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Perfection Biography


Real Name
James Witherhold  
Hidden Hills, California  


James started out living in San Diego until moving to the Hollywood area looking for work in show business. After making a few rolls as side characters and walk on rolls his heart no longer was settled in the movie and TV industry.

James would enter into many venture capital projects and investments shortly after his Hollywood stint netting multi-millions on capital investments and speculations based off the 2005 housing market crash.

After successfully making his money Perfection would later take a side gig with a local wrestling promotion and make a temporary move to Seattle to work for the now dissolved IWF. He would become the last IWF champion.

Perfection started the UTA's most dominant stable "Dynasty" with Claude Baptiste Rainer, and Sean Jackson. He built Dynasty up to include other members such as La Flama Blanca and others.

After the shut down of UTA Perfection would work briefly as a manager in a failed invasion stint which left him with a perfect excuse to break away from the on-air side of things and move into a more training school roll.

He'd later have a brief run in High Octane Wrestling forming 24K with M. Unlikely, J. Kendrix, and A. Murrary claiming one half of the High Octane Tag team gold. 
Other Feds
High Octane, UTA, IWF  
Other Fed Titles
IWF Champion, UTA Champion(x2), UTA Tag Team Champion (w/ La Flama Blanca, Dynasty), UTA Wildfire Champion, High Octane Tag Champion (24K)  
Other Fed Awards
2014 UTA Superstar of the Year (UTA), 2014 Most Hated Wrestler (UTA).  
James Witherhold, AKA Perfection to the wrestling world, made his relatively large wealth through venture capitalism (or Vulture Capitalism depending on one's view). He is a strict conservative, frugal to certain extents, and exploits all opportunities when available. He is the “man”, and lavishes in it. He enjoys being booed, he enjoys being hated because in his mind it only equates to jealousy of his success or what he claims to be success. 
Amazing technician. If there is one thing Perfection can do best in ring it is chain wrestle and general technical wrestling. He can transition between chain and amateur style wrestling fairly quickly in the start of a match.

Very ring aware. Perfection is always looking at his ring position to exploit the rules and the referee to his advantage. His favorite is ducking between the ropes when corned into a turnbuckle.

ALMOST never gets caught cheating. Tying in that ring awareness with technical 
Showboat. Likes to pose after “big” moves and smack talk which leaves him open for attacks. Usually he can counter in the start of a match, but later on his technique goes yet his boasting doesn’t.

Easily frustrated when things don't’ go his way. Constantly will argue with a referee or roll out of the ring to disrupt the pace of the match. Most notorious for holding “rest holds” too long and giving his opponent an opportunity to also recover.

Doesn’t pace his matches well. Perfection tries to drain out his opponent in a flashy scramble of holds and pins. His technique may be great, his conditioning however is rather poor. As such he loses gas faster than most wrestlers. 



"I should have known that a few nights of fun wasn't enough to beat some sense into that deeply disturbed little man... but now I get to literally beat some sense into that deeply disturbed little man!"

- "Black Out" Pat Cassidy




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