE will be The House Jack Built. 
Other Feds
Lions's Road X, various British independent promotions  
Other Fed Titles
King of Lions World Heavyweight Championship x1, various smaller British titles he doesn't care about  
Other Fed Awards
LRX, Strong Style Summit Finalist  
Formerly? A big, friendly outdoor wrestling wildman.


He's a cocky, insufferable prick that thinks of himself as one of the best pure wrestlers in DEFIANCE. A man with a chip on his shoulder after being forgotten for so long by people he feels used to be closed to him. Now? All he wants is payback. He's the hitman of BFTA and will be the guy crippling people. 
Strong. Jack Mace spent the last year in BRAZEN getting himself in much better shape, losing over fifty pounds. Likely the strongest he has ever been. He can toss around the vast majority of DEFIANCE's roster.

Technically skilled. Despite starting relatively late in the game in terms of age, Jack really found his calling as a singles guy in this last year of BRAZEN and has been upping his game immensely on grappling. Combined with his size, he can be overwhelming quickly.

Killer instinct. He used to be a big, goofy happy dude. Now, he's happy to just wreck people with chokeholds and do it as he should. 
Somewhat predictable. His main goal is choking people out now using the Grounded Arm Triangle Choke he has picked up and with that, his ring psychology is pretty straightforward.

One goal. Revenge. He's got tunnel vision now he never had. There may be some people who can outrun Mace or surprise him with something out of the box.

Speedy folks. If he can't catch them, it can be difficult at times for him to deal with that. 



"Isn’t it a riot that a person who has no talent to speak of and who consistently failed at leveraging it to any success between the ropes believes she has the ability to see it in others? Because I find that knee-slappingly funny."

- Lindsay Troy




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