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Oscar Burns Biography


Real Name
Oscar Sevastos Burns  
Burnsie, Twists and Turns, The Technical Spectacle, The Guru of the Graps, Joint Chief of Joint Locks  
Wellington, New Zealand (currently residing in New Orleans, Louisiana  
May 31st, 1987  
237 lbs.  


Some will call him loud. They're right.

Some will call him energetic. Also correct.

Some will call him downright wacky. That's... not wrong either.

After over nine years building up a great reputation for being one of the world's premier modern-day technicians all across the world, the highly sought-after Oscar Burns bring his incredible technical skills and his rather quirky personality to DEFIANCE to wow audiences (or make them turn off completely, we don't know yet). 
Other Feds
Numerous other organizations mainly across Europe and Asia  
Other Fed Titles
He doesn't remember them all, but he's got a few accolades.He doesn't remember them all, but he's got a few accolades. We can now add WrestleUTA World Title to this.  
Other Fed Awards
See last sentence, but with "awards" replacing "titles."  
Overly colorful, friendly and honor-bound sportsman. Quirky in a Rhys Darby-esque way. While he has wrestled in the US for quick one-off shows in the past, this is his first long-term foray to the US wrestling scene to seek out new competition and then grapple-fuck it into submission. (For the record, he really is a good dude, which belies his style...)

He won't cheat, he won't bend rules (won't even take advantage of a ref's five-count in the ropes) and he won't take shortcuts. He prides himself on a "hard work always pays off" mentality, believing hard work and good deeds win out in the end. His skills have made him highly sought after by lots of wrestling organizations and he would never do anything to sully his name/reputation. Despite his ways, some say a vicious streak hides beneath the surface but that remains to be seen. 
1) Despite wrestling one particular style, many have difficulty preparing for Oscar because of the wide plethora of holds/transitions/counters/pinning combinations he knows.
2) One of the best technicians to not sign to a major company. Nine years in the game under his name and only now turning thirty.
3) Prepares very well for opponents. Never goes into a match half-cocked. 
1) Won't deviate from his primary style no matter the opponent's size, star power or match type. Pick a body part and work it until the opponent can't use it. This tends to make him somewhat predictable. He only has one move where he leaves his feet, otherwise he will stay completely grounded.
2) Too much of a gentleman at times - will lend a hand to others even if it means putting himself in harm's way.
3) Admittedly lousy in non-traditional match types (even to the point of him saying this out loud) 


  • Hey, GC!
  • Nobody cares about you packing a sad!
  • Scott Stevens is a bloody shitbag!
  • He's quicker than a flat foot in the wop wops!



"I now have an asterisk in the record book. I don’t know about you, but I HATE asterisks. I didn’t sign my name on the dotted line here in DEFIANCE to squeak out cheap wins. I sure as hell didn’t come here for Stalker to do my dirty work for me."

- "Black Out" Pat Cassidy




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