Title: Konnichiwa
Featuring: The Lucky Sevens
Date: 7/25/22
Location: Guess?

The following footage was sent to DEFIANCE Wrestling yesterday afternoon

As if the last video wasn’t giving them trouble … 

DEFIANCE Wrestling’s Unified Tag Team Champions, The Lucky Sevens, Max and Mason Luck are somewhere not known yet, but are outside among people in broad daylight getting looks from a few passers-by since they are both seven foot twins out in public with several title belts. In contrast to the last video where Mason and Max appeared to visit PRIME Headquarters, Mason now wears three belts (one on each shoulder and one around his waist) with Max wearing two (one on each shoulder).

Mason is in a light blue dress shirt and black dress pants while Max a little less fashion forward in dress jeans, a blazer and a coat with his sunglasses tucked in the shirt. 

Mason Luck:
Hello, DEFIANCE Wrestling! Or as they might say where we’re visiting right now … Konnichiwa!

Max Luck:
Greetings assholes! It’s Dem Tall Boys talking to you again! We’re like Carmen Sandiego. Where in the world are we now? We’ll tell you! 

Mason moves the camera phone around to show a beautiful and perfect view … of Mt. Fuji!

Mason Luck:
That’s right. The Main Event Monsters are taking our business international! As usual a big shout to Tom Morrow for using his connections to get us first class tickets right to beautiful Tokyo, Japan! 

Mason looks at his twin brother standing next to him. 

Mason Luck:
You want to tell them how our meeting with PRIME went?

Max Luck:
Oh do I! 

Mason twirls the camera around to face Max so he can narrate. 

Max Luck:
It went fantastic! Two local celebrities of Sin City walking around with these five titles! Two walking ATMs marching to their offices wanting to get a bigger piece of the pie and help business boom not just locally, but globally! Two of the fastest rising giants in wrestling! No one’s taller and no one’s baller like us! Everyone wants a piece of Dem Tall Boys! Everyone wants a piece of the Golden Beasts! Everyone wants a piece of Big Money Max and Big Money Mason! Alvaro de Vargas wants his buddies back so the three of us can wreck the Western seaboard together in DEFIANCE Wrestling … 

He continues with a disappointed tone. 

Max Luck:
But DEFIANCE Wrestling seems to want to try and short us in our negotiations! Al, don’t worry, either we come home soon or we take these titles elsewhere and maybe we’ll put in a good word for you, our fiery amigo! Each time Tom Morrow reaches out, DEFIANCE Wrestling has been coming back to the table with most of what we asked for … but not all of it. So until those demands have been met front and center … you know the ones we really want … we’ll be seeing the sights and entertaining some more offers! 

Mason Luck is back on. 

Mason Luck:
That’s why we’re in the Land of the Rising Sun! In just one hour, we’re gonna mosey on over to Great Japan Pro! One of the biggest promotions over here! Selling out that Tokyo Dome that all these stupid ass nerds on the internet cream their jeans over. Yeah, sure if you want six, seven, eight stars then I guess you can do that kind of crap … but then again they can have the Main Event Monsters on their roster with these belts and introduce some Five Star Beatdowns to this side of the world! We’re a world wide business, DEFIANCE Wrestling, and we have you and the Saturday Night Specials to thank for all of this! 

He waves back at the phone. 

Mason Luck:
The bidding war is going strong, DEFIANCE Wrestling! We’ve entertained three other offers this week and all of them look very promising! You better step it up Favoured Saints. Based on some of the zeroes we’ve been seeing, you better be turning over some couch cushions and find some extra money somewhere if you want to keep these titles. 

Max Luck:

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"...or we go with option number two: you can play your little games where you hide in the shadows instead of facing me like a man, and then I can just come find you. And what that means is Pat Cassidy is going to hit the town as only Pat Cassidy can, and at the end of a festive night of vigorous hydration, I’m calling an Uber to get myself home. And buddy, let me tell you what: in the history of Uber, there ain’t never been a pain-in-the-ass drunken customer quite like THIS guy."

- "Black Out" Pat Cassidy




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