BRAZEN Double Shot 11/4 and 11/5

Posted by SuperDEFFan64 on 5 Nov 2023

Hello! SuperDEFFan64 here to bring you the latest recap! After the huge fallout from Tag Party V, we are seeing a shift at the top among BRAZEN’s Best and Brightest! All titles were on the line once again for the latest double shot! We had some outside assistance from Gulf Coast Connection! Eric Dane Jr. was in the house! BRAZEN Onslaught Champion Punch Drunk Purcell has all the attention on him after winning Tag Party V and what did he (and Scotty Flash) do with all that attention? Did any of the titles change hands? ONE DID! You’ll have to read to find out which one!

Find out in the latest BRAZEN Report presented by MEEEEE!

Saturday, November 4th Results

1. BRAZEN Star Cup: Felton Bigsby (w/Doris Hilton and Gordy Lovett) defeated Michael Van Warren © @ 15:00 Time limit, 2-1 falls to win the BRAZEN Star Cup! 

2. BRAZEN Tag Team Titles Battle Royal, Winner Earns Title match in Main Event: The Gulf Coast Connection (Wingman Titus Campbell and Theodore Cain) won, last eliminating the DEFCepticons to earn title shot @ 9:34! Participants: High Investigations, Los Fratadores, OnlyFlips, Sainted By The Storm, The DEFCepticons

3. Eric Dane Jr. defeated Wild Logan Barry @ 4:22 with the Stardriver III (Shooting Star DDT)

4. Brooklynn Rivera defeated Rachel Tennison @ 8:26 with The Goodnight Kiss (rolling back elbow) 

5. Monster Mash (Count Novick and The Monster) defeated Customer Support (Simon Kinsberg and Trevor Manning) @ 6:55 with the Chokeslam/Graveyard Smash combo (top rope senton, Novick pins Manning)

6. BRAZEN Women’s Championship: Ophelia Sykes © defeated Magdalena @ 6:26 with the Body Shot (top rope splash) to retain the championship! 

7. “The Hound” Aiden Harlow defeated Gunther Adler @ 8:14 via victory roll pin

8. “One Shot” Jack Halcyon defeated BIGBOSS Batts @ 10:15 via disqualification after Batts attacked with a steel chair! 

9. BRAZEN Tag Team Titles: Weighted Grade © defeated The Gulf Coast Connection (Wingman Titus Campbell and Theodore Cain w/Crescent City Kid) @ 10:15 with Drop The Grade (aided electric chair splash, TA Horrigan pins Cain) to retain the titles! 


Sunday, November 5th Results

1. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Punch Drunk Purcell © (w/Scotty Flash) defeated Gordy Lovett (w/Doris Hilton and Felton Bigsby) @ 9:26 with the Punch Drunk Love (pop-up KO punch) to retain the title! 

2. Reinhardt Hoffman defeated Leyenda de Ocho @ 10:15 with the Running Knee Trembler

3. Best of Three Series, Finale: Kid Black Jack defeated “The Fresh Prince of Big Air” Antonio Prince @ 11:05 with Twenty-One (spiral tap)

4. “Mellow Yellow” George Othello and Sainted By The Storm (Crimson Corsair and Ol Stormalong) defeated Sun-Twist Skylar and Los Fratadores (Johnny Dorn and Johnny Guilliano) @ 8:10 with The Yellow Kick Road (running corner dropkick, Othello pins Dorn)

5. The House (Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck) defeated The Dunson Clan (Paul and Todd w/Richie Dunson) @ 5:05 with BUST (aided double powerbomb, Roebuck pins Paul)

6. OnlyFlips (Kenny Yi and Lee Laz w/Asa Orochi and Liz Icarus) defeated The DEFCepticons (Ryan Knox and Al Sparks w/Megan Kron, Starscream and Septimus Tyne) @ 12:02 with the Premium Content Drop (double 450 splash, Laz pins Knox)

7. “The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne defeated Nathan Cross @ 7:17 with Stay Down (falling powerslam)

8. No DQ Brawl: Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver and Killjoy) defeated Nick “Lotto” Otto and BRAGG @ 11:05 with the FreeFall (Vertical suplex into driver, Killjoy pins BRAGG!)

9. BRAZEN Championship: Kazuhiro Troy © defeated “The Young Bull” Tate Newell @ 14:15 via stoppage with the Heretic’s Fork (koji clutch) to retain the championship! 



BRAZEN CHAMPIONSHIP PICTURE: A GRUELING back and forth battle! Tate Newell almost came close to winning the BRAZEN Championship when he hit The Horns aka the spear, but Troy got a foot on the ropes! I was THERE! It was SO CLOSE! But when he tried to pick up the champion off the mat and pull him away from the ropes for another cover, Troy got in a desperation Heretic’s Fork and hung on for dear life! This was not The Young Bull’s night, but he shook hands with Kaz after coming around… but now Troy has a new challenger in the form of… KILLJOY?!?! YES! His own stablemate! Killjoy found the monster within by making it to the finale of Tag Party V and challenged Kazuhiro Troy to a future title match… which Kaz accepted! That one is going to be BRU-TALLLLL!

