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Kendrix Biography


Real Name
Jesse Frederiks Kendrix  
London, England  
6 Foot 2 Inches  
218 pounds  


Growing up in Laandan, ENGERLAND (London, England), Jesse Fredericks Kendrix always stood out from his peers, not only athletically but academically. Degree qualified with a 1st in History from the Laandan (London) School of Economics he considered all the other students imbeciles. As university was too easy for him, Jesse challenged himself in actual (real life) wrestling first for his student campus, then college and finally nationally.

Realising he was quite good, he decided to take this into his professional life, often getting into skirmishes in wrestling gyms and sometimes on the streets after a few beers.

Despite his academic achievements Jesse liked to beat people up more and decided to get paid for it. His big breakthrough came in 2015 where he debuted in the United Toughness Alliance. Quickly establishing himself as one of the hottest properties in the industry, Kendrix was recruited into Dynasty. Learning his trade from the likes of Sean Jackson, La Flama Blanca, CBR and most importantly...his bestest BRUV in the whole world...Mikey Unlikely! The Hollywood Bruvs broke ties with Dynasty and Kendrix went on to become the reigning defending Prodigy Champion, holding the title in both 2015 and 2016 (still undefeated!).

A Cheeky London Chappy and A mouthy youngster, Kendrix holds no fear or respect for those more experienced than him. He speaks in the third person for some reason, believes in winning at all costs and it's that attitude that saw DEFIANCE sign the self proclaimed FUTURE of the business. The rest, as they say, is History... 
Other Feds
United Toughness Alliance, High Octane Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles
UTA Champion, HOW Tag Team Champion, UTA Tag Team Champion, UTA Prodigy Champion  
Other Fed Awards
UTA 2015 Rookie of the Year & Greatest Free Mikey Unlikely Petition of all time.  
A Cheeky London Chappy, mouthy youngster but gifted technical wrestler, Kendrix holds no fear or respect for those more experienced than him. One Half of the greatest tag team in Sports Entertainment, The Hollywood Bruvs and a member of the Sports Entertainment Guild, Kendrix also speaks in the third person for some reason, but more importantly, believes in winning at all costs. 
1. Confidence. The current/last UTA Prodigy Champion and Rookie of the Year, Kendrix was on a hell of a run in the UTA, almost to the point of unbeatable having only lost four singles matches in his career to date. Nothing seems to phase him.

2. Learns from any in ring mistakes and makes friends with the right people. Was part of Dynasty early on in his young career and is one half of the Hollywood Bruvs.

3. Despite the cockiness, Kendrix is extremely focused on winning and is ruthless. He's intent on winning gold in Defiance. 
1. His mouth can get him into situations he does not necessarily want to be in.

2. Can be manipulated into situations by more seasoned competitors due to his lack of experience in the industry.

3. Arrogance can sometimes get the better of him and take his eye off the ball.


  • Listen, Yeah?!
  • Obvs!
  • Totally Obvs
  • Innit, Bruv?!
  • "Don't be a Bellend"



"Hi. Pat Cassidy. Successful businessman."

- "Black Out" Pat Cassidy




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