BRAZEN Presents: 6/26 and 6/28 Double Shot Results!

Posted by Lance Warner on 30 Jun 2021

Click ahead for the lastest results following CLASH! See who's next and what stars are on the rise! Who are the Ones To Watch? We'll find out!

Saturday, June 26th

1. Dan Leo James defeated Oliver Tarquin Monroe @ 4:55 with the Padlock (Inverted Boston Crab)

2. The (New) Rain City Ronin (Zack Daymon and "Iceman" Leo Burnett) defeated Customer Support (Simon Kinsberg and Trevor Manning) @ 6:41 with the Leaping Reverse STO (Daymon over Manning)

3. "The Big Bad" BRAGG defeated Richie Dunson via DQ @ :25 when the rest of the Dunson Clan intervened...

3a. "The Big Bad" BRAGG and Strong AF defeated Todd and Richie Dunson @ 1:45 with They All Fall Down (Crucifix Toss Bomb) and Deadly AF (Jackhammer, BRAGG pins Todd Dunson)

4. BRAZEN Star Cup: "One Shot" Jack Halcyon (c) defeated Kid Black Jack 1-0 @ 15:00 to retain the Cup

5. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: "Wingman" Titus Campbell defeated George Villalobos @ 7:05 with The Hookup (Elevated underhook facebuster)

6. Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver, HF IV, Kazuhiro Troy and Killjoy) defeated The Southern Bastards (JJ Dixon, MASSIVE Cowboy and Earl Lee Roberts) and MDM4 @ 11:15 with Kicky McGee Plus (Triple Superkick) on Dixon (Troy pins Dixon)

7. #1 Contender's Match, Onslaught Championship: Michael Van Warren defeated Nathan Cross and Doug "Moonshine" Matton @ 12:19 with Armiger Unleashed (Muscle buster) on Matton

8. Luke Ali'i defeated Roosevelt Owens (w/Bobby Horrigan) @ 5:52 with The Impact Crater (Fireman's carry powerslam)

9. "Bantam" Ryan Batts (w/Sonny Silver) defeated Reinhardt Hoffman @ 16:18 with Batter Up (flying headbutt strike/Torpedo Mascau) 


Sunday, June 27th

1. Team Strong/Bad (Strong AF and BRAGG) defeated The Dunson Clan (Paul and Finn Dunson) @ 4:22 with the Deadly AF (Jackhammer, Strong AF pins Paul Dunson)

2. Jesse Harrison defeated Somchai @ 5:15 with The Cliffhanger (Double Knee Facebreaker)

3. The (New) Rain City Ronin (Zack Daymon and "Iceman" Leo Burnett) won a tag team Battle Royale for a future BRAZEN Tag Title Match @ 9:05 (order of elimination: The Atomic Punks, Dunson Clan, Midcard Experiment, Brutal Attack Force)

4. Luke Ali'i defeated Bobby Horrigan (w/Roosevelt Owens) @ 8:05 with the Impact Crater 

5. Customer Support (Simon Kinsberg and Trevor Manning) defeated The Barrio Boys (Corey Nunez and Hugo Gonzalez) @ 9:45 with the No Refund (Flapjack into pinfall, Kinsberg pins Nunez)

6. Leyenda de Ocho defeated Rhys Collins with The Actualizer (corkscrew quebrada) @ 10:05

7. High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Tornado T-Rex Titilayo) defeated To The Maxx (Exclusive Eric Wilson and Lovely Lance Mingle) @ 9:30 with Sucks To Be You (Brainbuster, Cheno pins Wilson)

8. Dan Leo James defeated FAFNIR and Kazuo Akamatsu with the Padlock (Inverted Boston crab) on Akamatsu @ 7:17

9. BRAZEN Tag Team Titles: (Archer Silver and High Flyer w/Kazuhiro Troy) defeated The DEFcepticons (Ryan Knox and Megan Kron) @ 15:05 with Kicky McGee (Running Knee/Superkick combo, Archer pins Kron) following a distraction by Kaz Troy

10. BRAZEN Championship: Declan "DEC4L" Alexander Killjoy via DQ @ 9:55 when the rest of LET get involved. "Bantam" Ryan Batts and (New) Rain City Ronin make the save!

News and Notes:

--New BRAZEN Star Cup winner Jack Halcyon and BRAZEN Onslaught Champion "Wingman" Titus Campbell are off to a hot start, retaining over Kid Black Jack and the first Onslaught Champ Gerardo Villalobos respectively! However, Michael Van Warren won a #1 Contender's Match for the Onslaught Title and has promised he is coming for gold. After Jesse Harrison's own victory over Somchai, he has promised to go after the underdog Halcyon to finally secure his first title in BRAZEN. Tough challenges ahead for bothnew champions loom on the horizon.

--Kazuhiro Troy paid dividends as the newest member of LET by not only scoring the win in an eight man tag, but also helping them once again retain the Tag Titles against DEFcepticons in a return match from the Clash.

--ONES TO WATCH: Dan Leo James scored not one, but TWO submission wins in a row with his Padlock finisher. The undefeated superheavyweight Luke Ali'i also defeated both members of Heavy Artillery on back to back nights. The (New) Rain City Ronin won during Night One as well as winning a battle Royale for the next crack at LET for the BRAZEN Tag Titles! Leyenda de Ocho had one of the best matches over the weekend and Ths 8-Bit Luchador has become a wild favorite off the bat.

--BRAZEN's newest return "Bantam" Ryan Batts had BRAZEN's newest coach Sonny Silver at ringside and Ryan scored the HUGE win over the first BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman to kick off his BRAZEN return. He promised to watch the BRAZEN Championship picture closely. 

-Team Strong/Bad (Strong AF and "The Big Bad" BRAGG) have now made an official tag team and showed a combined strength that will be trouble for a who cross their path. The former Silver gold medalist in Powerlifting came to BRAGG's aid on Saturday which led to a pair of victories.

--Declan Alexander came close to winning the BRAZEN Championship, but LET intervened. It was "Bantam" Ryan Batts and the (New) Rain City Ronin to the rescue! Declan then made the challenge for the next Double shot... LET vs he, Batts and the (New) RCR! Archer accepted and BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment made it official.

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