Title: Search Party Cyrus Mission 006
Featuring: Cyrus Bates
Date: 7/15/2021
Location: Buddhist Temple

Cyrus Bates, MEE6 and ALEX storm the temple. They use grappling hooks to ascend to the roof as they find a way inside. They scope out the scene which has one kingpin looking fellow stationed behind a heavily patrolled desk.

Cyrus Bates:
Oof. They have red carpet all over the place. That’s no good.

MEE6 and ALEX look at each other in confusion.

Why’s that, Blue Eagle?

Cyrus Bates:
Haven’t you ever watched any mafia movies or video games!? Red carpet décor means serious business. It’s like we’re at the final boss or a Scarface showdown.

MEE6 nods his head like that reasoning makes sense.

So, what’s the plan, Blue Eagle? By my calculations, we have a six-point-two percent chance of cornering the big bald guy down there without detection.

Cyrus jumps from the scaffolding before hearing ALEX finish his sentence. Bates hits the ground with a thud as he swiftly takes down all the sentries around him until the unarmed kingpin remains. Both bald men stare each other down.

Drats, it seems you have found me, Cyrus Bates. Are your lackeys up in the rafters, too? They can come down and join us. I don’t bite.

Bates motions his arm as MEE6 and ALEX rappel down, obviously without as much grace as Cyrus did.

I must admit, the three of you are quite impressive but the person you’re looking for isn’t here. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s been found.

Bates leans on the desk in front of him.

Cyrus Bates:
Is our search over?

The Kingpin laughs.

Bahahaha, not quite. Your search does continue, but you’ve got to take me with you. Do you think the four of us can fit in the helicopter you took here?

Bates nods his head and before the Kingpin knows it, MEE6 and ALEX have his wrists zip tied together.

Cyrus Bates:
Guess there’s only one way to find out.

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