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Scott Stevens Biography


Real Name
Scott Stevens  
The Scorpion, Everyone's Favorite Texan, Ruthless, Bad Ass from Texas, The Angry Texan, The FIST of DEFIANCE, The FIST  
Houston, Tx  
January 12, 1978  
256 lbs  


Scott Stevens is a second generation wrestler. His father, Cary Stevens, is a legendary wrestler from Texas and in the Southern region during the territory days. He is a part of the Stevens Dynasty that includes middle brother, George Stevens, and his youngest brother, Ricky Stevens. In the recent few years his cousin, Bo Stevens, has been training to become a professional wrestler to continue the Stevens legacy.

Started professionally at the age of sixteen in his father’s company mainly as enhancement talent. At the age of eighteen and after graduating high school he began to work the independent scene on his own, but wasn’t getting much work because of his last name and people blacklisting him around the South do to promoters’ bad blood with his father. Fearing that his career was done before it started, Stevens decided to enroll in college on a baseball scholarship. Late in his junior year, he blew out his knee after colliding with the catcher on a slide to home plate, and was done for the season and his senior year as well.

After he graduated college, he was offered a minor league contract by Houston Astros affiliate, Corpus Christi Hooks. His first year with the Hooks he tore another ligament in his knee, and his baseball career was done. Once he recovered from his knee injury he decided to give wrestling another try full time, and he decided to travel oversees to hone his craft were his last name wouldn’t affect him.

After making a name for himself all over Europe and Asia he headed back to the States where he’s been competing ever since. 
Other Feds
HOW, 4CW, Wrestle UTA, LPW, FWF  
Other Fed Titles
2x HOW World Championship, 3x HOW ICON Championship, HOW LSD Championship, 2x HOW Tag Team Championship, Wrestle UTA Wildfire Championship, 3x 4CW XTV/Extreme Championship, 4CW Tag Team Championship, LPW World Championship, Boardwalk Wrestling Internet Ch  
Other Fed Awards
2012 HOW Rookie of the Year, 2015 War Games Winner (Team HOW), 2016 Captain of the Winning War Games Team, 2015 Rumble at the Rock Solitary Confinement Match Winner, Defeated Mike Best in the main event at ICONIC, Wrestle UTA Superstar of the Week, 7x 4CW  
He's Scott Fucking Stevens. 
Wrestling IQ - Before matches, assuming he hasn't underestimated his opponent, Stevens scouts every opponent diligently and bodes well for him in his matches and will head into the match with Plan A through Plan Z.

Strength- His wrestling skills are underrated because he’s busy overpowering his opponents the majority of the time.

Endurance: Stevens is a veteran of numerous "hard core" matches and has a high pain threshold. His cardio is superb for a man his age and wrestling for an hour or longer is not something that would faze him whatsoever.

Experience: A second generation veteran of the business, Stevens is not phased by big occasions. 
Prior Injuries - Stevens is the recipient of multiple concussions and numerous other injuries, mainly on the knee. He wears a big, bulky brace on his right knee.

Age- He isn't exactly a spring chicken.

Temper- Stevens will have a gameplan but will divert from it if frustration and anger sets in.

Proving People Wrong - Stevens gets a chip on his shoulder when someone tells him he can't beat this person or win this championship. He always feels he has to constantly prove himself to everyone. 


  • You said DEFIANCE doesn’t owe me anything, but they owe me my REMATCH for MY FIST of DEFIANCE Championship!
  • I’m The MAIN EVENT!
  • I’m Scott fucking Stevens and I’m that damn good!
  • Fuck DEFIANCE!!!
  • I am the DEFIANCE Wrestling Champion. I know it, you know it, this camera man knows it, and the whole world knows it because I had Cayle Murray’s bitch ass laying on the mat and the official’s hand hit the mat three times.
  • Don’t give me that crap! His shoulders were on the mat and the official slapped the mat three times so that makes me the true champion! Cayle Murray can parade around all he wants and claim to be the DEFIANCE champion and that idiot Angus can dick ride him all he wants but they both know who is the true victor here tonight
  • The fact is I beat Cayle Murray. I don’t need to hold the physical belt to know I am the true and rightful champion because I showed that in the ring tonight when I pinned him in the middle of the ring.
  • I want Cayle Murray to hold that championship because every time he looks at it he knows he is a farce of a champion and that he couldn’t back up his shit talk when he faced me in the ring.
  • How does it feel Lance knowing your top guy….no, top champion, got beat by a guy from UTAH? Huh? And not just anyone guy from UTAH, but the bad ass from Texas, Scott Stevens?
  • Actions have consequences and what happens next is on you.
  • I'm Scott fucking Stevens!
  • I'm the last GREAT FIST
  • Make the FIST Great Again!



"I'm sorry, I couldn't quite hear you or your life-sized Lisa Frank-design rejects over the apparent goddamn nonsense of that disco ball you call a jacket."

- Lindsay Troy




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