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Madame Melton Biography


Real Name
Teri Melton  
The Gangster in a Gucci Dress, The Silver Fox  
Hollywood, California  
145 lbs 


Teri Melton started her career in the late 1990s and was one of the most successful valets/managers in the history of the CSWA, one of the earliest big promotions there was. While known for her duplicitous cunning, Teri also showed a prodigy-level knowledge of wrestling and physiology despite herself not being an athlete.

However, "backstage issues" led to her being let go and into obscurity. (According to many, Teri's "backstage issues" were caused by a temperamental, outspoken and brash attitude where she frequently butted heads with the industry's powerful, along with the "personal problems" found in the industry at the time. According to Teri, she was ousted because she was resented for being a woman who put her foot down about the industry's misogyny and sought pay someone of her celebrity was due.)

Teri made her return to wrestling after years with the look and cadence of "Olde Hollywood" starlets like Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson. The first target in her sights was young journeyman wrestler JJ Dixon, who was wildly rumored to be on the cut list from the roster. JJ, at wits end, gave himself one last match against Nicky Synz where if he lost he would retire. Teri (along with her second Zoltan) interfered in the match without JJ's knowledge and helped him to victory, and signed him to a contract.

JJ tried to steer away from Teri's influence, but she coyly manipulated him into seeing things her way and turning him into "The Special Attraction." JJ broke ranks with his old stable, The Southern Basterds, in the process.

While at first acting in a villainous manner, Teri and JJ started receiving levels of fan support. The early part of their rise to stardom came through cult fandom from their appearances on Uncut, where Teri would use her wares to lead to JJ's quick victories. She seduced opponents into a false sense of safety. She seduced the timekeeper into giving her his hammer. She seduced referee Mark Shields into giving JJ an oddly quick pinfall victory. They quickly claimed Uncut as "their sandbox" and adopted the name The Uncut Gems in the process.

Much of the growing support for The Uncut Gems was due to Teri's popular catchphrase ("Teri Melton! Is Ready! For Her Closeup!)". A lot came because Teri's unique training regime of endurance-focused, all natural workouts let to JJ being able to hone his elite athleticism into in-ring success. Some came because of their theatrical presentation with Teri's glamorous outfits and JJ's newfound love of sequined robes. But perhaps the main reason why was because fans recognized themselves in JJ's underdog story and Teri's redemption tale.

JJ had a match against MV1 on a DefTV where he received rave reviews for his performance despite taking a loss. It was also revealed at this time that Teri Melton and Lord Nigel - manager of Corvo Alpha and sworn enemy to MV1 - had some kind of past romantic relationship (at least in his eyes.) Lord Nigel offered Teri $100,000 in exchange of JJ Dixon taking out MV1 on his behalf. Lord Nigel became alarmed at how long it was taken (as told through the magic of film noir/musical comedy and a 1960s teen throwback) but Teri continued to convince him their deal was still on. Lord Nigel escorted Teri to the 2022 Awards Ceremony, where she claimed the Rookie of the Year award. However, at the awards ceremony, Teri revealed she set Lord Nigel up from the start and absconded with the $100,000 via a hot air balloon escape.

This resulted in a full explosion of popularity due to "The Gangster in a Gucci Dress" long-con, heist movie ways coming at the expense of one of DEFIANCE's biggest villains. It also led to an Ironman match between JJ and MV1 at DEFIANCE Road where JJ won in the final seconds. 
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- Simon Kinsberg




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