Title: Search Party Cyrus Mission 008
Featuring: Cyrus Bates
Date: 7/20/2021
Location: Boiler Room

The other side of the portal.

Cyrus, MEE6 and ALEX torpedo out of the gateway embracing each other. They land with a thud as where they were transported is just as dark and dingy as where they came from. Cyrus immediately starts looking around.

Cyrus Bates:
Oof. It sure is dark in here. Hey ALEX, do you still have those matches?

No but MEE6 and I still have these.

MEE6 and ALEX pull out their trusted laser pointers which illuminate the room. It’s another boiler room but it feels familiar.

Cyrus Bates:
I know where we are.

Where are we?

Cyrus moves to the wall, scrapes some dust off it, licks his finger and peers back at his compadres with passion.

Cyrus Bates:
I think this is the lair of The Ka—

A large metallic door swings open just before he can finish his sentence.

Cyrus Bates:
Quick! Hide!

The trio dashes behind some huge objects as they try to watch whoever came into the room. A tense moment passes before they hear the door shut once more.

Cyrus Bates:
I think it’s safe. Come out now.

MEE6 can’t help but rub his head in confusion.

What was that all about?

Cyrus Bates:
I think those goons had the subject we were looking for. Call it a gut feeling.

ALEX taps his cohorts on their shoulders.

Hey, look at this.

Three sets of eyes stare at a note affixed to the wall by a single strand of tape. Cyrus snatches it and reads it aloud.

Cyrus Bates:
“If there’s a will, there’s a way?” What the heck does that mean? And where the heck is the subject we’ve been looking for!? It’s like they completely disappeared off the face of the planet.

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"Boy. You two act like you’ve never seen an arm before."

- Henry Keyes




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