Title: the VossMan cometh
Featuring: Justin Voss
Date: 8th of January, 2013
Location: Retaliation #1

[FADE-IN: on the DEFIANCE backdrop, a surly fist thrusting onward and upward in an act of rebellion.  The camera pans back to a wide shot and standing there, centre of the backdrop, is the man who made his DEFIANCE Television debut at the 32nd Episode.]


[Stands there, smoking a cigarette, studying the burning ember as the smoke dances from it’s end.]

“Last few days, people’ve been sayin’ to me... Why’d you go stick your nose in another man’s fight?”

[Looks up and stares down the barrel of the camera, taking a pull of the cigarette.]

“Why’d you put your hand in for Tom Sawyer?  Why’d you have Christian Light’s back?  Why’d you take up the Good Fight?

“See, the truth of the matter is...

“This IS my fight.”

[Points off-screen through the space/time continuum to a point in history.]

“When I came back to this industry I made a promise to my wife, to my kids, my family, that IF I came back things’d be different this time ‘round.  That I’d BE a man who was true to his own principal.  That I’d be the man my family and my community knew me to be.

“Truthful.  Honest.  A man with integrity.  A man who stood up for what he believed in.  A man who stands up to those that bring this industry into repute.

“The Good Fight?

“This is my fight.”

[Takes another lungfull.]

“Six months ago, at ULTRATITLE, I faced Jeff Andrews.  I faced Jeff Andrews and he pinned me to the mat in what was arguably one of the BEST matches out of that whole damn tournament.

“Do you know WHYWHY Andrews pinned my shoulders to the mat?

“Jeff Andrews beat me because I underestimated him.”

[Nods in testament to his words.  Snarl laced with chagrain.]

"I underestimated Jeff Andrews.  Not his ability.  He can wrestle.  I underestimated Jeff coz I thought he was a lazy bastard who didn’t give a damn. 

“And THAT was my mistake.

“See, if I looked a little bit closer.  If I paid a LITTLE more attention.  If I’d have REALLY taken a good, hard look I’d have seen that it wasn’t laziness at all. 

“What I mistook for laziness was contempt.

“Jeff Andrews is a contemptuous, conniving bastard who’ll twist the knife whichever way he needs the cogs to turn of this DEFIANCE machine in HIS direction.”

[Shakes his head disgusted.  Pulls another drag back, spitting the smoke at the camera almost.]

“I see you, Jeff.  I see you and what you are. 

NOW I do. 

“And that’s why this is my fight.  THAT’S why I couldn’t stand idly by and watch Tom Sawyer’s ass-kickin’ go in vain.  Why I put my hand up to have Light’s back.  Fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Sam Turner Junior and Eugene Dewey.

“And I’ll do it again.

“Every night of the WEEK!

“I’d do it all again and I’ll walk down the ramps with them boys any time.”

[A slight grin licks at the corner of his mouth.]

“Good Fight.  You boys ever need another number I’m there.  I’ve got your back.  Coz I won’t stand for this shit.  I won’t stand for any of it.  If you need a three to rip them Trios belts from that weed and her two thorns you say the word, man.  You just SAY IT!(pounds his chest)

“Coz I’ll be there, man.  I’ll be there.  Every day of the week.”

[Flicks his cigarette away and nods his head,s hands balled into fists as the adrenaline starts coursing through his veins.]

“And now I get to debut in DEFIANCE.  NOW I get to show you all just what I’ve got inside that ring.  I’ve been doing this shit for over ten years but this is the first time I’ve graced a step into the four corners of a DEFIANCE ring and I’ll go HEAD-TO-HEAD with the “Bombastic” Bronson Box.


“Y’see, Bronson, I understand you’re a former DEFIANCE World Champion, Bronson.  I know what you’re capable of.

“You’re a brute.  You’re a monster.  You’re five angry shouts shy of an aneurysm.  But I’ll tell you somethin’ for free, man...

“You haven’t SEEN what I’m capable of.”


“When we go toe-to-toe, Bronson, I’m goin’ out’f my way to send this company a message.  A message AAAALLLLLLL the way to the top, man.  I’m sure somebody up there is laughin’ thinkin’ that they’re sendin’ me to the wolves but all I see is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

“My message, Boxer, is that I came here to fight and fight is what I’ll do.  There’s a cancer writhing through DEFIANCE’s bloody carcass and its name ain’t Jiles.  It’s the Untouchables.

“But through you, I’ll show that I’m Unfuckable.

“And you just happen to be the poor sonofabitch they sent to their demise.  You just happen to be the poor sap whose been sent to their end because I won’t just make you my message but I’ll make you my God damned exclamation mark, man.”

(shaking his head) “I don’t fear you, Boxer.  There ain’t no trickle of piss running down the inside’f my leg.  I IMPLORE you.  I WANT you to come at me in that ring.  I WANT you to bring me that fight you’re so famous for.

“I NEED that, man.

“So get all ya rage and pack it in a big ol’ bag and carry that sucker on down to the Lone Star Expo Center.  Pack ya angry face and those two, scarred meaty fists of yours and come rainin’ ya anger down on me, brother.


“Coz I KNOW I will.”


“You bring the stupid.” (points down the camera)

“And I’ll bring the ass kickin’.”


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