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The D Biography


Real Name
Derek Edwards  
The D, The Netflix A Lister  
Culver City, California  
10 years after 1980  
176 lbs  


Derek Edwards was trained by Jack Harmen / High Flyer in the late 90s, making his debut in independant promotions that had ties to Harmen. He tag teamed with his best friend growing up, Josh Klein. The two wowed crowds with their high flying manuevers, but their character lacked... anything.

So, Ed took acting classes. He took a LOT of acting classes. And he fell in love with acting more than he did wrestling... however, he wasn't good at it. So, he returned to the ring, now with charisma, and was able to have success in ACW & LoC in their tag divisions. Both runs were short lived however, as Ed doesn't have the passion for this industry that Josh Klein does.

Since leaving ACW, Ed worked primarily as a trainer in Harmen's Odessa Dungeon. With funding provided by the Lunatic, Ed shot his own movie, which has been critically panned. Although people have gravitated toward it because "It's so bad it's good." The movie's starlet? Elise, his newest tag team partner.

Now, the two wannabe superstars head to Defiance to annoy everyone. And then become loved. And then break up. And then get back together again. It's a vicious cycle of love hate.

Sports Entertainment Guild

The D & Elise Ares joined DEFIANCE as super fans of the Hollywood sensation, Mikey Unlikely. Desperate to get him to appear in their Lake Placid Vi film series, the D and Elise became almost subserviant to Mikey and his newly acquired tag team partner Kendrix. They became the Sports Entertainment Guild, with the Hollywood Bruvs as the leaders. Treated like stooges, D and Elise did everything they could to impress Mikey, even winning the freshly minted Tag Team Titles by rigging the rules and pinning each other at DEFCon 2016. After Mikey lost the HoHer (what he renamed the SoHer), and was unable to regain it after the Pop Culture Phenom's error, Mikey demanded they drop their newly won tag team titles to the Hollywood Bruvs. The D erupted, demanding to be fairly treated, before Elise acquiased. She laid down, and then swerved the Bruvs, rolling up Mikey to retain the tag titles. Now, the Faithful have officially begun their love/hate relationship with the Duo.

The Bruvs then demanded that the D strike Elise down for her transgression. The D refused to strike a bound Elise, attacking the Bruvs instead. Klein, however, torn between the two groups, sided with the Bruvs. At Ascension 2017, PCP and Bruvs battled for the tag team titles. In the closing moments, Klein revealed it was all a ruse, attacking Mikey & Kendrix, and allowing the PCP to retain their tag team titles.

Descension in the Ranks

Following their departure from the Bruvs, the PCP were put into a cluster ladder feud over the tag team titles at DEFIANCE Road 2017. Here, Elise and Skidd Row simultaneously pulled down the straps, causing them to become co champions. The D never trusted Skidd Row, and eventually, this mistrust was deemed true, as the Bastard Sons of Wrestling were able to fully wrest the straps away from Elise. At DEFCon 2017, they retained the straps, due to the actions of their mentor and Trainer, Jack Harmen. Later in the night, the UTA would invade, throwing the entire DEF landscape into chaos.


Elise Ares wound up in a singles feud with Jack Harmen, culminating in a hair vs. hair match with her being victorious. During this feud, the D would be used to garner more sympathy for Elise, usually being the victim of Jack Harmen's violent outbursts. As Elise Ares took on Jack Harmen and then Jay Harvey for the SoHer Belt, the D would spend time in BRAZEN with Klein & Flex Kruger, winning the DEFIANCE Trios championships.

S-Oh Face Break Up

It was Elise Ares Appreciation night, just after her winning the SoHer Championship. She offered to defend the belt against every member of the PCP, starting first with Klein. This rubbed the D the wrong way, to the point where he made a deal with Netflix and re-cast Elise in Lake Placid Vi 3 with the debuting O-Face, turning heel. Flex and O-Face joined the D, as Klein supported Elise who did no wrong. The D was unsuccesful in his attempt to capture the SoHer Strap.

