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"Sub Pop" Scott Douglas Biography


Real Name
Scott Douglas  
"Sub Pop" Scott, "Seattle's Favorite Son," "DEFIANCE's Favorite Son," Scott Nathaniel Douglas  
Seattle, Washington  


At the age of eighteen, Scott left Seattle, Washington and traveled to Texas with the promise of a profitable rotation on a indy circuit in the aforementioned 'Great State.'

After three months under the Lone Star, Scott learned quickly; that in the day of conglomerate companies and sports entertainment, regional based wrestling of the past had fell into a slump. "Pickin’s were thin,” in the parlance of his new found ... yet ever so temporary home.

At first chance, Scott took his six night payout to procure a passport and head to 'old' Mexico. Two years passed and though the competition was better, the pay was not. Scott, facing impending adulthood, began to reevaluate his love for the profession coupled with an overwhelming spell of homesickness. He would return home with the intent of taking on a straight gig and possibly putting professional wrestling behind him forever.

Upon returning home, it wasn’t long before, Scott found himself back in the squared circle in a local promotion and slowly rising to the top. The prodigal son's return would not go unnoticed and would draw both the adoration and ire of previous acquaintances. The eventual fallout would leave two childhood friends extremely estranged and the love of Scott’s life in a coma.

Scott, once again, decided to retire from the business and spent his days wasting away at the bedside of his comatose lover. His father frequently visited and encouraged Scott to not forsake his passion in the name of his love. “It’s not what she would have wanted …” his father would remark.

Months passed and Scott’s resolve remained unshaken until his father’s untimely passing. With the family name and lost legacy weighing on his heart; his vigor was restored.

Douglas would visit and subsequently sign to DEFIANCE during the two day event known as DEFCON (2016.) He would debut soon after during the BRAZEN Trio's Tournament and iPPV. A hard fought loss to Bronson Box and a victory over Reinhardt Hoffman would send him into the main roster ready to make a name for himself.

A chance in counter with Tony Gamble backstage would run Douglas head long into Frank Pastore. Ultimately their beef would remain unresolved as Midorikawa would pop up at MAXDEF 2016, hand Scott Douglas the win via DQ and kick off a year long reign of terror.

Midorikawa would eventually side with Reaper Co. and make it their personal mission to dismantle Scott Douglas. Midorikawa was unmasked at after losing to Scott Douglas at DEFIANCE ROAD 2017 and subsequently was arrested for a outstanding warrant and the new charge of falsifying information. While they had MDK on the payroll, Reaper Co. focused on Impulse and the common enemy would find the two joining forces to battle the Reapers and their antics.

At DEFCON 2017, however, Scott would be named a contender for Impulse's Southern Heritage title - along with Bronson Box and Reaper Prime. The grueling main event of Night 1 would find Impulse in Bronson Box's Boston Massacare, while Douglas pinned Reaper Prime to secure the championship. Impulse would violently slip out of Box's grip and the last minute but did not attempt to break the pin.

Scott is currently aligned with the DEF Militia amidst a foreign invasion.

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As a teen, Scott had a nearly unhealthy obsession with the ‘grunge' culture. Which he felt he had missed the 'golden age' of; just by a couple years. The Sub Pop record label and their artists defined Scott in his own mind. Influencing his dress, hair and overall appearance and attitude.

The only rival to his musical tendencies were that of the professional wrestling type. His father was a old territory mid carder from the southern United States, who had settled down and had given up at the peak of his career to marry and father a child.

Scott is still young and has nearly hung it up twice and now with the passing of his father he sets out to prove what his family name could have or will mean in Professional Wrestling. 
Paid Dues: Scott’s had little to no highs in the business with quite a bit of lows. He has felt defeat and loss but more importantly he has traversed many style of opponent.
Athleticism: Still in his his prime, Scott is quick on his feet and has maintained his regimen even in his down time.
Passionate: Scott’s new found motivation has reminded him of why he fell in love with the business to begin with. 
Face: In his attempt to do the right thing, it can often backfire.
Emotional Stability: Just this side of 30, Scott’s past will continually plague him. No matter to what extent he feels it is behind him and easily dismissed. 


  • You could not step twice into the same rivers; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.
  • MY ACT of DEFIANCE … I’ll take the head of the SNAKE!



"You’re just a scared little bitch who knows I’ll take that Southern Heritage title away from you!"

- Jay Harvey




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