Title: Unlimited
Featuring: Dex Joy
Date: 12/31/2022
Location: Wrestle-Plex

Standing outside in the parking lot of the DEFIANCE Wrestle-plex after a work out, the camera zoomed in on Dex Joy walking out of the building. Before he does that, there is a question that needs answering and the DEFIANCE Wrestling Faithful want to know that answer to a counter challenge made by Arthur Pleasant. 

Dex Joy:
Artie … I should have known! You had eighteen whole days! Eighteen whole damn days to respond with something fresh, something original, something to prove me wrong in anything I said … but all you did with that twenty minute mindless self wanking was prove me right. That speech felt like twenty minutes anyway. Twenty long minutes no fan will ever get back again. You once again buried the facts of our last match beneath lots of outrageous bull-shit, even more outrageously false ego, the same neverending unfunny fat jokes and downright unsanitary practices so I won’t even mention that the Scourge bailed your ass out at Maximum DEFIANCE and how I got Carla Ferrari her job back  … 

Oh wait!!!

He says this with a playful shrug. 

Dex Joy:
But unlike the biggest piece of cancer on the internet that you just put out, I’m not going to talk in circles to get to my point. You want a match where you, the great PURE wrestler, want it to be a one-sided DQ type of contest? Dexy Baby has to follow the rules and continue being the upstanding citizen he always is while you do whatever you choose without a referee being able to stop you? On the other side of that, the rotted mind of Artie Pleasant is free to fire on all cylinders trying to think up whatever he can to beat me and is limited by his own warped imagination? 

Dex does not take long to think this over. 

Dex Joy:
You know I accept. 

There is no hesitation when he says it. 

Dex Joy:
I’m far from a pure wrestler, myself, and you know this. I got man tits. Everyone knows that! I can also fly as good as any little pally that we have in DEFIANCE Wrestling! I’ve lost some poundage and since we last met in a ring three months ago I shed ten more but I have some more to go … but I can still swing for the fences with these elbows. You know how hard I can hit, Artie. When it comes to this roster, my moral compass has always been true and that’s why I’m more pure than you’ll ever be. EVER! That’s even after every little thing you have put me through in the last six months! Costing me the Favoured Saints title and costing me a spot in the main event against Gage Blackwood. 

Don’t get me wrong … under all this, Artie, I’m pissed. I’m pissed that six months of my career has been consumed by an attention starved leech on the ass of the wrestling business like you. I’m pissed that you have been the biggest obstacle in my personal life and professional career when I know that otherwise, 2021 could have gone better than my career in 2020! When I see you and when I hear your name … I want to find you in whatever dive bar or whorehouse you’re probably at and just beat the unholy shit out of you - screw a wrestling ring. You’re in my head because that’s all you do and that’s all you’re about. At DEFIANCE Road though, Artful Dodger, your ass is getting the old bootski and you’re getting run the hell over on my road to the top. 

He goes on. 

Dex Joy:
I’m agreeing to this stipulation because in spite of everything you have taken from me and everything you have done to me … I need to show you what I’ve learned in these last six months. I’ve learned that even when my energy is running on empty, there are always new levels beyond what I can do and what I can take. If I can make it this far with what you’ve done and make it where I am now and I can still keep going …  there is no one on this roster or on this planet that can stop me … 

Not even you. 

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"You’ve cheered me on, you’ve cried for me, you’ve sung along with me and you’ve laughed at my stupid jokes. Nobody had ANY idea who “Black Out” Pat Cassidy was when I walked into this place, and nobody thought I’d make it far enough to be up here accepting this award. In seven months time, YOU ALL have taken me from a nobody to a household name… and together, we’ve taken this whole scene by storm. Stick with me on this ride, my faithful drinking buddies… and just imagine where we’ll be at this time next year."

- "Black Out" Pat Cassidy




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