Title: Field Trip
Featuring: The Lucky Sevens
Date: 5/26/22
Location: Garland Texas, Curtis Culwell Center

The following footage takes place one hour before showtime of the ACE of DEFIANCE Special



Footage opens and shows two familiar faces walking through the parking lot just outside the Curtis Culwell Center reserved for staff and wrestlers.

Two towers of terror to be precise. 

Max Luck and Mason Luck a.k.a the Lucky Sevens of the Better Future Talent Agency walk through the reserved parking lot. Mason has his fists balled up ready to fight and Max Luck is behind him dragging what looks like a tire iron. 

Mason Luck:
We’ve had enough of this bullshit! We’re not jumping through any more of your bull-shit hoops! 

Max Luck continues shouting at anyone who’ll listen from outside. Two members of DEFSec just outside of the doors of the back complex are already at work radioing someone while the twins storm around. 

Max Luck:
Not cleared?! They’re trying to tell me I’m not cleared?! I SHOWED UP TO FUCKING WORK, DIDN’T I?!!!

The tire iron in the hand of Big Money Max goes right through the driver’s window of a production truck! Glass explodes everywhere as Max laughs at the mess made. 

Max Luck:
Oooooooo shit! That looked important! 

Mason fakes a gasp. 

Mason Luck:
Oh man that did! Shame! Real shame! 

Mason Luck looks out and sees another TV truck which contains some of the most important equipment – such as the kind responsible for broadcasting the shows. Another member of DEFSec is seen across the lot yelling at someone on the radio. 

Mason Luck:
Hey, Max … 

He points at the truck and Max picks up the idea he’s putting forth. 

Max Luck:
Field trip?

Mason Luck:

The twin seven foot monsters bump elbows and then kick open a production truck, startling the people inside running things! The show hasn’t started officially airing yet, but preparations for the big ACE of DEFIANCE Special are underway! 

Max Luck:
Relax, assholes, we’re not here to hurt any of you … unless you give us a reason. 

Mason Luck:
That’s true. You can relax. 

One of the production team members stands up. 

Team Member:
Hey! You can’t be in here! We’re about to go live soon! 

Mason and Max both look at each other and then look back at the guy trying to order them around. Mason steps forward first and then raises his hands in front of him to show that he doesn't mean any harm. And we have an ocean front property in Arizona we can sell you dirt cheap. 

Mason Luck:
Hey, you can take it easy, all right? We’re not going to … 

He throws a knee into his chest! The team member falls to his knees and gasps for air while Mason Luck looks down and casually shrugs. One of the female techs checks on the fallen member and Mason yells to get their attention. 

Mason Luck:
See? Sucks being told one thing, then another thing happens … but you’d know all about that, RIGHT, DEFIANCE?! 

Max Luck:
Yeah … sucks total ass, doesn’t it?

Mason Luck:
We get promised a Unified Tag Title match cause we earned it! SNS take it to the streets with us instead to get out of that title match. We show up tonight ready to work and guess what? No title match. No rescheduled match. What do you think we ought to do, Max? 

Max Luck:
Well Mase … if there won't be a match, maybe there won’t be a show tonight either! 

Max has the tire iron handy but before he can get any more bright ideas, DEFSec start pouring in the door! 

DEFSec member:
Get out!!! Get the hell out now!!!

They start swarming the brothers but the twins back off. 

Mason Luck:
We told you! Get us someone who can make that title match and we’ll be on our way! Now!!!

The head of security Wyatt Bronson comes in and along with other members of DEFSec, try and get a handle on the brothers, but their size proves difficult. Mason snatches a DEFSec member by the back of his head and then throws him face first into one of the servers! They eventually get shoved and Mason and Max start to go willingly. 

Wyatt Bronson:
Newbludd and Cassidy aren’t here tonight! Get the fuck out! 

Max Luck:
Fucking make us you little shit! 

Max and Mason scramble with DEFSec and with so many bodies scrambling around, Mason shoves a member of DEFSec back, hitting the cameraman documenting these exploits … and the footage goes black before a graphic appears. 

Max and Mason Luck were eventually escorted off the premesis prior to the show going to air. Not only were the brothers both fined in the tens of thousands for property damage, but we are hearing rumors of possible legal action being pursued against both the Lucky Sevens and Better Future Talent Agency. Stay tuned to defiancewrestling.com for more updates.

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"Defiance, disobedience, “sticking-it-to-the-man”? These are the qualities of a CHILD. An angry adolescent who does not yet possess both the intelligence or mental maturity to navigate a complex world. To be defiant is a child-like cry for help Grown adults don’t defy. Grown adults debate, reason, and compromise. To proudly proclaim yourself as defiant is to admit that your development has been stunted. It is to exclude yourself from adult conversations because your prefrontal cortex has not matured enough for you to exist in civilized society."

- Ned Reform




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