Singles Run

The D proceeded to feud with Darren Quimbey and Kerry Kuroyama, the latter having a match with him at Ascension 2019, while Elise Ares feuded with Scott Douglas over who was the best SoHer champion in DEFIANCE. This culminated, with Kerry & Douglas challenging the PCP to a tag match. Elise tried to get the D, but she only got Klein instead. The D was off, and was able to defeat Oscar Burns in a match for the FIST, but only via disqualification due to the interference of their former ring leader, Mikey Unlikely. The next week, PCP would reform, surprising Kerry & Scott Douglas earlier in the show, before the D would get another shot at Oscar Burns and the FIST. Here, chaos erupted, no match resulted, and Mikey Unlikely stood tall over Oscar Burns prior to their FIST title match. At DEFCon 2020, PCP officially reunited and defeated Seattle's Best, with the help of Flex, Klein and O-Face.

Tiger Queen

They set their sights on the Tag Team Championships, held by Minute & Uriel Cortez. At DEFtv 135, they were successful, as the D de-masked Minute, wore it himself, and was pinned by Elise. The Sky High Titans would win the tag team titles back at Max DEF 2020, solidifying their reign. PCP would go on to feud with the newly acquired face tandem of the Lucky Sevens, after the D and Elise disrespected them by trying to turn them into Tigers for their latest Netflix saga, "Tiger Queen."


When Cayle Murray turned against the Faithful and joined Mikey and Perfection, the PCP came out, and it looked like they were inquiring to join. But PCP mentioned all the times Mikey ran them down, or disrupted their activities, and PCP brought out the returning Kendrix, leading to a pull apart brawl. In the end though, it was all a ploy, reversing the fortunes that occured during Bruvs vs. PCP, as JFK was part of 24k all along, causing Elise Ares to be unsuccesful in her challenge of Mikey Unlikely's FIST.

The D himself also got to spread some singles wings during this, defeating former FISTs Oscar Burns & Cayle Murray in singles matches. In the main event of Night 1 of DEFIANCE Road, the PCP were unable to defeat Cayle Murray and JFK, after Cayle used a wrench as a foreign object, severely injuring Elise Ares' face. The D spent the next few weeks searching for Elise, while being unsuccessful in his attempt to become SoHer against Dex Joy. At DEFCon, The D was angered at not having been booked, and demanded to be made a Star. Bronson Box was happy to oblige, and the D showed resilence he had not yet shown in a losing effort to the Ace of DEFIANCE. 
Other Feds
Other Fed Titles
GWA Cruiserwight, IML3 Tag Team Titles(w/Klein), ACW Tag Team Titles(w/Klein), LoC Tag Team Titles(w/Klein)  
Other Fed Awards
A wannabe actor past his prime as a wrestler. He's horrible at acting, but good at wrestling. So he's coming back to slum it where he might be successful.
Super confident, full of himself, dressed in armani suits just to pretend he's better than you. He's got a rocker girlfriend (O-Face) on one arm, and a brute (Flex or Klein) backing him up, always. 
Charisma - He’s money on the mic. Just don’t ask him to fake something :-).
Resilience - Able to take a lot of punishment.
Athleticism - Crisp in ring work.
Power - He’s a weak man.
Ego - His ego is strong, but it always hurts him.
Gullibility - The ceiling says what? 


