Title: Take, Take, Take ...
Featuring: Dex Joy
Date: 12/13/21
Location: Day after the show

The following takes place the day after the main event of DEF TV 163 during night two

All the seats are empty and it has been one day after DEF TV 163 ended. Not a soul in the ring except a random stage hand or two around ringside tuning up the ring.  

“The Biggest Boy” Dex Joy is sitting on one edge of the empty ring all alone in a blue hoodie, jeans and blue sneakers looking out to those empty seats. 

Dex Joy:
One day ago … I could have left my issues with Arthur Pleasant behind and earned my spot in the main event of DEFIANCE Road. I could have gone on to the main event and smash and bash right through Gage Blackwood just like I did for the Southern Heritage title. I have beaten Gage and I could have had a chance to be on top. Good ol’ Dexy Baby, Number 31 in hearts of wrestling fans everywhere … but number three, Arthur Pleasant took that from me and now I’m stuck in a never-ending cycle of grudges. 

The Biggest Boy is rubbing his hands together thinking back on what he has been through. 

Dex Joy:
I stole his piece of trash vanity title and put that sucker in the scrap heap where it belongs and I righted one wrong that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I got Carla Ferrari her job back. I beat Jack Harmen's ass and got one for Nathan. I was good with that … but the alleged number three wrestler in the world … took something from me yet again. Carla Ferrari’s job and putting it on me wasn’t enough! The Favoured Saints title wasn’t enough! Now I’m on the outside of the FIST picture looking in because of you … and injuring my best friend on top of all that.  

Dex is very much hurt by what happened to Nathan Eye but he tries to remain cool. He’s failing though. 

Dex Joy:
Artie, I’m going to lob a truth bomb your way. People voted for you so high because you’re the wrestling equivalent of a shock jock. That ain’t because you’re the best “pure” wrestler of anything. Number three is a fitting spot because that’s the number of organizations you take a spot on the roster from somebody more deserving. Yeah. I said it. 

Joy does not walk back anything. 

Dex Joy:
Now I’m not saying you aren’t dangerous. You’ve lit people on fire to make a point. I’ve felt those kicks to my chest and my head and I can still feel them today. I don’t even know what the hell else you’ve done to people in those other places you work  … but you don’t deserve any of what you have. I’m saying you’re a piece of shit parasite that takes and takes and takes because that’s what you do. You’ve taken more from me than any one man has ever done in DEFIANCE Wrestling and you take paychecks from people with half of what you have that deserve it ten times more than you. You are a Scourge. You might have the most true name of any stable in our promotion so at least your brand is on point. 

Dex adjusts where he sits on the edge of the ring and changes the camera’s focus back to the ring. 

Dex Joy:
I’ll admit this right here to all of you watching … I feel like I've lost his way after losing the Southern Heritage title to a deserving man like Matt LaCroix was and then being in the thick of it with AP ... but I know and the people know I am capable of so much god-damned more that what you see right now. After being so close to it this last week to being in the main event, I know what I want for my next year in DEFIANCE Wrestling! I want to be the FIST of DEFIANCE! I want to be number one! I want to be the person this place needs to be its force of good since the last guy that claims to represent us is just all ego now and is talking out of his ass on DEFIANCE Radio airwaves …

More shots fired?

Dex Joy:
Forget Big Dex Energy, the Biggest Boy, Dexy Baby and all the nice nicknames our marketing department worked really hard on. I'm Dexter Michael Joy and I want to be your world champion! Before I can do any of those things I gotta get through you first, Artie, and you need to get beaten into that ring and into the ground. I'm sure you have lots of fresh jokes involving my weight, diabetes, the fact I smile a hell of a lot and that I sweat when I eat but let's cut that bull-shit. You want me out of your way just as much as I need you out of mine. Now's your chance to do something about it. 

Dex jumps off the apron and walks right up to the camera. 

Dex Joy:
If you don't want me to stand in the way of whatever goals you have, Artie, you can meet me at DEFIANCE Road and make me move. This will be the last time that I ever let someone keep me from being who I truly can be in DEFIANCE!

He starts to walk away but then comes right back. 

Dex Joy:
This will also be the first and only time I give a reminder to the rest of this roster of who the hell I am! I am Dex Joy and I'm not Big Dex Energy ... this is unlimited energy now!

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- Dex Joy




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