Favoured Saints LLC release a statement on Zack Daymon!

Posted by Lance Warner on 2 Oct 2021

Favoured Saints LLC have released the following statement regarding 'Skyfire' Zack Daymon and The Guardians’ actions at DEFtv 160:


‘Due to match contract stipulations, agreed upon by both parties, we have determined that Zack Daymon violated the specified stipulations of the Lumberjack match between he and Crimson Stalker. For those violations he will be suspended from ALL DEFIANCE events for 3 months. Upon reinstatement he will be placed on a probationary return. This is effective immediately.'

That leaves a lot of questions to be left answered for the upcoming ACTS of DEFIANCE pay per view match between The Guardians and The Kabal. Who will be on Jessica’s side? Who will be on Teresa’s side? Tune in to ACTS of DEFIANCE to find out, only on DEFonDEMAND!

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