Title: Old Friends
Featuring: Edward White
Date: 1-29-24
Location: NOLA

We’re in New Orleans.

Just outside New Orleans a piece, to be exact. The beautiful, fully renovated plantation home sits at the end of a long driveway lined with trees heavy with Spanish moss. The lush lawn and manicured gardens are obviously meticulously tended to. A handful of very expensive classic cars with names like Ferrari, Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz emblazoning their hoods are conveniently left sitting outside the home in the circle drive announcing to any visitors- wealth dwells within. Inside the home is as resplendent as the front lawn and drive- every spare piece of real estate is occupied by something that screams “rich.”

The parlor is quiet- Edward White sits quietly reading the paper. On the table beside him a large lit cigar smoldering in an ashtray- and a glass of what must be unimaginably good scotch, neat.

The Socialite’s seven foot plus tall bodyguard Nicky Corozzo walks into the room and clears his throat “Mr. White, she’s here.”

Ed looks up with a smile as he folks his paper and sets it aside. He stands and smooths out the front of his crisp white trousers. “See her in, see her in- “ Running a quick hand through his graying jet black hair hair, Ed seems- nervous? Emerging from behind the behemoth bodyguard looking sharp as a tack is none other than Doris Hilton- manager of the tag team duo of Gordy Lovett and the BRAZEN Star Cup champion Felton Bigsby.

“Doris my dear- it’s been an age, come in. Sit, sit please.” As Doris approaches Ed takes her hand and gives it a small kiss. She smiles a sly knowing smile and takes a seat across from Ed. “I feel considering our history it was an omission on my part to not welcome you to the DEFIANCE family. I was- distracted- a wide fat headed distraction. But you know me- always looking toward the future. Always looking for the next big thing.“ A man in a white chefs coat appears and unobtrusively sets a tray of hors d'oeuvres between the two.

The two sit- White with an eager look in his eyes- Doris, clearly keeping her guard up. “Eddy, while I appreciate the invitation and all- could you kindly cut the cow dung and get to business?”

“Doris I feel like we have similar goals- similar interests. You have investments you’d like to see featured on the biggest most profitable stage possible. I love a good investment- and I’ve been watching what you’ve been up to, my dear. Doris, I'd like to make a full-throated investment in you and yours. I’ve known Felton for years and this Lovett boy- the string you got him danglin’ on, why- it truly is, as the kids say, my vibe.” 

White plucks a little bite size quiche and pops it into his mouth with a smile and a wink.

“You really are somethin’ else, Ms. Hilton. Truly.”

Doris raises an inquisitive eyebrow. “Ok Edward, keep talkin’- I’m listening.”

We pull back out of the room and the huge double doors close behind us.


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"I got a statistical and analytical expert. He crunches numbers like W.A.R. and on-mat percentages. I have a Game Boy, he’s a blast. Filled with personality! I even have my own MEE6 BOT! !RANK !RANK !RANK bahahaha dude, I’m awesome."

- Conor Fuse




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