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Alvaro de Vargas Biography


Real Name
Alvaro de Vargas  
ADV, Futura Leyenda del DEFIANCE, El Tigre Cubano, El Sol Dorado, Yannick Fillimore's Favorite  
Miami, Florida by way of Cuba  
May 17th, 1992  
272 lbs.  


Hailing from Cuba with only his mother and less than 100 bucks, young Alvaro de Vargas has survived and busted his ass off to make a living for himself. After playing basketball and even earning himself a scholarship, he shocked friends and family when he made a career left turn for the sport of pro wrestling instead. It didn't take long for the young man to make a name for himself between the US and Mexico, across multiple indy and shindy organizations, hurting people and being a smug prick about it. Recently signed to DEFIANCE and placed in BRAZEN, the young man is looking to make a name for himself.

After a quickly personal feud with another debuting star, Trashcan Tim, he had impressed DEFIANCE management with the gift of gab and a meanstreak a mile wide to make a relatively quick rise from BRAZEN to a full-time member of the DEFIANCE roster! 
Other Feds
Various other promotions in both US and Mexico, most notably for Viva Lucha World Out of Mexico  
Other Fed Titles
VLW Heavyweight Championship x3, VLW Trios Champion x1, VLW Guerrero del Ring Aware  
Other Fed Awards
VLW Most hated man of the year 2017-2019  
Tall, athletic, suave, win-at-all-costs individual. Outside the ring, he is incredibly well spoken and charming. Inside the ring, an unrepentant piece of human garbage that will do just about ANYTHING to get his name out there at the expense of everybody else. Has a thing about using fireballs, too. 
1) TOUGH. AS. SHIT. Fresh out of high school when he got into wrestling, ADV made a career for himself as primarily a deathmatch/hardcore wrestler between Puerto Rico, the greater US, and Mexico. He may act like he doesn't want to fight you, but trust me. He can fight you. He can absorb tremendous punishment and give it back tenfold.

2) Still young. He got out of deathmatch wrestling upon making the jump to BRAZEN and worked his ass off to get in better shape. He's taken his fair share of licks, but miraculously made it out without any long-term damage. He's still got a lot of tread on the tires.

3) Experienced. He has spent virtually his whole life fighting for something and knows how to fight, period. For being under thirty, he is a natural and carries himself well. He knows what to say and knows how to hurt people whether that be verbally or physically. 
1) Too arrogant for his own good. Him fighting his whole life to prove something and coming out pretty successful for it has given him a massively inflated ego. He looks down on ANYBODY standing across from him, regardless of their size, star power, or experience level. That's gonna come back to bite him.

2) Showboat. He wants to beat the hell out of you and make sure everybody knows he did it. He'll prolong suffering for gloating and egging on the crowd and it can cost him.

3) Doesn't follow rules. While deathmatches are largely behind him, his style is still predominantly brawling/cheating. He treats the rules like guidelines that he'll happily ignore. 



"GAME ON!!!!"

- Conor Fuse




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