Title: Search Party Cyrus Mission 003
Featuring: Cyrus Bates
Date: 7/6/2021
Location: Waterfront Complex

It’s dank and dark inside the waterfront complex as Cyrus Bates, MEE6 and ALEX huddle in a corner behind some red oil drums. Bates communicates through signals only as some troops patrol the area. Cyrus points to his eyes with his fingers first and then points to the stairs and makes some kind of swimming motion.

You want ALEX and I to sneak up the stairs and snap the neck of that guy!? How ruthless.

Bates stays mum but allows his unpleased facial expression to do the talking.

What? What is it?

Bates slaps his hand on MEE6’s face before another word can be spoken.

Cyrus Bates:
Shut up, you nimrod or else you’re going to get us all caught and killed!

Bates peers over the oil drum to ensure their position hasn’t been compromised.

Cyrus Bates:
You’re lucky no one heard you. Now go take out that guard and rendezvous at the office with all those windows on the second floor.

Bates points to a massive room elevated by a single set of stairs. It’s the only one of its kind in the warehouse so it’s kind of hard to miss. MEE6 and ALEX begin to crawl off but not before Cyrus grabs them one last time.

Cyrus Bates:
And for the love of love, ditch the laser pointers. They won’t kill anything.

MEE6 and ALEX nod as they scurry off to take care of their task. Meanwhile, Cyrus goes the opposite way and eventually, stealthily, makes his way to the second-floor office undetected. He opens the door carefully to find an empty office space. He feels safe enough to stand without being seen.

Cyrus Bates:

The Bellicose Brawler uses his eyes to scan the array of paperwork strewn across the desks. He hears the floor creak and immediately rolls into cover. Like a silent killer, Cyrus waits until the footsteps get close enough for him to pounce.

Cyrus Bates:

Before Bates can unload cannons for fists, he lays eyes on MEE6 and ALEX who look scared out of their skin and could probably use a change of camo pants.

Cyrus Bates:
Oof. It’s you two! What took you so long? I nearly obliterated the both of you. I thought you were the enemy.

All MEE6 and ALEX can do is shake their heads in straight terror. Bates disarms himself and continues looking amongst the paperwork until he picks a single sheet up.

Cyrus Bates:
Bad news, boys. Looks like our princess is in another castle.

He holds up a sheet to MEE6 and ALEX which reads, ‘MOVED SUBJECT TO COORDINATES 15 R 783510 3343887 30.19345°N -90.05540°E’

Cyrus Bates:
Get your gear, boys. We’re going swimming.

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