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Troy Matthews Biography


Real Name
David R. Troy, Jr.  
The Jersey Devil (former), The Slayer of Giants, The Vanguard, “kickpads” (he only lets Lindsay Troy call him this)  
Blackwood, NJ  
October 24, 1980  
202 pounds  


In 2016, Troy Matthews faced a man named Omega, and was on the receiving end of a one-sided beatdown that nearly lead to his death.

For five years, the former Jersey Devil cleaned his life up, tackling his demons, advancing his career, and proving his skills as a wrestler around the world. However, through it all, he still heard the call of DEFIANCE, of returning to reclaim the life almost taken from him.

Now, he’s back, absent the ability to be scared of or give a fuck about ANYTHING. You can tell in the way he cuts promos and the way he fights now, the once-honorable martial artist CHANGED after his brush with the grave... and it’s a change the Faithful seem to like. 
Other Feds
Old Line Wrestling, Canadian Rockies Wrestling, Lion’s Road (under his real name, David Troy)  
Other Fed Titles
OLW Trios Tag Team Titles (w/ Ryan Andrews and Alex Markham), CRW Tag Team Titles (w/ Alex Markham), King of Lions World’s Heavyweight Champion (Lion's Road, three times)  
Other Fed Awards
Cagey veteran turned batshit crazy rabble rouser and fearless bear-poker. His philosophy can be summed up in three simple words that have become his mantra; "Or Die Trying." 
1.) Absolute, 100% fearlessness. His brush with the grave stripped him of his ability to be scared or intimidated. He'll stare down anyone and everyone, and refuse to blink, for no reason other than a refusal to go down without a fight. Against opponents who rely on intimidation, this can be a real bee in the bonnet, as absolutely NONE of those tactics have any effect on him. Given his track record against larger opponents even before his injury, this only makes the Slayer of Giants that much deadlier.

2.) Striking power. A former professional kickboxer in every ruleset from semi-contact to Muay Thai, Troy knows his way around a kick. His training has turned his legs into brutal clubs which have felled wrestlers of all shapes and sizes. As he gets older and his athleticism fades away, Troy has focused his offense on throwing bombs and going for maximum damage with minimum effort.

3.) Durability. 
1.) Size. Tonka Tough as he may be, and as hard as he kicks, Matthews is still a cruiserweight, and can easily be thrown around by larger opponents.

2.) Past his prime. At age 40, Troy's no spring chicken. He doesn't have the speed he once had, and although he still has phenomenal conditioning, his aging body will always have a ceiling to how fast he can go.

3.) His fearlessness. It cuts both ways. You might not be able to scare him, but you can definitely put a hurting on him if he is feeling particularly unwilling to stay down on that night. 


  • Tell 'em, Mushi.



"I barely register on Miss Kelly’s radar. And besides…I Bell Clapped YOU, with that arm, in that brace. As long as I can keep doing THAT, I doubt she’ll care about the underneath."

- Henry Keyes




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