Title: Public Apology
Featuring: The Lucky Sevens
Date: Tuesday, June 28th
Location: Unknown

The following clip was sent to DEFIANCE Wrestling Management and our company does not reflect the opinions of those depicted in this clip

Filmed on some grainy phone footage, there are two men that can be seen driving when the camera on the phone starts coming around into full focus.

Mason Luck of the Lucky Sevens. 

Mason Luck:
Hello, DEFIANCE Wrestling. I’m Mason Luck. I’m with Max right now. Say hi, Max.

The phone turns over to Max, who is driving the truck. 

Max Luck:
Hey, Pat! Hey, Brock! How’s the bar? Or is that a sore subject?

Now it is back on Mason.

Mason Luck:
We asked Tom Morrow to pull some strings and wire us into the DEF Tron feed last week. We wanted to be the first to congratulate you guys when you won against the Honor Society. You see how good Doctor Reform and TA Cole have been, Max?

Max Luck:
(flatly) Yeah. They’ve been great.

Mason Luck:
Then when we showed up … Ballyhoo was going Bally-whooosh! Up in smoke. Tom Morrow was also nice enough to get us the chance to send this video to defiancewrestling.com. Before we move onto greener pastures from DEFIANCE Wrestling and take our talents somewhere that can handle two big strapping young badasses like me and Max … we wanted to issue a public apology to DEFIANCE Wrestling. Even though you never gave us that title match we earned because you were too busy protecting your cash cow Tag Team champions … we still apologize for any harm that we caused to DEFSec, to the DEFIANCE staff and the security that were too busy protecting themselves instead of giving us the one match we wanted.

Mason turns his phone back over to Max.

Max Luck:

We also want to apologize to the DEFIANCE Wrestling fans. Galaxy? Solar System? Whatever bullshit tag line you have for your inbred swamp hick fans far and near … we're sorry Pat Cassidy and Brock Newbludd didn't have the balls to follow through on what management promised us: a shot at the Unified Tag Team Titles. We're sorry those champs you look up to needed our ex-manager to beat us because they know that we own them in any fight, anywhere at any time. We've broken their bones time and time again. Any time they mix it up with us, they get hurt. They know it. So instead of fighting for the title match that they pissed away on DEF TV 169, they were perfectly happy with a throwaway six man tag that nobody asked for and still needed help to beat us in that. Fighting champs who fight everyone … but us. I'm sorry that these are your champions, DEFIANCE Wrestling. I'm sorry that you guys can't do anything about what we're saying now. You did this to yourselves and if you ask us, you got what you had coming. 

Mason Luck:

It's true. We're also sorry that Cassidy and Newbludd two had to learn a lesson about what happens when karma comes knocking. You cost us our jobs and our livelihood all because you're both gutless shits who know that we'd  be the ones to take those belts from you. Now … you still have those titles but you don't have Ophelia, you don't have your sanity, … and you don't have Ballyhoo. Just think, guys … you could have avoided all of this by honoring the original scheduled title match. We wouldn't have lost our jobs and you would have lost the titles … but you'd still have a money making bar that you spent two years building up. It's a good thing somebody up there hates you as much as we do. And because of that, we're closing the door on DEFIANCE Wrestling knowing that we get the last word ... and that there isn't anything you can do about it.

End of footage

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"Right now, in the Shining City on the Hill, the people of Boston are huddled with anticipation around the pub TVs. They’re holding their Guiness high, their green face paint has already begun to smear with anticipation, and their breath is bated… because once again, one of their own has a chance to bring home the gold. Listen, Christie. Can you hear them? Can you hear the cries of my people?"

- "Black Out" Pat Cassidy




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