Title: The Voice of a Generation
Featuring: Brayden W. Levrington
Date: 09/13/21
Location: In front of a black Mercedes Benz S-Class

Brayden W. Levrington stands in his designer outfit -- black sportscoat, blue dress shirt, khaki slacks, Gucci sunglasses - while leaaning against the back of a black Mercedes Benz S-Class well over $100,000. He slowly takes off his sunglasses and methodically puts them in the pocket of his shirt.

"There are a few days in history where everyone remembers where they were when the events of the day unfolded -- days that changed everything. My upcoming debut match will be one of those days. 

You may think that just a boast of hyperbole coming from the lips of a brash, arrogant, self-entitled brat who thinks very highly of himself. And, well, you'd be right about all of that except for one thing.

I'm not boasting.

This is becaause my goal in professional wrestling isn't to win matches and to win titles -- I will win those, but that's not my purpose for being here. 

My goal is to become the most powerful person in this industry. And I am a man who achieves his goals. It's simple. One day, I'll be able to get whatever I want, whenever I want it. And if you stand in my way of me getting that... well, you'll simply be moved out of the way and erased.  

Now, getting to that mantle, sitting in the throne, holding the sword.... I know what it will take for me to grab professional wrestling by the throat and to make it mine. 

I am about to do a lot of bad, bad things and I'm about to hurt. lot of people -- many of whom will be innocent people who just found themselves in my way. And I am not just talking about broken bones or bruises or concussions... although I will give those to people. I am talking about the lasting emotional pain of careers cast aside and vanished dreams and the eternaal dissapointment in the hearts of the spouses and children and the fans of someone they loved who is now destroyed. 

And these bad things are going to start very, very soon. 

Now, I know I'm not going to be liked by a lot of people. And that's fine. Many people are going to find what I do to other humaan beings purely reprehensible. Hell, most people just hate me for having a trust fund and being this damn good looking. 

And the people who know my story and background? Well, almost all of them absolutely despise me.A stud athlete who was a surefire five-star QB recruit who in middle school was already being offered scholarships who cursed out every coach he ever had and quit every team he ever was a part of. Someone with a Bell Curve shattering I.Q. who attended the finest and most exclusive prep schools who could have gone to any college he wanted who instead skipped out on every test he was told to take.

I'm someone who could be anything he ever wanted in life. I could be a professional athlete in any sport I want. I could go to an Ivy League school and immediately get a job at Goldman Sachs and become a partner in just a few short years. 

But only if I... bought in. Only if I played by their rules, written and unwritten.

Hell, I'm already getting that in professional wrestling and I haven't even started yet. So many people have told me that if I'm half as good as I say I am -- and, yes, I am that good -- that I am a marketer's dream come true, that I'll be on the cover of every magazine with a name on the marquee of every arena in the world. But I've already got too big a mouth, and I need to just stay quiet for a while and watch and learn.

I need to... buy in and follow the rules, written or unwritten.

But here's something that I'm also promising. 

As I do more and more bad things to people... there's going to be a small percentage of people in the fans chanting my name. Chanting "Bray-Den. Bray-Den. Bray-Den."

And here's why. 

Look at who runs the world. Look at who makes the rules. Our president and the people who run our political system are all 80-years-old. The great business leaders of our time like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zukerberg? They invented ways for us to spend our money with the click of a mouse and ways for us to spend our lives staring at a phone.

But people my age? My generation?

You can call us Gen-Z or Gen-Y or millennials or whatever lables you want to put on us. But guess what they... you... have given us?

You've given us a world in environmental ruins, with fires and floods every single day. You've saddled us with six figures worth of student loans coming out of college, making sure that we're chained to a desk to help make YOU money and to help you to continue to make the rules. You've created a system where we need YOUR approval to continue to hold down jobs we hate just so we can have insurance that doesn't even pay for all of our medical bills. 

THAT is what happens when you play by the rules. 

But I am not buying in.

Because I will WRITE the rules one day. And there are a lot of people who are going to watch what I'm doing and hear what I'm saying... and they are going to nod in approval, because they FINALLY... FINALLY... FINALLY...

Will have a voice for their generation.

Get ready, Defiance Wrestling. Brayden W. Levrington's only just arrived. 

He clicks and his Benz locks as he walks away.

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"Background extras of DEFIANCE, I've come out here tonight with my tag team partner, the brightest diamond in DEFIANCE, the beacon in your world of darkness, future Oscar winner and multiple time Razzie nominated actress, your leading lady and mine, Elise Ares!"

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