  • If you expect me to remember every person Klein ever gave a box to I think you have some unrealistic expectations. That’d be like me remembering everyone I gave a D to, and I was a teacher.
  • We’re chocolate rain famous.
  • I’m the D, and this here’s Elise. I’m sure you’ve heard of us from such internet videos as the film length Lake Placid Vi, and my Adults React video about flaming Cheetos.
  • The Box, and the D. It’s a match made in heaven! Dude, you need me inside you.
  • This is gonna be FUN! For us I mean. Not you. It’ll be hell for you.
  • Background extras of DEFIANCE, I've come out here tonight with my tag team partner, the brightest diamond in DEFIANCE, the beacon in your world of darkness, future Oscar winner and multiple time Razzie nominated actress, your leading lady and mine, Elise Ares!
  • (to Mikey) Your movies suck, you suck, fuck you bruvs, I’m out. OBVS.
  • You’re scared of the D. I get it. The D is well...bigger than you expected.
  • You’d help us? That seems like, I don’t know. Some sort of conflict. But I’m interested.
  • Alright, just be yourself... and when that fails, try being me.
  • The same thing we do most nights, Elise. Go back to our locker room, talk about the most amazing ideas for movies ever, get drunk, and then go in front of a large crowd of people and do our best to pretend we’re not drunk.
  • We’re here to help. And like, do karate on people.
  • My name is the D, and I’ll be filling in as the temporary host for this Emmy nominated, Webby Award winning talk show... THE BRUV SHOW! Now, with 100% more D!
  • It took you twelve seconds to get to me. That’s eleven seconds too long.
  • Flex! Hold me back.
  • More than three shakes is playing with me.
  • Plus, the D and the Fist can have a lot in common, depending on the porno.
  • That's what it (UTA) means? Seems so redundant. I mean, United and Alliance are the same word.
  • If this were a movie, how would the good guys win?
  • You look like that ridiculous chimp that got bit by the gator on the set of the sequel to Lake Placid Vi, Lake Placid Vi II, coming soon to special edition blu ray available only at Walmart stores across the greater New Orleans Metro area… some animals were harmed in the making of this motion picture...
  • That can’t be right. Klein. Get our dictionary. Look up the word “sorry.”
  • That’s like, one hundred and forty-one and two thirds awesome. But then you take that amount of awesome and divide it by three, for the three of us, and then multiply it by the circumference of my penis, 3.4139482 while eating an apple pie, divided again by a negative number for our negative feelings toward those scum, and invert it to make the world right again, and it becomes the exact right amount of awesomeness we are. And then you take your amount of awesomeness, which is probably eighty four, two percent less than us, and add that to our awesome and you get a lot of awesome. Like. A lot.
  • Wait, was I supposed to tip them in Mikey Money?
  • Protect the TV! I have no budget!
  • He just threw himself at a dude. Not impressed.
  • I’m going to go out there and DEFEAT Oscar Burns, AGAIN. Only this time, they’ll put the FIST around my waist. And then, in one night, the PCP Reunites, SEG is REBORN, and I’ll do what MIKEY UNLIKELY could NEVER do. The D… WILL BE FISTED.
  • If you want the Pop Culture Phenoms, you GOT THEM. Klein. Flex. Go show them why they don’t deserve to share a ring with us.
  • Poors in the truck, play the clip!
  • Introducing the Hollywood Power Couple with unbridled superstardom, prestige and pedigree beyond the wildest imaginations of the poors of the Faithful. First, the stunning visionary director of the Lake Placcid series and the Daily Motion Web Series “The Office, No, Not That Office”, cinematographic genius, it’s ME! THE D!AND! The better half of the IT couple, the stunning and ravenous starlet with the soul of a tortured poet. A beautiful woman who doesn’t deserve the pain and strife she conveys on screen, the damsel you wish to save, until you realize she’s the widowmaker. The leading lady of DEFIANCE, and the BEST, GOD DAMN SOHER CHAMPION OF ALL TIME… the AWARD WINNING, ELISE, ARES. WE ARE, THE, not YOUR, YOU POORS… DEFIANCE UNIFIED… TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOOOOOO-
  • And thank you to The Faithful, for without you, there would be no us.
  • The D’s gotta bust Klein. The D’s gotta…
  • What has you craving The D?



"Yeah yeah, gimme that, gimme that, extra extra!"

- "Extra Butter" Gilbert Rogers




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