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Andy Sharp Biography


Real Name
Andrew Justin Sharp  
The Lord of the Skies, Mr. All-Star  
Nomadic (billed from Montreal, Quebec, Canada for shows.)  
March 17th, 1983  
231 lbs.  


Andy Sharp is a homegrown product of the defunct Canadian promotion All-Star Championship Wrestling and left as one of its most decorated stars, holding just about every title available to him, including three reigns as the ACW World Champion (done only by one other man, Alias.) During both times that ACW existed, he was quite possibly its most reliable star, though he was not without his public demons, having an outed addition to painkillers. He eventually cleaned himself up and on an later-released final show of ACW Legends, Andy Sharp ended on top as the ACW World Champion, defeating his long-time rival, The Amazing Gabriel, to win the coveted title.

Depsite ACW doing good business, it simply wasn't enough with money hemorrhaging left and right. Eventually, ACW’s had no choice but to close its own doors. Following a place that Andy called home more than any other fed he'd been a part of, Andy fell into a deep depression and relapsed into old habits, almost ODing on painkillers. After spending most of 2013 getting himself cleaned up, Andy was ashamed of the man that he had become. Hiding from friends, family and any known associations, he decided a change of scenery was needed.

He took himself almost completely off the grid and decided to get away from wrestling for fear of a relapse. He adopted a much more peaceful and almost pacifying personality than the success-driven, win-at-all-costs man he used to be. He cleaned himself up, abstained from drugs and alcohol (but not sex ��" guy has needs after all) and took time to see all the world had to offer. Money he saved up from his time on top was eventually going to run out, so Andy took took to the odd wrestling booking here and there to stay sharp (pun intended) and make some extra money. But soon, one addiction was traded for another. No more drugs, but one booking became two, two became four, and so on. Before Andy knew it, the itch to compete came back in a bad way.

In order to prove to himself that he had completely overcome the demons of his past, he signed up to DEFIANCE wanting to both that he could succeed at the highest levels of the sport and to prove that he will no go away quietly. 
Other Feds
tSC, SpineBuster Wrestling, Toronto Championship Wrestling, All-Star Championship Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles
ACW Television Champion, Spirit of ACW Championship (x2, first-ever, only man to hold both Spirit and World at same time), ACW World Champion x3. tSC World Champion x2, tSC Tag Team Champion. TCW World Title, TCW HDTV Title, TCW International Title.  
Other Fed Awards
Only man to hold Spirit of ACW and World titles simultaneously.  
Experienced, very laidback and almost zen-like babyface, adopting and embracing a whole new approach to life after a near-death experience in 2013 (via painkillers). He is a very different Andy Sharp from those that knew him. He’s not here to fight for morality and justice and he’s not here to take over or any of that. He’s here for a good time and to get back to the rowdiest fans that wrestling has in the world: the American fanbase. Simple as that. He has no ties to anyone in DEFIANCE and is seeking a revitalization of his career, seeing it as the perfect place to start anew. 
-Fucking crazy athleticism. Can’t stress this enough as this is his main selling point through the years. He should stop with the high-flying crap, but he won’t. He’s miraculously never experienced a major injury doing this style, which is probably why he hasn’t stopped. He's halfway decent on the mat and can handle himself in most situations, but the high flying game is where it's at.

-Experienced. He’s only thirty-two, but he’s been wrestling for close to a decade and a half. He ain’t no wet-behind-the-ears rookie. He’s been around the block, bought the ticket, and knows exactly what he’s doing in between the ropes.

-Personality belies his in-ring style. Outside the ring, he’s laid back as all hell. Inside is where he seems to let out any residual emotion. He comes out swinging and runs full throttle no matter if he’s the first match or the main event. He hits hard and plays hard.
-Risky business. He worries too much about what the crowd thinks of him and that’s all he’s ever been about at the end of the day. He knows he shouldn’t, he knows its bad, but FUCK if he doesn’t loving putting smiles on faces via crazy shit. He’ll take unnecessary punishment or take needless risks when the situation doesn’t always call for it.

-Possible lack of a killer instinct. After ACW’s closure, he could’ve been a bigger star elsewhere, but since his supposed rebirth, he elected to travel abroad, see the world, live free, and take in other cultures. Some question his overall motivations.

-Could rub people the wrong way. Andy has a unique set of beliefs (Adopted a whole new zen lifestyle, he’s polyamorous, laid back, almost lives nomadically as he ) that some may not agree with. His fans have always loved him, but after showing up out of the blue to come back and wrestle full-time, some have come to think of him as an odd duck. He isn’t here to win a popularity contest with the boys.



"Boogie, I've heard some delusions of grandeur in my day, but hot-dog-on-a-summer-sidewalk-and-other-Texas-catchphrases, your delusions take the cake. Actually, your delusions took the whole bakery, leaving it without so much as a speck of flour to cook with. Your delusions are currently involved in a high speed police chase down the Pacific Coast Highway live on CNN with frosting on the corners of its mouth as we speak, is what I'm saying."

- Dan Ryan




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