BRAZEN STAR CUP: WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION! Another star who showed out during Tag Party V now brings the first gold to Hilton Promotions! Felton Bigsby, a BRAZEN OG, wins his very first title in BRAZEN!

After Michael Van Warren got the first fall with the Zodiac Spear, a second attempt was countered into a HUGE shoulder tackle followed by a powerbomb for the pin! The dominator ended the match just before the time limit ran out, giving two falls and the Cup to Bigsby! The BRAZEN Star Cup, a title built on endurance, will be in tough hands with Felton Bigsby and Hilton Promotions! Michael Van Warren had a dominant run, but Felton is on fire right now! I salute to a fellow BIG MAN LIKE ME!

BRAZEN ONSLAUGHT TITLE: Doris Hilton tried to repeat Felton Bigsby’s success and to her credit, Gordy Lovett almost had it! He scored with two big lariats to finally knock down Punch Drunk Purcell, but he got a foot on the rope, as pointed out by Scotty Flash! A third attempt at a lariat was countered into the Punch Drunk Love pop-up punch that helped he and Pat Cassidy win Tag Party V! But despite Gordy’s loss, Hilton Promotions showed themselves as a deadly force to be reckoned with in the span of Tag Party V and the span of the Double Shot! Next up, Punch Drunk Purcell was challenged by one of BRAZEN’s most dangerous men going today - “The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne! 

BRAZEN WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP: Magdalena has been racking up the wins, but despite a great effort on her part, she got stopped by the SMOKING HOT Ophelia Sykes who had to fly back to the States on fairly short notice to defend the title! Despite Mags’ best efforts, Ophelia Sykes said F-U to jetlag and won the match with the Body Shot splash to retain her title! The very first champion continues to break records with the Women’s Championship and nobody stepped forward right away, but a rumor is out that Capital Punishment may be holding a tournament of some sort in the near future to crown a new challenger for the title! 

BRAZEN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS: Two big defenses across the world and two times, they were successful! Fellow BIG MEN LIKE ME, Weighted Grade, stopped not only Titanes Familia last week, but made the flight back home to the Wrestle-plex to defeat a surprise addition to the shows in The Gulf Coast Connection! The GCC won a Tag Team Battle Royale to earn the shot, but unfortunately Weighted Grade’s Tag Title run has been too much for anyone to stop! 

And now, it’s time for the… 


--Despite a pretty rocky start in his career, losing to Titaness and a Favoured Saints Title match to Uriel Cortez, Eric Dane Jr. did come out victorious, nabbing his first victory in either BRAZEN with a pretty WICKED shooting star off the top rope into a SICK DDT on brawler Wild Logan Barry! Management is hoping some “reps” within BRAZEN while also competing on the main roster may bring something out of the kid! 

--Brooklynn Rivera has been getting high marks as well for her work after being paired with Titaness and showing her toughness during Tag Party V! While she was earmarked for a possible run with the BRAZEN Women’s Championship, there may be talk of her competing with Titaness on a regular basis within BRAZEN as time permits, with their team of Elbows and Bows getting some decent attention from the recent DEFIANCE/BRAZEN show! 

--After their loss to Archer Silver and Killjoy to end their feud, former BRAZEN Champion Nick Lotto Otto and his associate, former Onslaught Champion BRAGG indicated in a post-match interview that Otto isn’t done specifically with Archer Silver! Still stinging from losing the BRAZEN Championship to Kazuhiro Troy, Otto says he’s going to have all the gold in BRAZEN and will go through Archer to get it! 

--OnlyFlips have been getting some rave reviews for their recent work since turning over to the dark side, scoring a number of victories over The House, Monster Mash and now, The DEFCepticons! The cocky foursome have been impressing and some say they could be earmarked for a future shot at the BRAZEN Tag Titles as well! 

--The Best of Three Series between Kid Black Jack and Antonio Prince got big attention for both men as well! Prince was just cleared after being roughed up by Vae Victis, but came up short to Kid Black Jack, who earns the first crack at Felton Bigsby and the BRAZEN Star Cup on the next double shot! 

--After two matches between former BRAZEN Champions and stablemates in BIG Trouble, BIGBOSS Batts and Jack Halcyon will have the rare distinction on the next Double Shot in a main event without a title on the line - a Falls Count Anywhere match! BIGBOSS Batts says he carried the group while Jack Halcyon has noted that Batts only used him and others to stay ahead in BRAZEN and now that he has nobody left, he will get beat! This one is gonna ROCK!

--”The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne has become a real force to be reckoned with as well by mowing down the competition in great competitive matches and now, he looks to be on a collison course with Punch Drunk Purcell! Punchy and Scotty have to be careful cause fellow BIG MAN LIKE ME Adrian Payne can take that title if Punchy isn’t careful! 

As usual, I am your faithful recapper, SuperDEFFan64 telling you to check on for the latest news, notes and reviews of all things BRAZEN! 

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