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Matt LaCroix Biography


Real Name
Matthew Kaden LaCroix  
The First Favoured Saint of DEFIANCE, The Orleans Outsider, Southern Strong Style, Runessansu, The Reaper of the Pontchartrain  
New Orleans, Louisiana  
May 31, 1984  
6' 1"  
242 lbs.  


Matthew LaCroix debuted in professional wrestling in 2002 at the age of 18 years old. A state champion wrestler and wrestling prodigy, he was a big signing by the now defunct Super Athletes Wrestling Federation. When the organization went under in 2003, the colleges were no longer interested and he was forced to float around the independent scene for a couple of years. Falling into debt, he also fell into drugs and alcohol without the guidence of his father who passed away from cancer a few days after his signing to SAWF. Black-balled from the indies due to his inability to either show up to shows sober or show up at all, Matt fell into homelessness and found himself living on the streets.

Checking in and out of rehab as often as people change their oil... second, third, fourth, and fifth chances were wasted. His story made it to the ears of a promoter in Japan with a reputation for giving men a second chance. He flew Matt in, helped get him clean and got him a job that the world was sure he was going to waste. Spending years in the dojo, Matt LaCroix blossomed into one of the best performers in Japan and eventually won the top title in the promotion. American promotions, however, were still reluctant to bring him in despite the fact that he'd build a world reputation of being one of the best submission wrestlers on the planet. This is where Angus stepped in, and brought Matt LaCroix back to the United States for the first time in a decade.

However, after years of meddling in BRAZEN it was under the new management where Matt LaCroix got his first real chance to succeed. Defeating Scott Stevens at Maximum DEFIANCE and cementing his spot on the main DEFIANCE roster.
Other Feds
Other Fed Titles
SAWF International Champion, SHOGUN Television Champion, SHOGUN World Heavyweight Champion  
Other Fed Awards
SAWF Ring of Honor Member, SHOGUN Wrestler of the Year  
A prodigal athlete since he was a child, it was apparent Matthew LaCroix was going to be the best at whatever he chose to do. He was Mr. Football Louisiana in back-to-back years in high school. He had been scouted by major league baseball since middle school. The USA Olympic Wrestling Team had been inviting him to tryouts and seminars for as long as he could remember. A lot of this was thanks to his father, legendary high school football coach Bob “Big Buck” LaCroix. Who is as famous for his win/loss record as he is for the fact that he died on the field of a heart attack while his son was under center.

Things didn’t come easy for Matt’s family after that. Medical bills and funeral expenses were tough and professional sports contracts took time. There are rules in place that keep things like that from being simple, but his family needed help now. So at 19 years old, “Kazen Croix” became the youngest wrestler in the history of the Super Athletes Wrestling Federation. His potential blew everyone away from the day he stepped into the area. Still raw around the edges, but the determination and phenomenal natural talent was obvious. He climbed his way up the ladder, winning the secondary championship before the promotion suddenly closed at the peak of its popularity.

He bounced around to national promotions trying to grab a contract to support his family, but not many places were willing to throw cash at a 20 year old with under a year of wrestling experience. He turned to the indie scene, but it wasn’t paying the bills, and like many troubled but gifted people Matthew turned to controlled substances. Pills. Drugs. Alcohol. His name around the United States became more known for being an unreliable burnout than a gifted prodigy. It wasn’t long until he was out of the industry completely, working at a machine shop as an apprentice to try and pay rent between repeated trips to rehab to “get clean.” He wasn’t supposed to see 30 before he joined his father, but that’s when someone else stepped in.

SHOGUN Wrestling in Japan reached out after an old friend put in a good word. He was brought in just like any young boy. 29 years old, living in the dojo, his every step was monitored and he was forced to work on nothing but his craft. A year later he made his Japanese wrestling debut. A nobody from nowhere, but damn did he look good. A few more years of paying dues and keeping his head on straight took him to the top of the promotion, becoming the first American to ever hold their top championship. His work began to catch the eyes of fans all over the globe, and rumor started speculating that he could be the best in the world.

American promotions, however, had heard this song and dance before. “Limitless potential” and “Incredible upside” can only get you so far when you never show up at the show, but manage to make it on TMZ the next day. A return to America meant a return to all the vices that destroyed him in the first place. Angus was willing to take that chance though. Seeing the opportunity to sign one of the biggest risk/rewards of all-time, he sent Matt to BRAZEN where they hope to catch lightning in the bottle twice.
Technical Prowess: Matt LaCroix is an in-ring wizard. He earned the nickname Best in the World during his time with SHOGUN in Japan, and was a wrestling prodigy whose career began at 16 years old. A former USA olympics hopeful, LaCroix gave up the opportunity to represent his country as a teenager when his father passed away in order to turn pro and provide for his family.

Stiff Striking: While in Japan, to compensate for his fading aerial prowess Matt LaCroix developed a very stiff strike game that gained respect from the Japanese crowds. Once not at all a part of his offense, this has developed into a great strength to use against those who may be as well-versed on the mat as he is.

Faster Than You May Think: Although Matt has tried to cut the aerial offense out of his game, he hasn't exactly "lost a step" yet. He's still quick and is able to break out a fantastic flying move on rare occassion. He simply has started to phase them out of his offense so he can move the next morning and not shave years off of his career.

Ring General: At 36 years old Matt is now a ring veteran and wrestles like it. He'll always attempt to put himself in the very best position and knows the rules well enough to use them to the full extent of his abilities. He'll rarely be surprised.
Desperate: Matt knows that this is his fifth or sixth chance to not blow it back home, and is desperate to not lose it. He'll fight so hard for his livelihood he'll sometimes overlook things and make mistakes that in the past he'd never let slip past ten years ago.

Honor: Matt won't back down from a fight or a challenge. He believes that one succeeds through wins or losses in one-on-one combat. He's not above provoking someone to get them into the ring for battle, but once they're in the ring he'll fight them by the rules to a tee. If there is a loophole in the rules, he may exploit it (such has holding submissions until five), but he won't disregard them completely or knowingly break them.

Physical Strength: Matt isn't the strongest person in the world physically and his age is only going to make this worse. He's easily over-powered and tries to keep himself out of these situations.

Age: At 36 years old, Matt is no longer the dual-threat aerial ace and technical wizard he once was. He's still able to break out a desperation aerial move from time to time, but these take days/months off of his career so he tries to hold back and not fall into old habits from his younger days.

Addiction: Matt has fought addiction problems with mainly alcohol since his early twenties and has drank himself nearly out of every promotional opportunity in America. There are many who have no so flattering stories about him and the lost 12 years of his wrestling career. He's not proud of it, and his struggles are on-going. 



"You see folks, I’m here for one simple reason. History. And DEFIANCE? Ohhhh, she’s absolutely brimming with it! She has so much of it in fact that astronauts can see it glistening from orbit in their little shuttles. Truth be told, I like to mine that stuff like bitcoin. Because history… well, it’s the lifeblood of tomorrow. It’s the "nulla terram" for one’s destiny. It’s the first blot of ink scratched onto the parchment of eternity, and it just so happens that I, Arthur Pleasant, am the feather that puts the two together."

- "The Provocateur" Arthur Pleasant




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