BRAZEN Presents: 1/27 and 1/28 Double (Jeopardy) Shot)

Posted by SuperDEFFan64 on 28 Jan 2024

Hello, everybody! SuperDEFFan64 here with your recap from the BIG Double Jeopardy Shot from this past weekend! The rules are that ALL champions will defend their titles over the course of two nights -- all except this time around for BRAZEN Women’s Champion Ophelia Sykes! After the two-on-one attack by Vae Victis at DEFIANCE Road, she will be out with an injury, but the rumors are that she will be cleared by the Double Shot in February where she will have to defend the title against top contender and Comments Sections’ own Jocelyne Ingrid Blythe! 

As usual, your teasers… ALL champions defended the titles over the course of two nights! Did any titles change hands? Who made it out with their titles intact? Check out the recap from the BRAND NEW BRAZEN Studios in NOLA… now!

Friday, January 27th Results

1. BRAZEN Star Cup: Felton Bigsby (w/Doris Hilton and Gordy Lovitt) © defeated Nathan Cross at 1-0 falls at the 15:00 time limit to retain the Cup! 

2. Brodie Hellyeah defeated Sun-Twist Skylar @ 4:15 with the Hellyeahcanrana (springboard hurricanrana)

3. BRAZEN Tag Team Titles: Elbows and Bows (Titaness and Brooklynn Rivera) defeated Weighted Grade (TA Roosevelt and TA Horrigan) © @ 9:51 via Goodnight Clash (death valley driver/Goodnight Kiss combo, Rivera pins Horrigan) to win the titles! 

4. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Punch Drunk Purcell defeated “The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne @ 7:23 via countout to retain the title! 

5. “The Piano Woman” Brenda Renetti defeated Faith Clay and Asa Orochi @ 5:25 with The Downeaster Alexa (Sitdown Splash, Renetti pins Clay)

6. The House (Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber), “The Hound” Aiden Harlow and “Young Bull” Tate Newell defeated The Dunson Clan (Paul, Finn, Richie and Todd Dunson) @ 11:16 with the Horns (striking spear, Newell pins Finn Dunson)

7. The Amazing Amarettos (Carlo and Gomez Amaretto w/ defeated Monster Mash (Count Novick and The Monster) @ 7:16 following brass knuckle attack (Carlo pins The Monster)

8. Bonito En Rosa defeated Sarah Winterton and Liz Icarus @ 7:25 with the Florecienda (sunset flip backstabber, Rosa pins Icarus)

9. BRAZEN Championship: Kazuhiro Troy © defeated Killjoy @ 12:16 via Frankensteiner pin (counter to the FreeFall) to retain the title! 


Saturday, January 28th Results

1. Los Caidos (Gerardo Villalobos and Corey Nunez w/Hugo Gonzalez) defeated Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver and Killjoy) @ 11:17 following Matalo (dominator, Gerardo pins Archer)

2. BRAZEN Star Cup: Felton Bigsby (w/Doris Hilton and Gordy Lovitt) © fought “One Shot” Jack Halcyon to a draw, no falls earned by either man to retain the title! 

3. “The Fresh Prince of Big Air” Antonio Prince defeated BIGBOSS Batts @ 10:55 with Hail To The Prince (inverted 450 splash)

4. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Elbows and Bows (Titaness and Brooklynn Rivera) © defeated The DEFCepticons (Megan Kron and Septimus Tyne) @ 8:36 following the Goodnight Kiss (spinning back elbow strike, Rivera pins Tyne) to retain the titles! 

5. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Punch Drunk Purcell defeated “Cunning” Curt Cunning (with Curt Cunning Dos and Tres) @ 4:05 following the Punch Drunk Love - attacked by Adrian Payne after the match! 

6. Edgar (w/Larry) defeated “Mellow Yellow” George Othello @ 7:15 with a backslide pin following a distraction from THE SCARY ASS PUPPET LARRY!

7. “The Ace of Lucks” Mark Luck defeated Wild Logan Barry @ 2:12 with the Aces High (Full nelson lift into wheelbarrow facebuster)

8. BRAZEN Championship: Kazuhiro Troy © and Victor Vacio fought to a no contest following both men taking a dive off the top rope through a table @ 15:18


SuperDEFFan64’s Title Talk

BRAZEN Championship: Kazuhiro Troy granted his fellow Les Enfants Terrible stablemate, the MONSTROUS Killjoy, a rematch after Victor Vacio and Los Caidos attacked Les Enfants Terribles! The match went off without interference and MUHBOIKAZ was able to score the win with a desperation Frankensteiner! Night Two was the rematch of Troy and Vacio… once again ending in a no contest after BOTH men took a spill through a table! Neither man could make it back into the ring meaning THIS FEUD MUST CONTINUE! But with Los Caidos also stealing a win at the opener of Night Two over Archer and Killjoy while High Flyer IV is still on the shelf, it’s still a four-on-three advantage for Los Caidos! 

BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Things may not be good at home for Titanes Familia right now (more on that later), but hey… Titaness and Brooklynn Rivera MAKE HISTORY! By scoring the massive upset over the very dominant Weighted Grade, Titaness and Brooklynn Rivera make history as the first-ever all-female BRAZEN Tag Team Champions! The champions dominated most of the match by singling out Rivera, but Titaness helped make a quick comeback late! TA Roosevelt got sent to the floor after charging at both ladies, allowing Titaness to show her strength, hitting the Death Valley Driver/Goodnight Kiss combo to win the titles! DEFcepticons earned the right to fight for the titles on Night Two and had to contend with the SIX-FOOT NINE Megan Kron, but by singling out the smaller Septimus Tyne, they retain the gold! 

BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Punch Drunk Purcell once again makes it through the weekend with his Onslaught Title intact and what’s more -- he now heads to best the record for the longest-reigning Onslaught Champion in BRAZEN history… but he has also run into another FELLOW BIG MAN LIKE ME with “The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne! The two men fought on Night One outside the ring, but at the last second Purcell caught him flush with his devastating right hand and made it back to the ring to win by countout! Night Two saw Purcell defeat the former BRAZEN Star Cup winner “Cunning” Curt Cunning, but managed to get ASSAULTED by Payne with not one, not two, but THREE Stay Down slams! Payne demanded a rematch and BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment has promised to make it happen! 

BRAZEN Star Cup: The dominance of another BIG MAN LIKE ME in Felton Bigsby continues! He defeated a former BRAZEN Star Cup winner in Nathan Cross on Night One, but the first-ever man to hold the cup and former BRAZEN Champion Jack Halcyon managed to survive the big man of Hilton Promotions and take him to the limit! Bigsby and Hilton Promotions were quick to DENY Halcyon a rematch on account of he doesn’t hold the Cup and wasn’t able to score any falls, but Halcyon pointed out that Bigsby didn’t either! Cappy has promised that if the fans want it, he will make that rematch happen! 

BRAZEN Women’s Championship: As noted before, Joceylyne Ingrid Blythe had the weekend off, but because she won the Women’s Contender Tournament, she will have her title match against current champion Ophelia Sykes. Expected to be out for a few weeks longer, as soon as she is cleared, a date for the title match will be set. 



--We’ve got a BIG SuperDEFScoop to kick off this show… I’m asking around to figure out who, but one of the challengers who participated in a title match will be called up to the main roster IMMINENTLY! In fact, they are expected to appear possibly as soon as DEFtv! I’ll see if I can find out who, but that’s a big deal! 

--And that’s not the only thing… there are EXPECTED to be some more call-ups over the next couple of months of both long-tenured members of the BRAZEN roster, but one or two current stars who have been impressing many in management for their quick rises! This has been extra motivation and it showed in this most recent Double Shot! 

--Titaness and Brooklynn Rivera’s partnership from Tag Party V really came out of nowhere and became a fan favorite among the BRAZEN roster, but when asked about Uriel Cortez, she was quick to shut any talk of what Uriel Cortez did to Dan Leo James at DEFIANCE Road. Speaking of, Cortez was also said to be in attendance during Night One, but it should be noted he appeared only to be watching some of the matches and stayed until the end of the show. He was not present for Night Two. FAMILIA DRA-MUH! 

--The Amazing Amarettos scored a big win over former BRAZEN Tag Team Champions Monster Mash! Their work both on the main roster as well as on recent BRAZEN house shows is said to be garnering them positive attention for both their work ethic and entertainment value! 

--Felton Bigsby’s run in BRAZEN is said to have gained a lot of attention as well, pacing himself very well in the BRAZEN Star Cup matches with a fifteen-minute time limit! Hilton Promotions appeared to be looked at for bigger opportunities!

--Antonio Prince scores the biggest win of his young career over BIGBOSS Batts! The former BRAZEN Champion and Tag Champion got upset by the 19-year-old with Hail To The Prince in a match that caught him a lot of attention… so much so, that he has earned a match on UNCUT against Mil Vueltas this week! 

--”The Young Bull” Tate Newell and “The Hound” Aiden Harlow have traded wins, but looked great as a tag team combination of dudes with animal-themed nicknames that can kill you! Both men have been really impressive as well. 

--The Edgar/Stupid Scary Puppet Named Larry combination is said to be really popular among BRAZEN Faithful attending the shows, as well as scoring big wins over former champions right away. Mark Luck is absolutely rubbing everyone the wrong way by bringing up that he’s the little brother of Max and Mason Luck aka The Lucky Sevens… but he’s winning. Ugh. And “The Piano Woman” Brenda Renetti is said to be a hit as well for her unique appearance, but also for being one of the more powerful women among the roster as well!

As usual, stay tuned to all news, notes and recaps for BRAZEN shows, courtesy of Yours Truly, SuperDEFFan64!

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